Who owns a pair of Latex Gloves?

Faylinn said:

its fun to blow them up like balloons or fill them with water, poke holes in the bottom and pretend your milking a cow... that produces water... *cough*
...I can't believe you just admitted to that. :lol:

yeah... i know i'm odd, but i'm honest at least! hehehe!

ooo this one time my friends and i melted chocolate and put it in a latex glove and then froze it caus we wanted the chocolate to be in the shape of a hand... needless to say, it didnt work and we wasted a whole bar of chocolate! :rolleyes:
chaostheory08 said:
I can put them on and off as fast the they can on TV lol

I like the snapping noise they make when you stretch them to put them on real quick :devil: :lol: