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The special humour, that's it. Having seen a few of the earlier Vegas episodes recently, I have noticed that the actual humour in itself was...actually pretty different between Adam and Greg :lol: I agree Greg had more of the weird-punkish-quirkiness rather than the random-thing Adam had going, but they both added that special endearing flare to being a lab tech. It's still one of the reasons later!Greg depresses me a little, because he lost it after he stopped being a lab tech; and Adam is cool in that he hasn't, even though he too has gone from lab tech to CSI (well, mostly).

On Kendall -- I liked their competitive interactions, too! They were fun, and I thought she was good for him; and after that whole street-luging episode, it made total sense why Adam found her to be cool :lol: It sucks that they dropped her.

Nah, I cannot really agree that Adam has become more of a CSI now. As he mix the role as lab tech with the csi-job. As he asked for more field work, but wanna remain a lab tech. So he is both. I doubt that he will turn into a csi to 100 %, just like Greg.

And Kendall was awesome. I have said it before, but it's worth saying again. As she managed to change Adam a bit, and show another side of him that we never had seen before. How they competed and he felt the urge to impress all the time :lol:

Oh I will definitely come back and let everyone know how it went. There's also a chance to have dessert with him but it would cost 400 dollars. >< Sadly, I don't have that kind of money. But I'm good with a photo and autograph. :)

Whoa, 400 dollars. It's quite expensive for a dessert, even if I surely would enjoy it if I had the money. I can understand why you refused. I also have a signed photo (not from a convention though), and I am more than happy with it :)
I also think Adam is still more of a lab tech, doing some field work at times.

Oh, yes! :lol: The street luging! I bet Adam found that cool. He seems to be after women with special interests. And yeah, I think a reason why I loved them together was because their interactions sometimes were kinda competitions. The whole 'lets impress the boss' stuff from the season 4 premiere was awesome. :lol:
I wasn't sure that they could mix the roles of lab tech and CSI (the two roles are pretty defined on the other two shows, since both Greg and Miami's Natalia had to pass some sort of test, I think, to go from lab techs to field work), which is why I figured Adam had made the same transition. And Haylen did say she wanted "his job", and they kept advertising her as the new CSI. But the rules tend to be a little more blurred on NY in general, so I guess he could go into the field and still be a lab tech officially. They should make it easier to tell :lol:

I still love the way they introduced Kendall, because I found it incredibly cute that Adam's the kind of guy whose place you can fall asleep at in your underwear and not have it be awkward the morning after :lol: That's what I really enjoyed about them, that there was such a level of easiness and comfort between her and Adam.
I still love the way they introduced Kendall, because I found it incredibly cute that Adam's the kind of guy whose place you can fall asleep at in your underwear and not have it be awkward the morning after :lol: That's what I really enjoyed about them, that there was such a level of easiness and comfort between her and Adam.

I enjoyed it too and so much! She would have been such a great addition to the show IMO. And I thought it was so great for Adam to have this character with whom he could have these kind of moments. I mean, with what happened with Stella, we ain't gonna have the same cute scenes we used to in previous seasons :lol: Plus, it was dialogues that could give us more opportunities to have those nugget of informations as discussed in the Sid thread. And like you said, chemistry was there between actors and characters from the very beginning.
Wow, there has certainly been an uptick of activity in this thread. I like Kendall a lot more than Haylen. I think she may have gotten a bad rap for being the "barbie-ish" in looks. I never had a problem with it but a lot of fans complained as far as I know.

Also, hate to be a self plugger but the reading the last few pages made me think you guys would enjoy this. I did this vid about a month ago and it suprisingly matches our little thread slogan. haha

Oh also, couple pages back you guys were talking about Mac as a father figure and I TOTALLY agree. anytime I right Fanfiction I always right Mac as a father figure and Danny kind of like a friend. I wrote this one fanfiction where Mac meets adam alone in an airport when Adam was just a little kid and it set the outline to his Fatherfigure-ness. haha

If you wanna check that out :
:lol: OMG, thank you so very much for posting this video!!! That is totally awesome, you are right, I LOVE it! Adam is just the funniest guy ever. Really great work, thanks for sharing!

