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I see the old thread has reached 1000 posts, so looks like it's time for a new one, so come on by and join in the Adam/AJ loving. :adore: Oh and it's you're looking for the previous thread, you can find it right here. :D

Some pics to celebrate the new thread. :D




P.S. If any of you guys would like me to change the thread title let me know, that was just the first thing that popped into my head. :lol:
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No, I am begging you; Please don't change the thread title. :guffaw:I love it, almost as much as I love the man himself :)

I am still waiting for Ciara's more recent pictures. But I love yours too :adore: It should be a crime being that hot :lol:
Aww yay, I'm really glad you like it Vildis, I thought that it would be appropriate... :lol: Glad you liked the pics, I'm going to go and make a welcome banner. :D I'm having fun making AJ art. :lol:

I'm also really looking forward to seeing Ciara's pics and hearing all about her meet. I'm rather jealous, but I'm glad that she had a good time. :D It's so sweet that he still carried out all that he had promised even though he was ill, what a total sweetie he is. :adore:
You better hurry up, making that banner. Who knows? I may get withdrawal symptoms very soon if I won't see that banner or anything related to AJ/Adam ;)

Well, I already knew that AJ is a sweetie. I don't know him personally, but as he always seem to be that adorable, sweet and down to earth, then he just gotta be a nice sweetheart. He's the kind of guy who you wanna take home. I bet he's the kind of son in law, who all mothers would love. :luvlove:

Okay, I will stop my little obsession right here, right now. At least, I can try for a while. :lol:
Added the new welcome banner. ;)

I totally agree with you, he just seems like a total sweetie, like you said, the kind of you'd wanna take home to meet your parents, he's sweet, caring, adorkable and funny, I mean come on, what's not to love about him?! :adore: Hehe... *Sorry, end of fangirl moment... :alienblush: For now... :angel:*

By the way, saw your banner and while speaking of madness (but adorable madness a'la Adam Ross) I just have to link to some youtube videos. You know, classic Adam Moments. As I suck, I can only link them not renaming them into something else like: Adam Ross blh blah blah (and then you click on it, and comes to the video):

And these hilarious ones:

And a last one, just because I love this one:

Okay, over and out.
Oh, thank you. :D Hehe, I love rewatching Adam scenes. :adore: One of my all time favourites was the scene where Mac caught him dancing in the lab and said "What is this? Dancing with the scientists?" :lol: It was so cute, he got all embarassed and started rambling on about dancing... Adorkable! :adore:

Well, I must go and do some homework, I'll watch those later, thanks. :D
I totally did that dance on stage at lunch time yesterday...I have zero shame!

I'm just charging my camera battery so I can upload all the rest!

I wish I could take AJ home to meet my mother. Not sure what my boyfriend would say, but god the man gives the most amazing hugs.
Yay, a third thread for the awesome and adorkable Adam/AJ! I love the pictures - and the thread title is perfect! :D
Aww that's cool Ciara, can't wait to see them. :D :lol: Haha and I love the fact that you did that dance, hehe, that's so awesome. *High fives you.* I'm really glad that you had fun. :D Hehe, I can totally imagine that he would give great bear hugs... :adore:

Welcome back, and so glad you like the thread title too Fay. :D
Yeah, you are soo right. Speaking of that, does anyone disagree with following picture?:

Oh my word, I've never saw that before... :adore: But I am officially in love... :lol: I think this calls for an icon change... Thanks so much for posting that Vildis. :D He looks so hot there... :devil:
Yeah, I see your new icon already. I wanted to use it, too. But I don't wanna be a copycat. I am glad you loved it though. But you know, he always looks hot :drool:

I think I need some more buckets, so I have to write it on my christmas wishing list :guffaw:
I totally agree with you, he does always look hot. :D Aww, sorry for stealing it to use an icon... :( Hehe, I think that's a good idea, he always has me drooling and giggling, he's just such a sweetie. :adore: