Anna/Lindsay #2- Montana Girl in the Big City

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That's true..the girls aren't real big. Also, everytime she was in something low cut it was always when she was off duty and got called out to a scene. In that pic, I thought she was gonna fall out of it, it was so low cut. I'd be very uncomfortable in that dress.
Well, Stealing Home and COTD weren't, but they weren't nearly as low cut, and almost all of Stella's wardrobe this season was that low. But in Risk, she did have somewhat of an excuse, because she had been to the opera. Unlike Stella, Lindsay only shows off the girls on special occasions.
I'm not sure if I've ever seen Stella's chest not exposed. Even in the winter doesn't she just put on a coat? Lindsay just doesn't seem like the type that would be comfortable dressing like that. Well, except when she is going out. It was funny, poor Danny was on the sub and found the body on the tracks and when Lindsay and Mac get to the scene they are both dressed up. The look on Danny's he was the odd man out.

I burn up in the summer and I wear shirts somewhat like Stella's except they are v-neck and they are nowhere near as low cut as hers.
^She doesn't. Even when everyone else was wearing short sleeves (ie Corporate Warriors) she was wearing short sleeves. I think it's partly because Lindsay's fairly reserved.

Stella has had higher necklines- mainly in S1. The outfit in LOLD wasn't that bad, because the jacket kind of hid how low it was (and it still wasn't nearly as low as some of her other stuff).

I joked with a friend that if Lindsay were to wear some of the shirts Stella's been in, she'd look like a little kid trying to play dress up with Mommy's clothes!
As girls knows its all about the cut. If its cut right Lindsay would look hot. I loved the double take Danny did when she showed up. Bringing the girls out on especially occasions makes it a bigger deal when it does happen and I like that.
I was thinking he was just surprised to see her all dressed up and then he looked again because he thought "wait a minute-is her dress that low cut?" I bet he never would have seen her look like that.
Lindsay/Anna doesn't have large breasts like Melina/Stella, but I think she is proportioned well. She doesn't need to have Double D's. But she has enough for her size. :)

As far as her clothing, I like it. But I wish sometimes they'd give her wardrode a little edge to it---something different. The cute girly tops are nice, but I agree with Cfar that she's lived in New York long enough to be a little bit more cosmopolitan. But then again, who knows what she dressed like in Montana. I liked the way she dressed in "Stealing Home." I thought she carried that outfit well.
I like her more conservative style. I think it fits her personality so much better than clothes more like Stella's would. She doesn't have to loose her personal style, but it can be adjusted.
^^push up bra. She'd probably never wear one but that would give the "girls" a little help. Not that I care if I see them or not. :rolleyes: :)
Why? She looks great just the way she is. She doesn't have to try to show off the girls; it wouldn't fit the character or make her any more beautiful.
I like that Lindsay doesn't wear low-cut shirts, it's one of my main beefs with Stella's character for season 2. Personally, I don't pay much attention to wardrobe, but I've liked Lindsay's so far. :)

By the way, I've noticed several signatures with "Proud Mary Sue Fan" in them, which apparently refers to Lindsay (to judge by a comment from another thread). A question for someone who knows: is that meant to imply that you think that Lindsay is a Mary Sue, or does it have some other meaning (perhaps in a context that I wouldn't be aware of on here)? I'm just curious, because the term 'Mary Sue' is generally considered a negative thing (although certainly not always or for everyone). :)
Hmm, that's an interesting question, about the tattoo. Lindsay doesn't strike me as someone who'd just go out and get a tattoo for the hell of it, but I could see her getting one if it had special meaning to her. I also think that, if she got one, because it would be personal, she wouldn't show it off...

What does everyone else think?
Needles! Eeek!! *hides*

OK, that's just my reaction (too much time in hospitals perhaps...)

As for Lindsay... I don't know. Mrs. Belknap described Lindsay as "a little square" and she definitely doesn't seem the type to get an obvious tatoo just for kicks. I would probably say no, but I guess part of me could see her getting a private one for a specific reason.
I can't see Lindsay getting a tatoo. However, there have been a few people I know which I could never see getting one, and they did, so maybe my judgement isn't as good.
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