Yep, I agree, Mac is more of a father figure and Danny is his friend. Like he said in the scene with the birds. :lol: Thanks for suggesting your fic also! :D
Yeah, this thread has been more active than usual. But I like it, as it used to be very quiet and I disliked it. So I am glad that people have started to bump in here and post a reply :)

There are many Danny and Adam scenes where we can see clearly that they are friends. Not only in the episode with the birds, although it was hilarious. I bet Adam would be the only was who could joke about pimping Danny's wheelchair and get be able to get away with it :lol: I also love their conversations in general. They always make me laugh. Like this. They can also have sweet and adorable conversations like this .

Thannks for posting the link to the fanfic by the way. I did read it and loved it. It was so sweet, especially the first part where Adam was a child. I loved the video too, it was fantastic.

Speaking of Haylen and Kendall, I see some similarities between them. It's just that Haylen got introduced in a very bad way that made many dislike her as it did seem like she was after Adam's job and wanted to get rid of him. While Kendall knew she was safe and enjoyed the competition between her and Adam. I am sure it would be like that too, if Haylen got a better start.
Yeah, Haylen was really written in badly. Adam is too much of a fan favorite to have a charater make him look stupid. Kendall had a better introduction. The scene where she's eating the chocolate was so cute even though he looked ridiculous in front of Mac. haha But it wasn't a professional ridiculous like Haylen had.
yeah, exactly. Adam is a quite popular character. But I didn't mind Haylen at all. I can't blame her or Sarah Carter (who played Haylen), as they never got a fair chance. Haylen was meant to be a recurring character who would stay longer though. But it was easier to let her go instead of Adam. It would be chaos if Adam had to be the one to leave the lab.

By the way, to go back on topic. I actually would like to see more of Adam, and back in action. I don't mind if he explains things to Stella, Mac or someone else. Or if he uses the computer and then talks about what he has discovered. But I miss all old demonstrations like those:





Or when we saw him like the lab geek he truly is:


But this is usually how we see Adam nowadays:



Thanks for all the picture. Adam also does nice demonstrations. The one with this jacket thingy was totally cool. Btw, he looks really funny with the glasses in his hair. Oh, and the one from the top was a cool scene, too. I find it awesome when he had to figure out what they were actually looking for.
Yeah, the first seasons with Adam (from his first appearance in season 2 to season 4) we got some really nice demonstrations. But these times are gone now, as Adam has turned into the computer nerd who also does some field work. I really don't mind, but sometimes I miss the old times where he didn't sit in front of an computer and tried to help the csi's that way.
Hi everyone,

I've been reading this thread for some time now and I couldn't stand it anymore. I had to join and share the love for Adam/AJ. Adam has definitely become my favourite -albeit minor when it comes to airtime- member of the CSI NY cast and I have to say that any episode without him seems boring to me!

I noticed that many links about Adam were posted here recently and I couldn't resist the urge to share some new links about AJ this time. I'm not sure if any of you have seen these...

I'll start with the least interesting one, only the first 5 seconds are worth watching, if only to see AJ wink...

Now AJ talking about his love for boxing, I don't share that with him but I love it when his Irish accent rises to the surface.

And finally, my favourite one. AJ and friend Shaun Sipos joking and talking about music. I'm a terrible dancer but hey where can I click... And that laughter... So precious!

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Hello there Breizh. It is very nice to see new Adam/AJ fans, so welcome to the forum. I hope you will enjoy it, but I bet it is going to be easy as you can discuss AJ/Adam, adore pictures and videos and and of course take part in other discussions too if you wanna talk about something else.

You are right though, it has been many videos posted here lately. You can blame me for that if you want, as I am the one who posted many of them. But I enjoy sharing them with everyone else :)

I definitely did enjoy watching the clips, so thank you for posting them. To be honest, I haven't see any of them again. But I loved them, and his lovely laughter.