Any secrets?

1. I actually like that Paris Hilton song and I'm actually listening to it right now .

"stars are blind" ? Actually, it's quite good! Unbelievable :eek: :eek:
Who doesn't love Snape?? :eek: He's hotness *drool* I totally fancied him from the moment I read/saw him.. I was like: "ohhh gonna make you mine, dayum, you're hot!" Character-wise and Alan-wise :D

My secret: I'm not sure whether I can actually teach French.. it's been like 6 years I spoke the language, but I told the schoolboard something else *whistles* pompidom.
my secrets are
i wish i was 23 again. i feel sooooooooooooooooo old.
i think my hubby thinks im old now sob sob
i wish i was young enough to go back to college to become a travel agent
*bump* :D

*No one knows I post on here... ;)
*Or that I want to marry Jonathan Togo. :lol: My mom says I have a crush on him, but I just blush and say no :eek:
*No one knows that I have started a CaRWash fic.. well my CSI friends (I love you). But no one else. Well my mom but thats cause I kinda blurted it out.. Woops. But im never saying anything again. :lol:
*No one knows that I like this guy in school. I don't like telling people. :p *sshh*
*I sometimes listen to Hillary Duff and stuff like that.
*None of my friends know I ship anyone with CSI.

Yeah, I have alot of secrets. :devil: :p Just kidding. Don't run away!! :lol:

- My mom knows a little about my obssesion with the 3 CSI shows, but she doesn't know that I ship in there, she doesn't even know what that is.
- My father doesn't even know I love CSI :lol: or that I can speak english very well :lol:
No one offline knows that i am addicted to South of Nowhere. As a matter of fact they don't even know what South of Nowhere is.
^^OMG! I love South of Nowhere! I watch it on YouTube!! (I don't live in the states, but my cousin told me about the show)

Secret: I try to be so positive, but usually fail, because I see the negitave side of everything.