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and she's way overweight these meaty arms:eek: go away she is not that good..
Okay, no. It's fine to show your dislike for someone if you have reasoning behind it, otherwise it's just considering bashing. Making comments about a contestants weight is inappropriate and offensive. What does that have to do with their singing? Please refrain from making comments like this in the future. This is a singing competition so lets judge based on their vocal abilities. ;) Thank you.
I didn't like Tatiana either. Like Simon, I found her kind of annoying (the giggling). :lol: Although she didn't have that bad of a voice. Honestly she sounded better than any of the other girls except for Alexis who was all kinds of awesome.
exactly she soooo annoying even if her voice is good, she acts like she's better than she actually is I hope she's out soon I can't stand her.

Out of the second group of 12, the only one I really liked was Adam. I also like Scott (the blind guy). He's got a really nice voice that reminds me a little of Josh Groban's voice.
I totally agree and like you I also like Danny and Alexis is growing on me :lol: :).

By the way, anyone know what happened to that guy with the last name of Osmond? I don't recall seeing him in Hollywood week, but I might have missed a few minutes of that particular ep because I was flipping back and forth between idol and Nancy Grace. :lol: I thought he was pretty good though.
They showed a very short clip that said he went out during the group round and it wasn't focused on too much it's a shame I really liked him, He had an awesome voice in my opinion but can't judge if the judges made the right decision in sending him home since they choose not to show his groups performance which is annoying.

Does anyone know if they are going to do a wildcard this season? I would assume they are because if they are only having the top three from each group of 12 and there was only three groups of 12 then that would only be 9 contestants. So, I would assume they are going to do three wildcards to make 12 contestants... unless they do a baker's dozen and have 4 wildcards since there are 4 judges and let each judge choose one person. :shrug:
I'm not sure but I did hear some at an American Idol board I visit say so maybe someone else can clarify how they'll do this.
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^ Yep, they're doing a Wildcard show to fill the last 3 spots. I haven't heard if they'll maybe put 4 through instead, but the last I heard, it was 3.

This season seems very...season 1. :p Only a handful of talent, wildcard week, a bit of interview awkwardness and smoothing out the edges technical-wise/routine-wise. Why does this season seem to amateurish very me? It probably is just me though.

Anyway, aside from that I'm enjoying this season aside from the blatant showcasing of who they think will probably make it to top 10. I would have liked to actually see more of Hollywood week and less dramaz. I swear, I hadn't even heard of half the people they put through until the reveal of who was getting into the top 36.

As it stands, Danny Gokey and Adam Lambert are my favourites this season so hopefully they make it at least to top 5. I was a bit spoiled by David Cook so I'm not getting my hopes up that my favourite will win again. :lol:

Omygosh. Tatiana. That girl is not only annoying, but like others have said, she thinks she's better than she is and she's desperate to be famous and 'market' herself, as she put it. She has a good voice but I can't get over that she changed so drastically from auditions-Hollywood week to now. :wtf: Not that she actually 'changed', I think the whole thing was just to make her noticable and maybe there's something else going on but I'm glad she didn't make it to the top 12. I don't think she'd make it through each results week. :lol: Who knows, maybe she'll be a wildcard though, heh.
Who knows, maybe she'll be a wildcard though, heh.

I seriously hope not she bothers me more than that one from a season or two ago who people thought there were inappropriate pics of on the web, only they turned out not to be her, just a lookalike. :lol: I can't remember her name lol. It was just weird with Tatiana though. She made such a drastic change it seemed like a completely different person (or different personality) and I can't help but think one or the other was put on (like Norman/Nick- although he's funny and I kind of like him in a way lol).

I hope for the wildcards they choose Anoop for one. And when the judges had those two blondes do a sing off, Kristen and I can't remember the other one's name (Jennifer maybe?), but I liked her better than Kristen personally. so, I hope she's brought back as a wildcard... and I hope Cody or Jamar [or is it Jamal?] (Danny's friend) are brought back as wildcards.
Tatiana was robbed!! She was the only interesting person on the show so far, and was WAYYYY better than the other girls. Who gives a crap if she is annoying, it is a 'singing contest' not 'hey lets vote for the guys we want to sleep with' contest (which is always what it ends up being).

