Allergies Anyone?

i am allergic to kiwi and bees! the only thing that sucks is that i like kiwi and i love going outside!!
Claratin doesn't make me drowsy. I take it before working the 7p-7a shift and it doesn't make me sleepy. There a few OTC ones that make me jittery.

Allegra works like Claratin, doesn't make me sleepy. Thank god that stuff works because I would hate to have allergy shots!!

::::::::sniiiiiff::::::: Ah the beauty of summer allergies, pet allergies and food allergies! Thank the maker I don't have any of those or I would be impossible to live with!!
Allergies, yup, two shots a week. Ya hoo. I think I am allergic to just about anything and everything. Asthma ya I got that too. The only thing that semi works is Zyrtec D and it is not non drowsy. All other non drowsy meds I am allergic to. I know that two to three times a year I get bronchitus and that usually goes into pneumonia - yuck - am working on getting better now.
Peanuts- I get migraines when I eat anything with peanuts, Sulfa- {antibotic}, You would think my doctor would know this, but he always has to ask. "Do you have any allergies" Hello!!, read my chart.... :lol: And of course seasonal, mostly spring and fall.
NONE-the desert is wonderful for ones health- well mine anyway- some are allergic to desert plants but for me I've never had a cold nor sore throat since I moved to Nevada-pure clear air- when I was younger I was allergic to cats- itchy/watery eyes- :( for now- nothing luckily ;)
Panadol - Once I took it in an attempt to get rid of my flu, but my eyes just got swollen and I couldn't go ANYWHERE without sunglasses.
^I once bought either Kestin or Histec for allergies since there's been lots of commercials. Gave me so horrible headache that I had to stop taking those. Too bad the drug I've used can be only get with the prescription.
i had really bad hayfever today when i was cleaning my room because it was dusty! heheheh... good ol' antihistamines!
I'm allergic it mint. Even the slightest hint of it will give me a migrane and make me want to vomit.

And, of course I'm allergic to the cheap medication for my Ulcerative Colitis. I turn yellow and get hives. I really wanted to take that stuff, it was ten bucks a month. The meds I am on are 3 bucks a pill and I take nine a day. *sigh*
well it's not so bad..allergy starts just when i ate very very much chocolate,for example everyday in 1 week :p