Criminal Minds

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I definitely loved this episode. The Morgan/Garicaness was cute, BUT I totally called that Garcia and that other computer guy would have something for each other. They're actually really cute!


I'm just going to be overly observant and say aw at Reid's face when he saw JJ in the lab with the killer. *cough*

David Bowie as God. rotfl.
I can't say enough great things about this ep. Everything was terrific. Morgan/Garcia their relationship is so great, and he said he loved her, which she really needed to hear. And introducing the other tech guy to be in awe of her, how great. Ecklie, how crazy was that. I actually laughed when I first saw him. Typecast much? I was a bit surprised that it was JJ in the end I thought for sure it would be Morgan.
I haven't really been watching this season, but I saw the preview and had to. Fantastic episode!! I love it when they feature Garcia and I'm definately glad they didn't kill her off!! Great stuff with her and the team today! I like how it ended on an up note for her and the tech guy, very cute :)
I am so glad that Garcia didn't die. It came at a price though. J.J. killed someone, I think that is the first time she has fired her weapon. Garcia found someone that likes her. She was just shot though and the next day she was miving around and typing, that is a little too unbelievable thiugh. I really liked that episode. It made me cry.
Okay, who else cried in the first five minutes, before the credits, when Garcia was flatlining?

I'm a dork.

But yeah, I totally agree sidlewannabe, she did seem to be up and about pretty quick. Oh well, that's television for you, at least she didn't die.

It was a great ep, I'm just hoping that they're going to carry this on a bit, have some kind of fallout. Maybe not with Garcia, but maybe with JJ? At the end she seemed a little....well, like sidlewannabe said, it was the first time she's fired her weapon, and she's not really like the rest of the team, the profilers. She's got the strongest human connection, the relation to the outside world (in fact, isn't that her job description?) so I think it was probably hard for her to fire her gun. But that line at the end was too cute, "You do whatever it takes to protect your family". Awwwwww. That I believe, JJ loves them all like family.

And yes, I too went, "OMG, THAT'S ECKLIE!!!" :lol:

I'm not very good at the whole "deeper meaning" stuff, but at the end when Garcia finally met Kevin (too cute, btw. geek!love, I think they could be a popular ship), while he introduced himself with both first and last name, she just said, "Penelope". If I were trying to dissect that, I'd say that since at work she's Garcia, and being Garcia is why she got shot, that maybe she just wanted a clean break, or to be herself again, just Penelope. Like I said, not good at explicating stuff, so if I'm totally off somebody can let me know, that's just how I took it.
She was just shot though and the next day she was miving around and typing, that is a little too unbelievable thiugh.
I believe that Hotch mentioned in a scene with Rossi that it's been 4 days without any leads, that was before Garcia left the hospital. :)


I have such a girl crush on JJ now. Girl didn't even flinch when she fired the shot at the guy's head.

And yes, I too went, "OMG, THAT'S ECKLIE!!!"
I was surprised to see Ecklie as well. Not surprised to see him playing the resident jerk. :p It was funny to see him breaking down at the end, after being held hostage. Hahaha.

Morgan was fantastic, as always. Aww, he decided to go to church again! I melted when he and Garcia said "I love you" to each other. <3

Frankie Muniz is in next week's episode? Is that the one about a comic book artist or something?
Oh I loved this ep, but I so called the geek on geek future hookup as soon as I saw him. Everything happens for a reason! I was so glad she didn't die, losing A.P was enough for the show. I loved how protective MOrgan was and the scene he tells her he loves her, *melts*

I think your right Lessien_Tinuviel, about what Hotch said about the days passing. Her recovery would have seemed too quick since the doctor said it would be days then bam she's getting out. I am very impressed with how well this show has moved on w/ out A.P and to me it's better, didn't hurt it at all. The new guy bugs me in ways but it adds flava to it. I can't wait for the storyline of why he came back, I'm sure that will be an interesting case.
I'm jumping on the bandwagon here and saying what a great episode this was too. It was really top notch on every aspect.

Seeing Marc Vann in CM was funny. I can only think of him as Ecklie. :lol:
Lessien_Tinuviel said:
I have such a girl crush on JJ now. Girl didn't even flinch when she fired the shot at the guy's head.
Oh so do I. I'm glad she's getting more screentime than season 1. AJ gets brownie points for being Canadian, too.
I absolutely loved the last episode. It was one of my favorite episodes of all time. I was crying when Garcia flatlined, even though I had a pretty good feeling that she wasn't going to die. The Morgan/Garcia scenes were absolutely brilliant!! Put these two together, STAT!! JJ shooting the guy at the end, what a perfect shot that was. And Ecklie, well, let's just say I laughed for about 10 minutes & my parents thought I was crazy.
I really enjoyed the ep. It was awesome. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw Ecklie on there. I loved the tender moments between Morgan & Garcia also. man it brought tears to my eyes.
I enjoyed last night's episode. I genuinely felt bad for Jonny. And it was nice to see Frankie Muniz in such a different role. Much darker than his usual, and I thought he did a great job with it.
Frankie Muniz looked so different from how I remember him in Malcom In The Middle and stuff. It was a pretty good episode. Poor Reid, though. He's such a dork. I love it. JJ was moody but I don't blame her. I wouldn't sit there and listen to Reid ramble on about Star Wars or whatever it was, either. xD

Garica and Morgan are cute as friends, but I miss that other dork who she met. Now they were adorable. I hope he comes back even though he probably won't.
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