Adam/AJ #3 - AdamRoss.Edu

The third clip became my favourite. I really loved how he was messing around and had fun with the guy who did interview him and Shaun. It was hilarious. I love AJ's sense of humour.

By the way, I am glad AJ got twitter. He has posted some tweets and pictures already. Two Ghostfacers-ones and one CSI NY picture where Adam is going badass. I have no idea which episode it is, but it is definitely an upcoming one.



And I never thought we would see Adam like this, never! Some people may find it disgusting, because of the pig. So I post it as a thumbnail. Click on it if you want to see a bigger picture:

With Hill Harper from an Oscar weekend party (last night/earlier today, depending on time zone..)

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I don't have time to watch the videos but loving the pictures!!!!!!! Wow! Hill and AJ are looking sexay! Hahaha!

The first picture : his face is so adorable lol
Hum.. I totally missed the second picture as it was so small and totally got over-shadowed by the other pictures :lol:

I'm wondering... do you think they use real pigs on the show or they are props?! Like mannequin-like? :confused: My take on it is that they're fake?
Cyn, as I mentioned earlier, I thought some people may found the pig picture disgusting. So I wanted to let you view it if you think you could handle it ;)

I am not sure that they actually use real pigs. Even if the real pig would be dead, it would probably smell awful. And they have used pigs before, and it has never been bleeding from the wounds. But it doesn't look like they have made ssomething to make the pig 'run dry from blood' or whatever they do. So I think it is a fake pig.
Don't worry, I spotted that too ;) But maybe now that the realness of the pigs have been discussed it will look less disgusting to some?

But I love AJ's Tweet about the pig scene! :lol:

on set right now.... doing a scene with Gary and have to shoot a pig in the belly to help solve the crime :) hahah i love m job :p
Yeah, I saw that picture as well earlier this morning. AJ is always looking hot in a suit :)

Cyn; I loved that tweet too, and the tweet after that where he mentioned the poor little pig while he posted the link to the picture. Makes me convinced that it is no real pig. I could be wrong too. But hey, he loves his job. And that's awesome :D

Found a new article too! New Ghostfacers-article
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Hahaha! Yes! I loved it too! I'd love his job too. Or just doing the makeup for the show lol

Makes me convinced that it is no real pig
Same here. Specially that he seemed to be so cool standing next to it lol

Thank you so much for the link! Another great article about Ghostfacers!!! YEAH!
I would be more than happy to get any job there. Even as a cleaner, even if that would be boring. Just to be around Adam/AJ and the rest of the team all day long. Would be awesome ;)

I am glad you enjoyed reading the Ghostfacers-article :) I thought it was really good, and just had to share it. Although I think it is a shame that so many people seem to hate them and find them annoying. I suppose you either love or hate Ghostfacers.

Posting another picture now, it's from the Oscar Party for a couple of days ago. Why does he look so good in a suit? :adore:

Hahahaha! Yeah, even mopping the floors would be quite something for us :lol: Anything to be part of CSI:NY :cool: Though it looks fun to make people bloody and dead-looking :lol:

I haven't realized that people hated them! :wtf: I know most people prefer Heroes over Supernaturals but never heard anyone here complained against the Ghostfacers. I'll track those people down and do some screenings of Ghostfacers like in Clockwork Orange... :devil:

Ohhhh I think he can pull off the nice suits that well because of his Irish-ness! :drool: I wonder if he'll post any pictures of him celebrating St Pattys?!
I have read about Ghostfacers on other forums. Barely no one seem to like Ghostfacers there, and if they do; they get attacked by people who hate Ghostfacers. But I suppose it depends on where you live. I mean, here almost everyone prefer Supernatural over Heroes. And most people find Ghostfacers just simply annoying and think they have no reason to be in Supernatural at all. I disagree, as Ghostfacers bring some comedy and sense of humour. Which is important too. And I love how they compete with Sam and Dean :lol:

I really hope AJ is gonna post a picture of him from St Patrick's day. I bet he would look really nice there, as well. But don't he always look great? ;) Either way, if he doesn't post a picture from St Pattys, I hope he will post some kind of update at least. Just saying that he is off to celebrate it, or just came home from a fantastic day. Just anything would be great.
This was something we discussed in the Adella-thread a while ago (in Shipper's central). But Adam seems to have changed a lot during season 6. Mainly clothes. As he doesn't wear two shirts nowadays. But I think he has been more 'serious' and mature in general too. Sure, we had the ""-joke. And he was talking to himself (again!) in Uncertainty rules. But that's it. I know that Adam has been absent (well, AJ). But I am still able to judge what I have seen so far. I am not sure if I like this development. I fear he is going to be like Greg Sanders (CSI). He was an awesome and hilarious lab tech, and turned into a serious CSI. I don't want Adam to take the same path, or just become more serious.

I don't know. I mean, Adam is Adam. He has never been "serious" before. I loved when he got his crazy ideas, or when he knew things no one else knew. We could see it in 'Down the Rabbit Hole' for example, and he knew about 'Suicide Girls'. I also loved how he did things no one else would do, like dancing and talking to himself.

I know that it's completely normal that people change. But Adam has changed too fast. It's almost unbelieveable. Either way, have you noticed that Adam has changed a lot during season 6? Or is it just me?
Yes, I totally have noticed. I don't like it at all. It's one thing to get a little more mature but for some reason if they have him in an episode they give him a couple wisecracks and that's it. They haven't had him show off his smarts in a long time. It's annoying. Their using him as filler more and more and I just find it frustrating because he needs real storylines. He had real storylines last season but they haven't given him and real character growth. Anything they were leading up to the just cut off. So annoying.