Anna/Lindsay #2- Montana Girl in the Big City

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Good point, Pizza. ;)

Did anyone catch Anna on "WOT" tonight? I caught a little bit of the show. I don't watch the show that often, but the storyline was interesting. I thought Anna did a great job. :)
'WOT'="Without a Trace" ;)

I saw most of the episode. It was interesting, but I might have understood it better if I'd seen the first part. I didn't see much of Anna in it, though, and I kept thinking they'd actually show her again at the end when the lead guy (don't know his name because I don't watch the show :eek:) was saying that he wanted her. *shrug*
It is a little confusing to watch the second episode if you haven't seen the first. Mrs. Belknap is in the first episode a lot more too. She's the one who's missing, so the focus is on her and what she had been doing, etc. instead of the security guy.
I agree with smiliee I don't want to keep guessing, Nice new avi for you! :D

Nope I didn't get to see her Auda.... dangit! *pouts*

Those eps are nice...
Oh, I wanna know too! I wonder when they'll reveal her secret. I hope it's sometime in season three. I don't want to keep guessing.

Since they already stated that she has some secret, I agree, they should deal with that in season 3. In an interview Mrs. Belknap gave she said that Mr. Zuiker had planned on bringing it out in season 2, but it ended up getting pushed back for various reasons. Assuming that is accurate, I can't see them intentionally waiting another whole season before actually revealing it.
I watched another episode of Medical Investigation! I've seen four eps now. I have to say I'm more impressed with Anna's performance in MI than I have been in CSI:NY. She's got much more of a character in MI, and she also interacts pretty naturally with the rest of the cast. In this ep, "Escape," she's working with Kelli Williams and she's trying to do a little digging into Kelli's character Natalie's personal life while they work the case.

It's kind of funny--I totally thought MI was on like 3 or 4 years ago, but it actually premiered the same time CSI: NY did. I watched the first ep but didn't follow the show after that. Did anyone see it during its first run?
I saw most of the episodes just recently, thanks to Faylinn. And I agree, she's better in MI as the "conniving" press liaison. I remember one scene where she joined the others to play poker, and everybody told her they didn't want to play with her because they couldn't tell if she was bluffing. Then she goes "Even I can't tell myself sometimes" or something like that. :D
^That was in the third episode I think, and it made me laugh out loud! That was a great line for so many reasons. Anna's delivery was good, and the line was a very telling thing about her character. It is kind of hard to tell if she's being sincere or just fishing for info sometimes.

Plus, the line was just damn funny and cracked me up. :lol:

Do you have a favorite MI ep, keich?
Probably the pilot episode. Eva Rossi was a bit overboard, but still hilarious! It's too bad the writers decide to mellow down her character, but I think it turned out okay in the long run. But I would've loved to see the un-mellowed Eva throughout the series. :D

Also loved the series finale. Her scene with that little boy was heart breaking.

What about you, Top?
So far I've only seen four, but I think the second ep was my favorite, when Natalie was treating the patient in the trial program. I think it was also the one where Eva went to high school to find the connection between the girls who got sick.

Eva was kind of overboard in the premiere--I thought the lines were funny but from a feminist standpoint, I didn't think flirting with, tricking, and luring a reporter to a garage was the best intro for her character. It was kind of funny though.

How do they mellow her character in the later eps? Does she have any spotlight eps? I remember hearing about one, involving a child, but that was the only one I recall. I'm really looking forward to seeing more eps!
Top41 said:
How do they mellow her character in the later eps? Does she have any spotlight eps? I remember hearing about one, involving a child, but that was the only one I recall. I'm really looking forward to seeing more eps!

They didn't have Eva flirt and lock anybody else in a garage, that's for sure. But the spunk and the aggressiveness and the sarcasm is still there. :)

I wasn't able to see that ep. I heard she was really good there. I've been trying to find a copy but I haven't had much luck. =/
However, Eva was the character the critics most COMPLAINED about.
And a lot of people think Lindsay is convincing and fits in well with the team.

A few reviews...

you have great interaction between the characters. For example Danny and Lindsay. They have great on screen chemistry that is entertaining to watch. When I read that Aiden's character was going to be fired, I was shocked. I couldn't believe that anyone any good good replace Aiden. I was so wrong. Lindsay's Character is brilliant, really clever. Keeping her past a mystry in great. Her interaction with Danny is just pure brilliance. I can't wait to see them get together.


Danny is cute, I like him paired up with the new girl Lindsay. Speaking of the new girl, Lindsay is a riot, sweet little mid-west girl in the tough street of New York, but don't underesitmate her, she can definately hold her own

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When Aiden left the show I was angry but then Lindsay showed up and I like think she is so awesome!! Her and Danny would be really cute together and they already flirt so much.

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Anna Belknap has earned a spot in my favorite actresses list

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