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Me, research queen? I wouldn't go that far. But ok, you can go that far :lol:

AJ is actually 19 years old in that picture. It is hard to believe, indeed. But it is true. I think it's because of his beard, well the lack of it. He always looks so much younger without a beard. But when you look at old pictures, like the one I posted, you cannot even notice a beard stubble. It was something I noticed in some early movies as well. No, I don't have a obsession or fascination when it comes to his beard. But it is something that makes me curious.

I realized that I forgot to mention that AJ also was in 2x08 in X-files. This is the episode where he is not credited at all. But he is in the intro, shooting a snake. It's just a short scene, and one of the worst X-files episodes ever. But I thought I could mention that as well. I talked about it earlier, but forgot to tell which episode I meant. I just mentioned 3x12.

I am still amazed that AJ is very good at playing different characters. I cannot say that I like all episodes (including guest roles) in various tv-shows and his roles in various movies. I mean, I really disliked Extreme Days. There was some funny scenes, but in general then the movie was really bad. But AJ didn't do a bad job. I think it's a huge difference between bad movie and bad performance by an actor. I am just glad that AJ is not one of those actors who always play the same kind of character, time after time. I mean, some actors always plays the bad guy. For example. They do a great job, but I prefer to watch actors with a wide range of characters/roles. So I am glad AJ is one of them. And he is really a good actor, even if he doesn't get the attention that he truly deserves.

But yeah, Adam rarely has any problem with his job. He always do what he is supposed to do. He normally react in a good way, and don't let anything bring him down. I have only seen him annoyed once, and it was when Haylen moved some things in the lab. But he is usually in a good mood. Except for this classic moment:


Sorry, but I just had to laugh :lol:
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:lol: And you're not the queen? Yes, you are! Thanks for information about those episodes, I can look them up then. I also watched the clip you posted and I really love the way he looks like in there. Young yet it's so clear it's him. But I agree, I guess it's the beard because when he has one, he definitely looks a lot older.

I agree! I find it so boring when an actor only plays the same roles over and over again (like being the guy every woman falls in love with for example). Instead AJ does so many different things obviously, and even switches between roles where he is a good guy and then where he is a bad guy. But I think Adam is the best. ;)

Exactly, he can do every job and still likes it. But gosh. :lol: I opened the thread, saw the picture and immediately had to laugh. :lol: I wonder if they had to do this scene more than once because if I was Anna, I would have broken out into laughter every time he would have done this face. :lol: I think this expression is the definition of shock. Totally brilliant! Like as if he was the one to deliver the baby or even worse, give birth himself. And to top it, he ran into the totally wrong direction. Definitely an awesome scene.
I nearly forgot that AJ was in CSI as well. The first time I saw that episode (Crow's feet, 5x04), I didn't recognize him at all. He just looks completely different. The second time I watched it, I knew he was in the episode. Didn't know that the first time. Anyway, I still didn't really know that it was actually AJ. It was nearly impossible to believe it was AJ. Anyway, he played Ted Martin. An exterminator, who steal things from customers' houses. He got caught in this episode and therefore murdered the owner (of the house). No one expected it was Ted though, until the end. But it was still something I enjoyed. Mainly because it was nice to see Adam in a guest role in another CSI show, and as a "bad guy" trying to act innocent.

Reminds me of how much I loved him as Dan in Bones (2x20). He had a wife, Carly. She and her friend got attacked when they were in a car. Carly died, her friend Abby survived. Dan became a prime suspect, as he was aggressive, got a life insurance (so if his wife died, Dan would get 2 million dollars), the couple had problems (which led to Carly leaving Dan, and a restraining order). Dan also had alcohol problems. He was innocent though.

I actually think I really like AJ playing that kind of character too. You know, not really badass. More like an aggressive boyfriend/husband. I have no idea why, I just suppose AJ is very good at playing this kind of character. At the same time, I am more used to the good guy and/or nerdy character. I have seen AJ as that kind of character in different movies and tv-shows, and it was the first kind of character that I saw (with AJ obviously). So it is so nice to see him play some other kind of character. Ok, nice maybe isn't the best word to use. But I cannot find any better word.