And i LOATH danny. With a passion. Hey guess what? His wife is dead! I didn't know THAT!! *shock* What an arrogant tool. His singing wasn't that great either...he sounds like Michael Bolton, ULG. And the pimping from AI is getting retarded.

Interesting to see what Adam does...he is such a gay diva performer, he could be interesting. However idol will make him tone it down. Shame, he is fabulous.

Can't wait for Nick/Normund...can't wait to see what he does.
Honestly, I don't know if you're being serious or sarcastic :lol:. But, in case you're being serious:

Personally, I think voting for someone in a singing (or dancing) contest just because they're attractive (and only for that reason) would be an insult to them. It's a singing competition. They should be voted for only based on their singing... nothing more, nothing less. While there was a certain contestant last season that I did find attractive, I didn't expect him to win and I actually thought one of girls should have won, but that's just me. Although I like DC and always knew he should be in the Top 3. It was a shock to me that he won because I thought they were going to let DA win.

I do sometimes feel the voting is rigged. It's why I didn't vote this week. :lol: I know for a fact that they've blocked some of the contestants numbers before so people can't vote for them. Because the next day that person will be voted off. And it's like... wait a minute, I thought they said if you can't get through that means too many are voting. And then you think, well if too many were voting, why is that person voted off? :lol:

I mean, you see by the record sales of the ones who didn't win doing better than the ones who did (with the exception of year one and last year). That should be an indication that the voting is either rigged or people are voting for the contestants for the wrong reasons. :lol:

Actually, Danny isn't the one bringing up his wife the most. Sure he misses her (that's perfectly normal) and mentions her at times (also VERY normal) because the pain of losing her is still too raw for him and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that, it's absolutely 100% perfectly normal. However, he doesn't mention her as much as everyone else does. It's other people: the judges, his friends, etc. The reason its mentioned so much on the show is because "the producers of the show have decided to focus more on the contestants' personal lives this season". And that's a direct quote from TV Guide, so...

I honestly wouldn't put it past the producers to have told him specifically to mention her more. They probably did do that. Therefore, it wouldn't be his fault. I know for a fact that talk shows do this sort of thing. I have family members who actually went on a talk show one time (well, technically they were in-laws, but whatever lol) and one of them actually told me afterward that the producers of the talk show told them both to act like they hated each other when they were actually pretty good friends. :lol: So, if a talk show can do it, its completely plausible to me that AI's producers would too. Why do you think it is that on practically every "reality" show (and I use the term reality loosely) there's always someone who doesn't get along with someone else and always a big uproar caused because of it and fighting and what not? The point is, all of these reality shows use gimmicks of some sort. AI's gimmick is the hardships of its contestants.

And did you notice on the auditions how many contestants had a "sob story" (as my brother calls it)? It was like every episode, there was at least one or two who had some kind of sad story. I wish the producers hadn't decided to focus more on that. This isn't a drama show, it's a musical entertainment show. If I wanna see drama, I'll watch drama series, you know? :lol:

I'm not 100% convinced that some of the "bad" auditions aren't scripted. I mean, the same thing happens several times. There's been at least two times (as far as I can remember) that someone has come to the auditions saying they quit their job for this and they end up being bad at the singing and then Simon calls their boss to ask the boss to give the person their job back. Come on! Give me a break! :rolleyes: Do they really think we don't catch on to these things? :lol:

However, I still like to watch the singing. I found myself agreeing with Simon on everything he said the other night (and that never happens, usually I only agree with him some of the time lol), well except I would never be that "mean". :lol:

Norman should get his own sitcom. :lol: He cracks me up. Maybe he should have auditioned for that comedian show is it Last Comic Standing? :lol: He actually does have a decent voice when he's being serious. Reminds me a bit of Jim Carrey (not lookswise). By that I mean he's funny and he can sing. :lol: Although the sweatband bugs me for some unknown reason. :lol:
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Sarcastic or not, xfcandaian, I’m really sorry, but either way I completely disagree with you concerning Tatiana. For me she was a complete and utter nightmare and her singing was nothing special, if indeed you want to class that as singing. Sure she hit a couple of high notes during her song, in the right place, but that was all she hit, well apart from the wrong notes that is. I have/had no sympathy whatsoever for her I’m afraid and let rip with a huuuuuuge sigh of relief when she didn’t get through.

As for Danny Gokey. In my opinion, there is a huuuuuge difference between confidence and arrogance. I’ll probably upset a few on here but to me DC (Not David Caruso – tee hee!) of last year was nothing but arrogant. Yes he could sing but the personality that went with it grated on me throughout, especially his singing songs that were covers of a cover and acting as if he’d done all the arrangement and what not. Big BIG turn off for me. And his antics whilst singing his songs were also a big turn off. I’m just hoping upon hoping that Danny Gokey stays true to himself and resists this obvious piece of moulding that goes on on Idol.

...And the difference between DC and Danny Gokey is that, for me, with Danny Gokey, there seems to be a sense of genuine about him. He’s not afraid to say what he thinks and what he’s feeling, though his honesty has at times left me seriously cringing, such as when he revealed what he was visualising when he was singing “Hero” – a song that, I’m sad to say, I detest with a passion simply because of its hokey, overt sentimentality – and Danny’s revealing of what he was visualising and how he sang that song just encapsulated everything I dislike about it.

Still, in all honesty, I still thought he was the best of the night and that he does have a natural rhythm and just an exceptional voice.

Aaanyway, I still don’t know why they are keeping the welder in. I thought there were at least a couple of others who deserved it more than him. Jamar for one (Yes, yes I know he’s no longer in the competition, but, well, he still deserved one of the three spots more than the welder, and wholeheartedly deserved a place in the last 36 over the whining, overly dramatic, not so good at singing, utterly nightmarish Tatiana). Of the ones remaining though, I agree wholeheartedly with the others that Anoop perhaps should have had one of the three spots instead of the welder.

Oh and I haven’t seen the second show as yet, um, so I’d really appreciate it if someone can let me know if Nick Mitchell sings as Nick or whether he turns up as Norman Gentile? I really need to know this beforehand because I need to prepare myself and secure any throw-able objects to the workplace LOL! I mean, I do like Nick. His “Amazing Grace” was really touching and, as said, he can sing, but to be honest, for me, Norman Gentile is getting old now and I think he ought to show just a little more respect for those other competitors who didn’t get through and not make a joke of this process.

All in all, I hate myself for still watching, but there are some good vocals in this year’s show, so it is, for the most part, enjoyable. But whether it will remain that way, I won’t hold my breath – chuckle.

Go Danny Gokey!!!

...And all I can say about Jamar is that he left Idol with so much dignity that he put Tatiana to complete and utter shame. Ner nerner ner ner! :D
The first time I heard Gokey I was shocked. I love his voice. Am also loving the girl with pink hair. She's tiny but has a powerful voice.

Not a fan of Tatiana. She's too loud and needs to calm down.
I missed the first hour, my TV Guide didn't have it listed, it only said from 9-10so I missed the first candidates, but did see a re-cap, my picks for this elimination part were Megan she's unique, quirky different and good, and drop dead beautiful, and 2nd was Adam he kicked it on "Sastifaction" who I only think of Mick Jagger singing this, but he completely did it his own spectatucular version. So I choose these so far!
I liked Adam and Alison. I kind of liked the tall, bald headed dude too what was his name? The one that is a blue collar worker or something? I didn't agree with the judges comments about him. I thought he did well and wasn't boriing at all. I can't remember for the life of me what he sang now though. but then again my memory is faulty. :lol: I kind of like Jasmine a little too, but Alison is the best girl in this group in my opinion. Adam is the best guy.
I thought this was a pretty dire evening to be honest, apart form a couple of sparks, and I'm still a little annoyed at Nick coming out as Norman Gentile. He can sing, there's no doubt about it, but Norman Gentile is now wearing thin with me. I'm afraid I agree with Simon Cowell, I too am hoping and praying Norman doesn't get through. It would have been nice to have seen Nick Mitchell, but maybe Nick Mitchell recognises the fact that he might be just an average singer, and thatNorman gentile makes him that little bit unusual. Norman is funny, but it doesn't make him unusual in my opinion.

