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Thanks and yeah if you remember during the ep they said that Lindsey was coached or trained to respond in situations like that. Apparently separating herself from the situation she might have been told would help her. May I just add I looked up her pics, and from what I seen on the show, she is definitly her fathers daughter, and he could never say she wasn't his, she looks just like him.

I actually thought of another one but I didn't think it would be a good idea, its taken from a line Garcia had with a bit of a word change. "Criminal Minds 2: How May We Save Your Ass Today?" The reason I didn't think it would be good its a long title.

But I also like "Criminal Minds #2 Beware the BAU"
it sort of rhymes :lol: I just noticed that (number two and BAU) :lol: Geez even tired and wonky this all comes off the top of my head. :D Hmm I forgot to put in the number 2 for second thread I need to edit that. :D
So intense, I was biting my nails, and I don't do that.. this show is so riveting, it's hard too not to concentrate, and it was cool to see Mantegna's daughter Gina play the victim, she's good, for being so young, turning off that dripping faucet with her teeth, and got a bloody mouth.. EWWWW, more freaks out for WHAT? the poor parents, and the FBI guy and our guy butting heads. him being in the wittness protection program. and Reid watching the dad kill that guy right in front of him :(and the ending was cool, them starting a new life, somewhere else! ~ and the last line, sounded like something Grissom would say~~

DragonflyDreamer said:
"Criminal Minds 2: How May We Save Your Ass Today?"
:lol: I like this one. Gotta love Garcia.
LMFAO! :lol:

Thanks and yeah if you remember during the ep they said that Lindsey was coached or trained to respond in situations like that. Apparently separating herself from the situation she might have been told would help her.
I guess that's what happens when you're busy talking about how Reid needs to cut his hair asap with your friend when the episode is on. :lol: Well that makes a lot more sense now. And I agree, she definitely looks like her father.
:lol: I agree about Reid I was thinking the samething, especially when he was running into that school and he was leaning to the left and his hair kind of well bounced. I remember the repeat when he had shorter hair and then to watch that ep, its like I wonder how he would look with Hotches hair cut, then I started laughing so hard I got cramps in my sides. and thought maybe its better for the repeat.
I loved this ep. I was soooo happy to finally see something new. I thought Joes daughter did okay. Loved the ending where she took Katies name in Atlanta. I got tickled with me hubby when he turned to me & said"look honey they're just up the road from us". I couldn't help but laugh. Especially since Atlanta's about 3 hrs from where we live. I love Garcia. I think she's sooo funny. Of course it's not on next week cause of some stupid movie. UGH!!!!!!!!! LOL
I thought this ep was so good and interesting. I liked how the other father went to the bad ass boston gangsta telling him where to find the boys. The ending blew me away much like it did Reid. Poor Reid didn't see that coming. Though the guy was bad I was glad he got away with killing that guy.
I thought the ep was okay. Gina did impress me, and Destiny's right, she looks just like her father. It's just that an ep without the plane scenes is so weird for me! It doesn't seem like a real CM episode, so I really missed that aspect. And I had to ask someone about the ending before I got it, so that could have been better, but overall, I was just glad to have CM back to be honest with you. ;)

In regards to the thread titles, I really like "Beware of the BAU" and "How May We Save Your Ass Today?". So when should we start deciding?
Its Wednesday Jan 16, 2008 and there is NO EP TONIGHT! *breaths* okay thats out of my system and into my vcr of what have I taped incase this goofy strike keeps going.

NEXT eps.

01/23/08 (#312) Limelight NEW
02/06/08 (#304) Seven Seconds (REPEAT)
01/30/08 (#303) Children of the Dark (REPEAT)

Now 13 eps were made of this show, and I think they are stretching it out because they know their fans will need a fix, but after the 23rd of Jan, there will only be one new one left *bummer*.

I cast my vote on the naming of the thread "Criminal Minds #2: Beware The BAU"

Course I also like and though I didn't specify it "Criminal Minds #2: Unsubs Never Learn" maybe it can be used for the third one, cause we know they won't learn by then lol.
According to next weeks TV GUide that I received in the mail the Jan 23,2008 ep is the last one unless they got it wrong. It was the last ep to have been written prioe to the strike if I read it right but then again................
All I know is what I read on the Futon critic and posted above with the spoilers. due to the strike, only 13 of the 25 episodes ordered this season have been completed; one of the show's episodes this season was held over from its second season.

But who knows, so lets hope there are 13 and not 12 cause dang it I have room on this tape for 4 more eps (2 new and 2 repeats) that I haven't seen. *Thinks positive* Come on people join me... :D
25 episodes this season? Wow. Normally there are normally only 23-24 episodes in a regular season. Criminal Minds really got cut short. :(

The last original new episode was a real great one. Haunting, dark and kept me on the edge of my seat. Joe Mantegna is doing a great job as a replacement. :)
vegaslights said:
Joe Mantegna is doing a great job as a replacement. :)
I'm with you here. :) I'm really liking David Rossi as a character. I love that he dares to ask the hard questions, like how he confronted Garcia. He was also the one to suggest that the parents listen to the message to determine which voice belonged to which girl, in last week's episode. I like his chemistry with Hotch too.

I also wanna find out more about his past, and that case that's been haunting him for 20 years. Damn you, writers' strike! *shakes fist* I hope they don't forget about this when the show resumes production. :)

Btw, Joe's daughter Gina did a fantastic job as Lindsey in last week's episode.
Okay I'm not :lol: losing my ever lovin mind (okay thats another debate) but according to the TvGuide Strike Chart: How Long Before Your Shows Go Dark? (UPDATED 1/18/08) it says, Criminal Minds: Thirteen episodes have been produced. Twelve episodes have aired, so there is one left.

hmm okay see there is actually 2 new eps left.

-On Jan 9th. "3rd Life" aired
-On Jan 16th. no episode aired
-On Jan 23rd. "Limelight" Will be a new episode
-On Jan 30th. "Children of the Dark" will be a repeat
-On Feb 6th. "Seven Seconds" will be a repeat

So this means that the last ep will air sometime in Feb for the Sweeps I am betting. So I can dream.. YAY-ness! :D
Course if they are both wrong and my hopes are dashed it won't be a pretty sight. :p
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