Any secrets?

*picks my brain*

Not very many know I Scuba dive..

I try to act like a councellor. I hate seeing people upset. Never talk to a councellor myself though.

I'm an only child, and attached to the hip with two of my friends :lol:

Oddly enough, I can sing, but I have horrible stage fright, so I don't do it in front of anyone but mom.
I'm a big oldie lover in the music scene... :lol:

I love ABBA, Genesis, The Kinks, The Hooters, The Monkey, Beach Boys, Boney M., The Spotnicks, Jethro Tull, Beatles, The Rolling Stones and more.

I adore the * Bee Gees * over all.... :eek:
Because I'm a Barry Gibb Fan...He has a great voice and is sexy....

Nearly none knows my music passion...

And I read only four sorts of books. Either court thriller (John Grisham), a famous thriller (Agatha Christie and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle), CSI od the X-Files.

Not another books. I'm much considered, what concerns the book. I don't like no name books.
I love The X-Files, and have a minor crush on Assistant Director Skinner.

I enjoy eating things out of the box in the supermarket.

I love granola bars, but only the kind with yogurt on the bottom.
^^ I like those granola bars too, but that's not much of a secret for me. :) I know I posted some secrets earlier, but I forgot one- I still watch Blues Clues. Don't laugh.
This is rather gross but when I see someone walk by with a pimple, I'm like: "you.. get over here.. let me squeeze that out for you".. and there's a problem here, I teach teenagers, so it's really hard for me to restrain my hands and fingers from reaching their faces :rolleyes: One of my best friends has this tendency too, she's a teacher as well, so luckily I'm not alone.
Hey, I'm addicted to GOLDFISH crackers... My kids love them and now that they make "Whole Grain" goldfish.. I don't feel SOOOOO bad eating them..

This thread makes me nervous, I don't know why that somehow your deep dark secret, will be known by all.. I guess that is the idea... I'll probably be back
I have a particularly weakens for men with glasses, because that make they so condemned sexy and that makes so in a certain way totally interested. More, as without.... ;)

I men with glasses and maybe still height, is for me the perfect men... ;)

And naturally dark or blond hair and a sexy smile... :)

Freaky, or ? :D
1. I tried to be a vegeterian but failed miserably after three days. I can't live without souvlaki!

2. I can't go out in a public without taking a shower the same day. Seriously, I feel gross.

3. I listen to listen Greek music all the time but I rarely understand what the musician or band is singing :lol:.

4. I don't like living in Canada and I wish I resided in southern Europe instead, especially Greece.

5. I wish I knew how to bellydance. I think it's the sexiest and most sensual type of dance out there.
uh here is goes

1. no one knows i blog...or that I talk to some of the people I meet on forums on aim or the phone

2. I read fanfic..and write them

3. people have read one of my fics...but the ones I don't show people are about cath/sara

4. I don't sleep..ever...

5. I don't tell people the real reason I don't sleep because I am afriad they will lock me up

6. I day dream about meeting the cast of CSI

7. I LOVE stivie nicks and fleetwood mac

thats is for now...
-I'm completely and utterly obsessed with Melinda Clarke (which some of you probably already know). :)

-Audrey Hepburn, even though she's dead, is one of my role models.

-I listen to my MP3 player about 10 of 16 hours I'm awake every day.

-I hate toads. They creep me out.

-Playing Super Mario World is my way of relieving stress. For some reason, killing little red and green turtles makes me feel better. :lol:

-I still know most of the lyrics to N*Sync songs. *is ashamed*

-I have over 300 icons in my photobucket. :lol:
uh the thing i dream of most is little well kind of big fcc situations that is really sad or really happy, like the one i have now but i wont make it into a fanfic till i get it all straight