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lmfao, I am SO over this strike. Just gimme my Criminal Minds! :lol: I'm really hoping there are two more episodes but these websites are confusing me so much. :eek:

Oh, and I love 'how may we save your ass today?' for the thread title. :D We have a lot of suggestions so I think we should hold a poll so we'll have a name in time. I'm just including the suggestions that have to do with the whole show and not an individual character because we had so many.
:lol: I know what you mean but until we get either a repeat or a new one I had to do something so I went in search and researched and that bought be about 15-30 mins. :lol:

Now while I love "How May We Save Your Ass Today?" it still imo seems a bit long for a title maybe "Criminal minds #2 We saved your Ass today" :lol: But alas I voted for "Beware the BAU" because it gives the name of the unit.
Destiny said:
Okay I'm not :lol: losing my ever lovin mind (okay thats another debate) but according to the TvGuide Strike Chart: How Long Before Your Shows Go Dark? (UPDATED 1/18/08) it says, Criminal Minds: Thirteen episodes have been produced. Twelve episodes have aired, so there is one left.

hmm okay see there is actually 2 new eps left.

-On Jan 9th. "3rd Life" aired
-On Jan 16th. no episode aired
-On Jan 23rd. "Limelight" Will be a new episode
-On Jan 30th. "Children of the Dark" will be a repeat
-On Feb 6th. "Seven Seconds" will be a repeat

So this means that the last ep will air sometime in Feb for the Sweeps I am betting. So I can dream.. YAY-ness! :D
Course if they are both wrong and my hopes are dashed it won't be a pretty sight. :p

Well that's interesting, because everywhere I've read it says that Limelight IS episode 13. It's on the CM forum and on link right here
Okay I see where you see that but if you look under the "Production Code" it shows "Doubt" being episode #221 according to "This episode was originally scheduled to air on April 25, 2007. CBS shelved the episode over sensitivity concerns regarding the Virginia Tech tragedy. The version that was aired had been rewritten to include new scenes to explain the departure of Jason Gideon from the BAU."

Now this explains the slight confusion on the number of eps (as normally 24 is the max) with what the Futon critic said "Only 13 of the 25 episodes ordered this season have been completed, one of the show's episodes this season was held over from its second season." -- I am guessing that they are saying that Season 3 in itself has 13 set episodes with the one held over from season 2 (which actually would be 14) but I don't think they are counting that hold over episode in that link for the Watch since it if not for the tragedy it would have aired in the season two. I'm not sure if that is how it will work but trying to make sense (the numbers and myself lol) is sometimes hard with this dang strike.
Oh last night was very good & according to next weeks tv guide there's one more new ep. but we shall see. Joe M did a fantastic job as always.
I loved this episode Joe was very good at trying to show this was me but I have learned even though I can not take it back I can try to be better. To bad the agent didn't learn this lesson. I loved some of the lines in the ep,
Especially the one where Hotch says to the agent something to the effect "No one ever remembers the victims, but everyone remembers the Killers."

Hotch: Somebody you know?
Rossi: She knows me, you know.
Hotch: Ah, a fan. Your world is a very crowded place, isn't it?
Rossi: You'd be surprised.
Hotch: Take Reid with you.
Reid: Cool road trip!
SA. Jill Morris: I'm the Case Agent.
Hotc: And you're also outranked by every member of my team.
SA Jill Morris: Meaning what? you'll vote me off the island?
Hotch: Nothing tears a case apart faster than an agent trying to make his or her name on it.
^^ lol with Reid and road trips. :lol:

I have to say I got distracted in this episode too. :eek: Reid looked dead. :p He looked sooo tired. I didn't really watch a lot of it because I was studying, too. But from what I saw was good. :p
I actually really disliked the ep. To me it kind of had an unpolished feel to it, like it was the eve of the strike and they were just trying to get it out as fast as possible. I really didn't like that Morris chick. I know she was there so we could learn more about Rossi, but he hasn't completely grown on me either, so I could have lived without her.

And what's with the lack of plane scenes?! We haven't had a plane scene feels like forever.

Hopefully season four will be better.
Ooh, yay. I loved Children Of The Dark. Morgan was clearly really upset about something in that episode. Yes, it was dealing with a horrible subject but it just makes me wonder if something happened in his past that we don't know or something.

I'm excited to see Lucky & Penelope again too. Kristen was amazing in those two episodes.
Does anyone know where I can legally get all of season 3? It's not on iTunes and the CBS website only has the recently aired. Any place to legally get all of season 3?
Calihan said:
Does anyone know where I can legally get all of season 3? It's not on iTunes and the CBS website only has the recently aired. Any place to legally get all of season 3?
No sorry I don't. :(

I'm going to go ahead and lock this and make the new thread since there are 1000 posts. I'll copy your question into the next one though so it doesn't get over looked. :)

New thread here.
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