What did YOU learn today?

I learned that novela reruns are better than the ones on primetime right now (with the exception of Querida Enemiga...)
Today I learned:
  • how to read a knitting pattern
  • how to knit a cable stitch (did a little dance for that one I was so proud :D)
  • that even though I'm not hitting my quota of billable hours at work my supervisor is impressed with me because no one else is hitting their quota and I make the most hours :thumbsup:
4blueeyez, you're absolutely right about Bert Visscher. Exhausting he sure is.

I learned:
- Spending 12 hours running around Disneyland Paris sure causes really bad back and feetpain the next morning. :p
- The local music/DVD/game store needs employees! That is so much more a job for me than the breadsection in a supermarket. I'm gonna get myself a sollicitationform. :)
I spent the whole day in a HazMat training class at work. I spent half of the day in full suit up, learning how to do the decontamination process. It was so much fun.
I realised that when you least expect it good things can happen and can make you smile all day. And also wonder what would happened if you had seen said guy last night.
I learned having a social life really, really sucks when you realize the next morning you've missed three hours of work. >.<' Damn friends... no more grape soda for us! :lol:
- Using Gchat is a great way to waste time at work.
- Facebook is probably the best site to waste your time.
- I can skip lunch without feeling hungry if I eat my breakfast at 9.
I learned:

- that sensible shoes are a viable option when it is raining
- working in a phone store is fabulous cause you can use their electricity to charge your phone :D
- I'm very close to becoming a proper grown up with a real job :(
I learned that I want to kill my niece and nephew! :scream:

Ok - so I didn't just learn that today. The thought was re-enforced today though. :rolleyes:

I also learned that Staples has some back to school things on sale that they didn't put in the sales flyer.

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I learned some cool SQL stuff :vulcan: and also how to do a pivot table in Excel. I'm well on my way to being an official geek!
I learned that study is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much better than work. Also, no work at work is worse than work at work. Savvy?
That when my hair is getting to long I shouldn't try to get it into the model I had when it was shorter (it just doesn't work)