You have only seen AJ as Adam Ross in CSI New York, so I can understand if you think Adam is the best. You just cannot compare Adam with any other character yet. You don't know what you are missing. Don't get me wrong. Adam Ross is one of my favourite characters (played by AJ). But he can do so much more than only play a nice, witty geek. But for someone like me, being a devoted AJ-fan, it's hard to only watch one tv-show where he is in. I know that he has been pretty much in CSI NY, and therefore I can understand if people only have seen him in that show. I mean,

Now when I am thinking about it, I don't think I can choose only one favourite character. Someone who is better than everyone else. I think every character has something good and unique. Something that makes me like them, even if I may dislike the movie/tv show. That's why I want to see more of AJ's work. I think I have already seen pretty much, but I don't get enough. I just want to see more.

AJ has even made some voice-overs. I know that he did that in "Happy feet", where he used his voice and gave it to one of the penguins. Apparently this penguin had a little role in the movie. It was probably the main reason to why I couldn't hear his voice at all. The funny thing is that no matter what accent he uses (as he uses different ones, depending on movie/tv-show), you can always hear that it's him. He always has the same laughter though. Which I am glad for. As I like the sound of it. It's also contagious and often makes me burst out laughing as well.

Well, it's quite obvious that I am a big fan of AJ, right? :lol: It is just impossible to dislike him and what he does. He is just too awesome for words. :adore:
You're a fan? Nah, really? ;) I love how many information you give us about AJ's other roles, because you really make me want to watch that! So there we have it, another role where he plays a bad guy. Now I really want to see him like that. Like you said, I only know him as Adam but I can totally imagine AJ can do so many other roles and that he'd be really fantastic in them. The show where he had a wife in this episode sounds like it was a tough role he play and I bet he did amazing with it! This is definitely another thing I want to see.

I think AJ has a very unique voice, and I'm glad they found a quite fitting dubbing voice for him over here. I bet you can always hear it's him. Like you can always see it's him as well. Which is why I really want to see a picture of him in the CSI episode. Do you have one?

Aww, he spoke one of the penguins in that movie? That is adorable, even if it was just a little role. I hope he does more of those.
No, I am no fan at all. I am just watching him in several movies and insults, so that I can insult him properly and say that he sucks. It's hard to say that someone sucks based on like one movie or a guest role in a tv-show. :lol: I am just ironic, as I really like AJ.

Yes, apparently it was an irish penguin. It was something I figured out while trying to get more information about AJ's penguin. Which is funny as the penguins didn't have any nationalities. At all. Not only in general. So if it was true, then I can understand why they used AJ. As he is from Dublin, even if he moved to Canada when he was 6. Happy Feet was a sweet movie though. But the thing is that I don't watch an animated movie just because some actor/actresses are making the voice overs. Some movies really like to promote the movie that way, letting everyone else know that "some superstars" are doing the voice-overs. I don't care about the voice overs, as the movie (the story) is more important. But I noticed that AJ took a little part in Happy Feet, and I liked it somehow. Even if I didn't hear his voice.

If you want to see something else than AJ as either bad guy or good guy, then watch "The last sin eater". First, I thought he was a bad father who didn't care about his own daughter. But I realized later that he actually loves her and care about her. He was just so full of grief, as the family lost their other daughter recently. And AJ's character tried to console his wife, who was inconsolable. So the kid who was still alive, she had to be alone quite much. Ok, he had a small role in this movie. As the daughter and her friend was the main characters. But it was so nice to see AJ in this movie. The first (and only time) where AJ got the chance to play a father. And yes, this is also one of my favourite movies with AJ.

