Who owns a pair of Latex Gloves?

being allergic to latex I know that all medical personell I tell wear the purple ones I didn't know either that they are nitrate :confused:
I own latex gloves. And not because I need to, either, but just because I think they're cool.

(i also hold my flashlight differently now, but that's a whole different story.)
My friend Kerri gave me a little "CSI kit" for Christmas. It contained latex gloves, a flashlight, S4 of CSI:LV, some bath products arranged to look like chemicals used in the show, a book titled "The Science Behind C.S.I." by Katherine Ramsland, and a few CSI books. It was pretty amazing. I love her forever, okay?
Faylinn said:
Oh, so the purple gloves are nitrile gloves, then? Or are there also just regular gloves in purple as well? I remember Dr. Hawkes wearing purple gloves during season 1 of CSI:NY...

If purple is a specific color to nitrile gloves, does that mean that other colors signify something specific about the nature of the gloves, as well? *is curious*

Check out this link:

It appears you can buy nitrile gloves in purple, blue and white :) though I'm not sure what the colour difference signifies (if any).

There are also your standard white latex gloves, then you can get synthetic ones (for those who are allergic to latex? :confused:), vinyl ones and polythene ones (those are uncomfortable, I can tell ya :lol: ). The website sells special blue gloves specifically for those who work in catering too. Cool, eh? ;)
I have a box of white latex gloves. I just use them whenever I'm cleaning but my mum thinks I'm a bit of a freak!

At school we used green ones in chemistry. They looked quite cool with our white labcoats and space-ace safety goggles! :lol: They were unpowdered though, so during experiments your hands get really sweaty and gross - not very nice during practical exams!
I don't think the color means anything in particular-sometimes you can get one brand cheaper than another, too, and it may be a different color. Maybe it means the protection offerred, but I would not swear my life to it.

Typically the latex ones are cream/white (This is the most common worn on the CSIs- at least NY and Miami (don't watch LV))
Vinyl tend to be translucent. They barely stretch at all and are HORRIBLY uncomfortable as wibble said. Your hands get very hot in them.
I've seen purple, white, blue, green, and black nitrile gloves- the market has skyrocketed in the past few years because of latex allergies.
Oh okay, thanks. I was wondering there for a while if there was more to it than just having cool colors. ;) :lol:

This has nothing to do with CSI, but I remember seeing an episode of "Crocodile Hunter Diaries" in which Steve Irwin was wearing pink latex gloves--that's part of the reason why I wanted to know if the color was significant. /Off-topic comment :lol:

By the way, that CSI kit sounds really cool screamingpoet. I wish my family had done something like that for me. :( *decides to leave not-so-subtle clues this year* :lol:
Who doesn't?...

Actually, the last box were my former roommates, so I don't have any right now... We use them for cleaning, etc.
heh, I used to have latex gloves whenever I used to help at the old people's home because I was a little....insecure about touchign stuff in the home such as cleaning up their rubbish etc. But I felt so freaking cool wearing the latex gloves! :D until the fun wore off after 20 mins. :p
pizzapie said:
I've seen purple, white, blue, green, and black nitrile gloves-
Maybe they can co-ordinate the color of the gloves with the clothing on CSI: Miami when everyone dresses alike.
I have a whole box of laytex gloves. I use them when I clean the bathroom. One time when I was cleaning my dad came into the bathroom when I was cleaning the bath tub and he was like "Why are you wearing laytex gloves." and I was like "because cleaning the bathroom is gross." and he shook his head and he was like "No, you just want to feel like a CSI." and I was like "...Nuh uh." lol.
Oh, Fay feels like a dork. I'm supposed to be a mod here...Oopsie, didn't think this one needed to be moved. *sheepish grin* Don't throw stones. ;) :lol:

Anywho, back to the gloves... :p

Color-coordinating the gloves to the outfit sounds like something Miami would do. :lol: