Criminal Minds #2: How May We Save Your Ass Today?

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i swear y cnt they just get a couple to fall in love get married and THEN have a baby. what happened to true romance instead of jst jumpin into bed wit each other:guffaw: oh well i suppose that wouldnt be drama

Well of course. How else could they show that they're in a relationship on TV? That has to be the only way. (Okay, that was hypocritical since I did the same thing in one of my stories. Ignore me.)

I suppose it's just one of those things that's hard to do on TV. They never seem to think that they have the time to draw out relationships. Then, when actresses get pregnant, they have to scramble to either find a way to cover it up or find a way to incorporate it. Unless the character is already married; then it's easy.
:lol: yh true
Hocth was married for a while and GArcia is now dating Kevin Lynch (Ugh.), bit, otherwise, it just mentions characters going on casual dates. They did do a good job with JJ.

I like the way Garcia flirts with everyone while she is so good at her job.Morgan also dated some cop from Florida if I am not mistaken.But I like how they adress that the characters are human but at the same time do their job .
That's a really good point. A lot of shows either have their charcters as anti-social hermits or havign way too much personal life that affect's the way they do their job. CM has a nice, realistic balance.
*Sigh* Yes, I am double posting, but it's been like a week and no one has replied... Where did everyone disappear to?

Um... I have some thoughts on Morgan/Garcia. After watching 'Lucky', 'Penelope' and 'True Night', I have come to the conclusion that Morgan is totally in love with her. She, either, (1) Only wants to be friends, (2) Thinks he is too good for her, or, (3) Is totally clueless. I think Morgan is kinda jealous of Kevin... But he likes flirting with Emily, maybe because he kinda likes her and thinks that he has lost Pen... IDK. But I defintely think he is completely in love with Pen.

Anybody gonna reply this time? I'm bored.
Bryn Elizabeth I too think Morgan is in love with Penelope and I think vice versa, but they do work together. They each have lives I think they might want seperate from work. As for Kevin, oh please, I don't think he is jealous of him. You know if Morgan made even the least little interest in pursuing a serious relationship, Kevin would be gone like yesterday.
I have yet to watch season 2 and 3 but until know the relationship between Morgan and Garcia seems platonic.

I notice some vibes between Hotch and JJ fo some reason.Is it real or my imagination?

If anyone can recall "must see" episodes for me ,it would be great.Thanks.So far LDSK is my favorite.
I am indecisive about Morgan and Garcia, I think sometimes there is more than friendship. For the most part though, I agree with electra in that it is platonic. Even when they admitted that they loved each other, it was expressed in a platonic nature. I just don't want their great friendship to be ruined by poor writing attempting to make them a couple and then failing to do so properly.
I just got that vibe from watching 'Lucky', 'Penelope' and 'True Night'.

And I was basing the jelously thing on the look on Morgan's face when Garcia introduces herself to Kevin in 'Penelope' and in the episode where they get together and JJ sings the song... He says, "Really?" and walks away, kinda looking hurt.

Plus, you know, Morgan used to talk about being a player and now he has no women.

I have complete faith in our writers. They are some of the best on television. If and when they make M/G canon, I have a feeling it will add to the show.

I think Hotch cares a lot for JJ, but lately I've been getting more brother/sister kinds of vibes. But that's just me.

I have also recently started liking the Morgan/Emily flirting... Is that best friends or is he really slightly interested?

My must-see episodes are 'Lucky' (S3), 'Penelope' (S3), 'P911' (S2), 'Aftermath' (S2), 'Profiler, Profiled' (S2), 'Seven Seconds' (S3), 'Bloodline' (S4), 'Minimal Loss' (S4), and 'Demonology' (S4).
That's a lot, but those are my favorites.
I honestly think that if there is going to be a romantic relationship between the characters it will be done right.The more I watch,the more I like this show.I just don't see romantic vibes between them.