I just wanted to say that AJ can be more than good or bad. I mean, look at his character Ed Zeddmore in Ghostfacers/Supernatural :guffaw: What a stupid nerd, trying to be so cool :lol: This video sums it up well. The first scene with Buffy :guffaw:

And Ghostfacers christmas greeting still cracks me up
How Ghostfacers kill ghost
An irish penguin? How cute is that! :lol:

AJ playing a father is something I definitely have to see! I can imagine it must have been incredibly interesting to see him in this role and the way you described it sounds very good to me. Even if he wasn't in that much. I can imagine it's one of your favourites. I think AJ is someone who would play the role of a father really well.

Oh God! :lol: Those videos are so cool, I love them! Thanks so much for posting them! AJ and this guy are so funny together.
AJ's web series Ghostfacers will be premiering on April 15th on

AJ is hilarious as Ed Zeddmore and works well with Travis Wester who plays Ed's best friend, Harry Spengler. I first saw AJ BUckley on Supernatural and was pleasantly surprised to see him on CS:NY. I wasn't a regular NY viewer until Emmanuelle Vaugier joined the show.

Here's som pics a brief report from AJ and Travis' panel at the LA Supernatural Convention that took place this past March:

Here's a con vid:

There's links to more vids over at Super-Wiki:

Well, I hope I made you interested in more of AJ's work. As he is more than only Adam Ross. As I mentioned earlier, Ed Zeddmore (Ghostfacers), is the character that reminds me the most of AJ's character in CSI NY. But AJ can definitely play other kind of roles as well, not only a funny geek. Even if the nerdy character always are awesome.


No offense, but I have already posted 3 of these links. It was quite recently. But I suppose I shall be grateful/thankful that you posted them again. I think.
'Supernatural': Ghostfacers balance comedy with 'pathos'

If you remember the Ghostfacer team from their three "Supernatural" episodes, you're probably expecting their new web series, which premieres today (April 15) to be a bucket of laughs.

Zap2it was on the scene when the cast and crew of "Supernatural" at the "Ghostfacers" premiere in Hollywood on April 14. We've seen the whole series, and we can say that while you'll definitely laugh, you might be surprised by the more emotional moments from the series. As Travis Wester explained to us, the story has plenty of "pathos" -- his buzzword of the night.

He's the expert. After all, he and A.J. Buckley are not only the stars of the series -- along with "Life Unexpected's" Austin Basis and Brittany Ishibashi -- but also writers and directors. It made sense for them to be on the writing staff, because the original "Supernatural" episodes were largely improvised. They were so funny that they even had "Supernatural" star Jared Padalecki laughing so hard he had to take a break from filming.

"We called him 'Chisel Chest,' and he couldn't keep it together. He just went outside and lay down on the ground and kept on laughing," Wester says.

"We just waited for him to finish," Buckley adds. "For a long time."

In the first installment, which is available now on, the Ghostfacers hire a new intern to accompany them while they search out the ghost of Janet Myers, a starlet murdered in an old Hollywood theater, played by "Nip/Tuck" vixen Kelly Carlson. With the help of the same special effects team that works on "Supernatural," the series is not only hilarious and chock-full of pathos, but also genuinely creepy.

Wester and Buckley sat down with Zap2it to tell us about how the spin-off came to fruition. Don't miss the video below, where they describe their initial meeting with "Supernatural" executive producer Eric Kripke. Warning: the video contains some coarse language and is not appropriate for all ages.


another article on Chicago tribune
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AJ is currently in Vancouver filming "The Doomsday Scrolls", a Syfy movie about a book editor (AJ) who is trying to prevent Armageddon. He seems pretty excited to be playing the action hero (a far cry from the adorkable Mr Ross, hehe). ;)

Anywho, AJ posted a picture of himself with Jewel Staite on Twitter (click it to see the picture full-sized):

Thanks for the picture. It sounds like an interesting role.

Hope we get a chance to see some of his other work in the UK. Either I always miss it or we just don't get it :(