I dunno, maybe it's my age. There's no denying that, in my opinion, Adam is a good looking bloke, he dresses well and he can sing really well and does have a really good range of notes, but........ I really, really disliked his version of "Satisfaction". His theatrics really turned me off and his screeching the song in parts made my ears bleed.

Still, he does deserve one of the three spots as does the young sixteen year old who sang "Total Eclipse of the Heart". That's a really hard song to sing and yet she hit every note perfectly and she managed to add her own little rock version to it too. Best of the evening by far for me.

I thought the rest of the people were pretty dire vocally and song choice wise too, so anyone else deserves the other spot because they were as bad as each other, in my opinion. I think Nick Mitchell should only get the other spot if he comes out and sings as Nick Mitchell and not as Norman Gentile.

Yeah it wasn't a very exciting night compared to last week. :lol: Though a lot of the contestants last week were "forgettable" to quote Simon, but most of them this week were even more so.

I'm with you about Nick/Norman. He had a good voice and while I find him funny sometimes, I was really hoping he'd come out to sing as himself rather than his character. It really disappointed me. :(

I wasn't crazy about the way that one boy sang that Michael Jackson song though.
As for Danny Gokey. In my opinion, there is a huuuuuge difference between confidence and arrogance. I’ll probably upset a few on here but to me DC (Not David Caruso – tee hee!) of last year was nothing but arrogant. Yes he could sing but the personality that went with it grated on me throughout, especially his singing songs that were covers of a cover and acting as if he’d done all the arrangement and what not. Big BIG turn off for me. And his antics whilst singing his songs were also a big turn off. I’m just hoping upon hoping that Danny Gokey stays true to himself and resists this obvious piece of moulding that goes on on Idol.

...And the difference between DC and Danny Gokey is that, for me, with Danny Gokey, there seems to be a sense of genuine about him.
Thank you so much for saying this! I thought I was alone in thinking that DC was unbeliavably arrogant. There's no doubt that he's a good singer, but his arrogance was such a turn off to me - I couldn't like him. I too noticed how he would use other people's arrangments without giving them credit. Then everyone would fawn over him saying how "original" he was. I got quite upset over that. I remember one show he walked out with the smuggest look on his face...I knew I could never vote for him after that. Perhaps that's wrong. I know it's not a personality contest, but I can't enjoy singing when I dislike the singer.

I agree too that Danny seems genuine. So far, he doesn't seem to have the arrogance that I saw in DC. I hope he doesn't let his popularity go to his head.

Also, I really like Adam and, perhaps surprisingly, Kris. The young 16 year old is good, but I'm not ready to throw in my marbles for her yet. I'm gonna keep an eye on her.
Alison was clearly the best female singer on there this week with Jasmine in a close second, but then again the group was a bit weaker than last week's group. However, I don't think Alison will win. If I had to say right now, I'd say the finale would be Alexis and Danny and if that's the case, I'd be fine with either of them winning just like I was year one with Kelly and Justin, although Kelly is the better singer, but I liked them both. :) Season one was the only one where I didn't mind which one of the final two won.
We are a week behind America in American Idol so tonight we are finding out who gets in the top 12 from Group 1.

I think Danny will win! I hope he wins :thumbsup:

And I can't wait to see Nick/Norman's preformance next week!
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