I will surely miss Gideon.I mean ,I like Hotch but he is such a father figure to everyone.For some reason I don't like Elle much.She is the strong and sassy woman that is usually my favorite but for some reason I can't connect with her.
Ugh, I'm avoiding this conversation. Sorry, I just can't stand the thought of any of the team getting together. This is actually one of the only shows that I've never had any feelings of ships in it, but I just can't wrap my head around that concept for this show. I like my CM nice and ship free, thanks. TeamMember/RandomGuestCharacter is okay, but Team/Team? No thank you.
Ugh, I'm avoiding this conversation. Sorry, I just can't stand the thought of any of the team getting together. This is actually one of the only shows that I've never had any feelings of ships in it, but I just can't wrap my head around that concept for this show. I like my CM nice and ship free, thanks. TeamMember/RandomGuestCharacter is okay, but Team/Team? No thank you.

I completely agree! The only one I could possibly even think about getting behind would be Hotch/Emily, but I'm not even sure of that. :lol: I love the friendly flirtation between Garcia and Morgan and I feel that that would end if they got together, so I'd rather they not. Plus I think she and Kevin are cute (but that may be due in part that I just :adore: Nicky Brendon and miss Xander Harris very much. :lol: ). Another reason I like JJ/Will. He's not on all the time (neither is Kevin) which means the relationship isn't constantly in your face with mushy, gooey lovey-dovey stuff. :lol:
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GNRF and Tciddaisc,you are both totally right.It would be odd watching Morgan and Garcia holding hand to put an exemple.Or the angst of a breakup between Emily and Morgan.These writers do everything so well that it may think us otherwise but Better not to mess with something so good.In certain ways this show does what CSI NY did in the first season before the baby and all that so I would not want the same to happen to criminal minds.

On another note,I just watched the season one finale and is now my favorite episode.Until I watch another one better.:lol:
I do fully agree that the show is amazing the way it is, except maybe minus Kevin, lol.

I miss Gideon, but I am actually starting to like Rossi more. Actually, I don't know. They're both so fatherly and awesome... *sigh* Rossi. That's my final answer.

I like the concept of Will... But maybe not him exactly. I do like JJ being in a serious relationship, and being a mom... It adds a lot. I was just never impressed with Will. Whatever.

I have problems seeing Hotch/ Emily... Actually, I have problems seeing Hotch/ Anybody. Him and Rossi are such dads, lol.

I like fatherly characters. A lot.
Put me down as another one who doesn't like the idea of overt shipping, or relationships between team members. If it isn't done exactly right, it becomes problematic, with characters losing some of their identity and becoming two dimensional, or the relationship overshadowing the storylines. Then, if people have good flirting and friendship chemistry, but not good romantic chemistry once they seal the deal, it can be a disaster.

Little bits of subtext and flirting here and there, small gestures and looks, that kind of things make things much, much more enjoyable.

I'm more one who likes someone to be in a relationship OUTSIDE the lab/team/whatever. Particularly because TV relationships rarely run smoothly, with some sort of Drama always coming up, such as Hayley Hotchner growing tired of Hotch's time away from home, which essentially made her a single mom most of the time.

I like the idea of JJ and Will as a couple. They're well matched, Care for each other, and if things don't work out, then, they can have options. Ditto for Garcia and Kevin, whom I actually like.

I do think that Morgan and Garcia care deeply for one another. Notice how jealously that Morgan reacted when Garcia got that date with James Colby Baylor in Season 3, and how Garcia couldn't handle the jealousy.

A further detriment to the ships between regular characters, IMO, is the fact that most agencies/departments have policies against team members or shift mates/precinct members having intimate relationships with each other. That just takes away from the realism of the shows, and the thing I like about CM is that it keeps things very real; and if Morgan jumped into bed with Garcia or Prentiss, or anyone else on the team did that with each other, it wouldn't be realistic, IMO.
I agree with the M/G jealously thing with James Colby Baylor. I know they care deeply for each other, which, IMO, adds a lot to the show.

I like they're flirting. I'm one of those shippers who likes to pick out every look and saying... I think that ends when characters get together, which makes me sad.

Outside relationships are fun because they seem much more real than work relationships (Especially because relationships are against the rules). The Hotch drama was really good and very real.
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