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Exactly. I know that I should be happy that he is in some episodes. But lately, I have not been able to enjoy it. I also want him to get more screentime, he got more in The Formula. But that's it. But a good storyline would be a good start.

I just wonder as Adam has changed so much during season 6, and I have no idea why. I mean, he hasn't been through anything this season that forced him to change. We had Green Piece and Party's over last season. But it didn't make him change at all. So I wonder why he changed so much now. It seems to be for no reason.

And I found this on Twitter, and wanted to share it, if you haven't seen it already. AJ's comment was that he and Carmine were fighting crime. I found that adorable :)

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Oh gosh, I haven't posted in here in who knows how long! Sorry. Thanks so much for the pic, Vildis! Seems like AJ really knows how to use his twitter now. ;) It's also cool he's updating so often.

I also feel like Adam somehow changed this season and I also have no idea what happened.
I hope it's ok that I bump this thread. Ghostfacers webisodes will premiere on the same night as Supernatural 100th episode on April 15th. Apparently. Can't wait, even if I can't watch those clips on that website. Can't watch other clips at least, as I live in "wrong country". But I am still looking forward to it, and hope that I can watch these webisodes somehow. I love AJ's character Ed in Ghostfacers so.

Speaking of Ghostfacers, Aj and Travis Wester attended the LA convention (Supernatural convention) yesterday. Found some pictures.

More pictures and videos can be found here
Thanks Perl for that video. I loved it. Even if I saw it later on AJ's facebook. But I saw it here first. Thank you very much.

Oh, another Ghostfacers-update. Found an article today with more information about the episodes, how often they will air and so on. I don't know how many of you that read the Supernatural-thread on this forum. So I hope it's ok that I publish this article here as well.
Aww, thanks for all the pictures! I really love how adorable AJ looks like on all of them. :adore: Thanks also for the article, I will have to check it out.
I thought AJ always looks adorable :rolleyes: Hey whatever, I love him anyway :adore:

Well, if you get the time, then watch the videos as well. They are pretty short, so it doesn't take much time to watch them. I find them hilarious as well. But I may have a weird opinion too ;)
OMG I loved the last picture in your video. That smile :adore: Thanks for sharing the video. I liked it.

I still haven't seen The Box. Have tried to find it anywhere, for rent/sale/download, but haven't been able to find it. Just the movie with the same name from 2009 with Cameron Diaz. I loved AJ playing badass in Walking Tall 2 - the payback. So I want to see The Box as well, as he plays the bad dude in that movie too. I love AJ as the bad guy, even if it feels a bit strange. As I've always seen him as the nice character in other movies and tv-shows.

By the way, have you seen him in "The last sin eater"? He was adorable there as well. He just has a small, little role there. But plays a dad who has a daughter. Sooo sweet. I loved it.
I bet AJ as the bad guy is totally cool to see! I didn't see him in anything else but CSI:NY yet actually, but to me he just looks more like someone who plays good characters. So seeing him doing a bad one would be very interesting indeed!

I was watchin Turbulences a few days ago btw and boy, I have to say Adam's moments never fail to add something cute and funny to the episodes! I mean, his excitement for his job and his reactions to some part of it (like the whole toilet thingy...poor him!) are just fantastic to watch! :lol: But even when he's smelling like garbage, he's still excited and in a good mood. I guess everyone would love a co-worker like him. :lol:
Well, I have seen AJ as the bad guy in different movies and tv-shows. Depending on what you think is "bad boy". I mean, I saw him in one episode of The X-files, where he was a kid who used some kind of gun to shoot a snake who died of the bullets. Notice, he was not credited in this episode. So if you look at sites like IMDB, you won't see him among the credit list. I think it's because he doesn't say anything in that scene. But you can clearly see it's AJ. Either way, I would not call that "bad boys". More like a kid who does things he shouldn't do. I think everyone here has done things as kids, stupid things. But it doesn't really make you a bad person.

He was also in another episode in The X-files. It was War of the Coprophages (3x12). AJ played a guy here who used drugs. Not really bad boy, but it's a bad thing to do. No explanation needed. AJ looked like this back then:


Lovely 1996, huh? :lol: He still looks adorable though. Just way too young.

AJ was also in Blue Car, where he played Pat. The first real bad boy-character. As Pat was a criminal, doing things like stealing stuff and selling later. Some scenes from that movie can be found here

He also played an aggresive boyfriend in Entourage, the tv-show. It was only one episode though. I really enjoyed it. As it was pretty realistic, and nice to see something new. But he was also ultimate badass in Walking Tall 2 - the payback. It was so strange seeing AJ like that, though. I enjoyed it, but it was just plain weird. Like this:


AJ is able to play so many different roles, everything from geeks (CSI NY and Ghostfacers/Supernatural) to good guy (Wild Roomies, Extreme Days and so on), to more heavy roles. I am more used to the nice guy, or the geek. Even if I have seen him in other roles as well. It just feels weird to watch him play another kind of character, even if I can enjoy it and think that AJ is doing an awesome work. I have seen him in quite many other tv-shows and movies, so I know what I am talking about.

Speaking of Turbulences:




So yeah, I really love his excitment too. It doesn't matter what he does, he always manage to find something with his tasks, that he can like. Nothing is ever totally boring, disgusting or annoying. He surely enjoy the small things and find pretty anything interesting and awesome.
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Wow, Vildis, you're officially the AJ Research Queen! ;) Seriously, thanks for all the information. Like I said, I never saw him in anything else, but all those pictures really got me curious. I agree with what you said about bad guys; not every bad or wrong action automatically makes you a bad person. I love the picture of him when he was so young; any idea how old he was then? I think he looks really cute but like you said, you can clearly see it's him. It's always the same expression and smile; it's making him unique.

But wow, in the picture with the gun he looks almost dangerous. And again with one of his smiles. I find it awesome that he can play so many different roles; this in my eyes shows what a good actor he is.

Aww, thanks also for the Turbulence pictures. I love the one with this bunny thing. :lol: He looks like he discovered something really cool. And in that other pic where he's kind of making a disgusted face. :lol: Even then he doesn't look like he's really having a problem with his job. It seems like usually he takes it all with some humor.