Allergies Anyone?


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I don't know what it's like in other parts of the world, but here in the Nortwest it's ALLERGY SEASON! :eek: and I'm a HUGE sufferer. Anyone else have seasonal allergies and what do you do about them?
penicillan, well the doctors say i am but i dont think so, i used to be able to have at and then like five years ago i am, and i never did show any of the signs, thats why i dont like going to the doctors becuase they used to give me this gross shit, thank god they got me on pills when i get sick
I also have seasonal allergies, and so I take medicine (I forgot waht it's called...oops!) and it works really well. But my allergies effect my asthma so then I have to take Advair and my inhaler all the time. But yeah, they suck... big time!

I'm also allergic to anything with fur, white grape juice, and the cany baby bottle pops. The last one is weird, I know. I get teased about it a lot!
I have terrible allergies (and asthma...double-whammy!). I'm allergic to a lot of things. I used to be allergic to watermelon (not anymore, but..I hate watermelon!), and my allergies include grass, trees, plants, flowers, and a medicine called Ceptra that made me break out in hives :rolleyes:
I'm allergic to a lot of stuff, and I also have asthma. I have a lot of odd medical stuff.

I'm allergic to:
SOME short-haired cats
Dust Mites

And a few other things I can't remember.
Must be nice not to be allergic to anything. I have seasonal tree allergies and fortunatly they are over in southern Ontario. I am also allergic to cats, which I have 6 of, and dust. I take Allerga which is available over the counter here in Canada. I also have allergy related asthma and use Advair.
i was allergic to milk, but im not anymore. which is really weird, most people become more lactose intolerant as they get older, not less. my mom found out really early when i was a baby that i couldnt handle milk. and growing up i always had to take pills, or drops, or drink lactose free milk. but a few times i forgot and i stopped getting sick. so now as long as i dont have too much ice cream or whipped cream i wont feel bad.
everyone else in my family is extremely allergic to pollen in spring time, im just lucky i guess :D
Just the seasonal stuff, grass, especially fresh mowed grass, pollen in general. Doesn't stop me from mowing the yard or sticking my nose into good smelling flowers. Each year is different as to how I react. This year I've noticed it more. The humidity here in Ohio is a killer...air doesn't move. Usually Claritin helps. Air conditioning helps too!

I'm allergic to work...but who isn't?
I'm allergic to

scotch broom, which grows here CONSTATNLY

my daugher and husband both have allergy induced asthma
she takes an inhaler since she's only 4
and he takes Claritin, and toooooooooooo many other allergy medications

I ( like William Petersen, have arythimia [sp]) and High BP
so I'm limited to what I can take
Asthma sucks!!! it drives me nuts at certain points in the year, 2 years ago, the combination of school stress and asthma put me in the hospital 4 times in A WEEK.
I had to be taken out of wood shop because the saw dust made my asthma act up. That sucked... bad.

Ugh, I just cleaned our animal cages, and now I can't breathe! Hate it! That's why I don't like having pets!