Best villians

CSI:paul Milander and the miniature killer
CSI:Miami:Calvo Cruz and the Russian mob guy
CSI:NY:Shane Casey and the taxi driver serial killer
CSI: - The Dick and Jane Killer.
- For me Nate Haskell is the best villain. Wow, first time I saw him with Dr. Langston saying "the face of evil" I got goosebumps! He's so creepy and scary. The actor who played him was so convincing!

CSI: NY - Suspect X
- There are so many great villains on CSI: NY but I chose her because she's my favorite and the episodes she's on. The crossover between the show and Second Life was very well written and it worked.
i really liked natalie davis, she was definitely my favourite from vegas, although i also liked paul millander.

i don't really have a favourite from miami, i don't watch it enough.

my favourite from ny is probably drew bedford - i liked the patience involved, that he'd waited years to do what he did and even then didn't just go for it but planned it carefully and methodically, i like villains like that.

i liked dunbrook too, although he wasn't technically a villain in that he didn't do any bad stuff, but i liked the dynamic he provided. i quite liked the cabbie killer too.
I really like the chick on one of the first seasons of CSI:LV (sorry i can't recall her name). She was the one, suffering from a disease and she had to drink victim's mashed liver. That was the creepiest thing i've seen on all of the series...
Okay, after last night's episode, Dr. Jekyll goes on the top of the list as one of the best villians franchise wide. His motives were so sad. I can't and won't give spoilers since we have members in other countries and they haven't gotten near the episode yet. Nate Haskell is right up there. Criminally insane, yet brilliantly devious enough to get Langston in a vulnerable state. Psychodude rocks.
I'm going with Nate Haskell. He is criminally insane. He know how to work the LVPD, he even rattled Brass and that's not easy!

He's up there with the best Las Vegas Villains.

I also did like Paul Milander and (ward fans help me out) the guy who stalked Nicky. Simon Cade??? Is that right??
CSI LV: I'm going with Natalie Davis: criminally insane and yet very sympathetic and awesome. And Hannah West: completely sociopathic -- and awesome, and more than half the age of the criminalists she kept foiling. Forget the show, they're pretty much my favourite villains in the franchise. I was glad when they were taken down (or in Hannah's case, got some serious comeuppance), but I loved watching them in action.

CSI Miami: Clavo Cruz. He wasn't even that diabolical (comparatively) until his final episode, but the best and most frustrating thing about him was how he kept slipping out of trouble. He was so good at it. You could just see how he got under Horatio's skin like no one else because of it, and I have to admit it was fun seeing Horatio that irritated by something he couldn't instantly fix. Wish they hadn't killed him off, there isn't even a runner up as far as favourite Miami villains go.

CSI NY: Has a huge pick of good villains, so I'm choosing two and a half. Shane Casey and Suspect X. The half is Henry Darius, because I only saw his one episode in New York (where he was compelling and damn scary), but I know he started off in Miami.
For me its :

The miniature killer and Haskell

specially Haskell .. he scare me a lot !! the actor have done an amazing job with the character.
Vegas: Paul Milander, Blue Paint Killer and Haskell.

Miami: ???

NY: ???

I also did like Paul Milander and (ward fans help me out) the guy who stalked Nicky. Simon Cade??? Is that right??

The stalker's name was Nigel Crane (I couldn't remember, I knew it started with an "N", but I had to look it up on imdb :lol: ). Simon might have been the psychic's name though.
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I haven't watched Vegas or New York enough to know who any of the villains there are, but for Miami I'd definitely have to say Clavo Cruz. I absolutely adored him, and the faux-bromance he shared with Horatio. I especially loved when he mimicked Horatio and said "We...never close...just like 7-Eleven, dawg!" WHY did he have to die? :(