Any secrets?

My secret: I'm really sweaty...haha, no kidding...well I am sweaty but that's not a secret

Secret: There's this one friend that doesn't like me...but I still want to be her friend.
Here goes:
I listen to David Bowie and Madness ( AND I know most of the lyrics)
I HATE my ear piercings, they are years old but always get infected and swell and they HURT
I hate the arachnophobic girls in my science classes, it is like the old lady vs mouse thing, the just SCREAM and SCREAM and go WAY OTT about it, those of you who have read Queen Bees and Wannabes will know what I mean when I say:
RIP Roger ( Do NOT ask ) :(
I'm nervous because my boyfriend seems to be more in love with me than I'm with him. Don't get me wrong, I love him a LOT, but sometimes I worry how much he gives up just for me... and then yeah. DON'T TELL! It's a secret... *shh*
um i have some...

-I love my girlfriend :D
-I dance around in my underwear and a t shirt
-I love to sing (badly I might add...just for friend says Im good tho.)
-Im sorta anti social
-Im sorta violent wall
-Jeanette is my middle name
-Jayney is my dutch teacher (long distance of course)

i listen to aly and aj.....and jump5....not many people know that....everyone thinks i'm so hardcore cuz i listen to screamo and hard rock and stuff...
Awe, don't feel bad...I listen too them too...along with Hilary Duff :lol:...I know...I'm a loser.

Umm and heres another secret for fun: When it rains I run outside and the CSI theme song :lol:
-I love my girlfriend :)
-I love her so much that last night, I missed my very favorite episode of CSI so I could talk to her
-And last night, after I had to get offline, I let one of my sister's friends do my makeup and I actually thought I looked good! :eek: :lol:
Haha, well I listen to so many people that mostly little kids listen to sadly :lol: I listen to like Avril, Ashlee Simpson (evne though she lip sincs) and many more people...

That counts as a secret right :lol:...well I'm counting it :p
1. I actually like that Paris Hilton song and I'm actually listening to it right now :eek:.

2. I only pay $1.50 for busfare when I'm actually supposed to pay $2.25. Oops.