What did YOU learn today?


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So this is the idea. Everyday in life we learn new things. Some are useful, some less. This is a thread where you can share your new learnings to the world.

Mine for today:
- Coffee = hot. When you need to go two stories up, take the elevator, not the stairs.
- Samuel L. Jackson plays in Jurassic Park! Who knew? :wtf:
- If you put your feet on the chair in front of you at the movies, you can get kicked out of the theatre. (Not personal experience, but the girls sitting next to us.)
- My mp3 player can survive the washing machine! I just put in a new battery and it still worked!
- Festival tickets are way too expensive. I paid 185€, just for entrance and camping. I still don't have any food or beverages for that price. :rolleyes:

So, basically, what did YOU learn today? :D
My mp3 player can survive the washing machine! I just put in a new battery and it still worked!
Hah, I knew that, too. :D

I don't think I leaned anything new today, but the day has only just started, so I guess I'll just keep my eyes open and check back in here later.
I learned how to make snails stop eating my plants in the garden. I fed them bran and now I'm sure they will never feel hungry again. :devil:

While typing this post I learned a new English word: bran. :)
- While watching the soccer match Portugal vs Turkey I learned that there are new UEFA regulations. (Portugal won btw :D )
- Today we went to a river so my Arko-baby (my dog) could go swimming and I learned that other dogs can be so annoying and that my dog really is a sheep in wolf's clothing :lol: I always suspected it but now I'm sure, he doesn't know that he's a dog :p
- I beat my parents at Rommé again so I learned that I am the QUEEN of Rommé :cool:

That's it for today!
People can invite you to jobinterviews a half an hour before the interview starts. Well, this guy did.
i learnt that packing is nt my strong point and my suitcase is seriously heavy... heres hoping its not over 20kg!

I learnt that my alcohol tolerance is either getting better or my hangovers are disappearing after a heavy night out celebrating finishing university i woke up with not much of a hangover just lack of sleep.
Today I learned not to keep money lying around with a broke "friend" staying with you. :(
^Awtch, that's gotta suck, csisue :(

I learned today that I still got my tennis skills after not playing for 5 years :cool:

(I also learned that 5 red bulls and some nicotine can keep me up aaaaaaaaaall night to study :D)
I learned today that bad stuff never happens to bad people. Its us good ones that get it.

I also learned that the rules in the csi files forum are unbelievably strict (I got a slap on the wrist for calling someone on CSI Miami a word that isn't even an expletive - I checked, and its not.) so i'm going to keep my posts as generic as possible in the future. So there.

Things I would like to learn today: What's Rommé?


P.S My brothers IPhone made it through the washer too.
I spent 2 hours in a managers meeting at work and learnt a lot of things I need to know for my training. The great thing is I get to pass all the things to do on to my boss, who was off today and sent me in his absence. I also learnt that they aren't really as boring as they're made out to be. We had quite a laugh even though we were stuck in a very warm room on a baking hot day.
Hmm today I learnt that I can actually get sunburnt, never in my life have I been sunburned when going on holiday abroad or anything. One day in the garden and bam, red red red. And i'm going on holiday tomorrow so will look very silly.

I also learned that airlines just don't let you take enough stuff on holiday, 20kg is just silly...

Furthermore, I learned that people are not the brightest sparks, as you have to give way to the RIGHT on a roundabout, stupid woman nearly causing a crash didn't seem to know that.

What else... Erm... Wasps really like beer, and call centres abroad are not good..
I learned that Holland actually cán beat Italy in a soccer game. Never thought it would happen.. but yay. :p
Things I would like to learn today: What's Rommé?
:lol: It's a card game...well that's all I can say about it :lol:

@Marns - Yay for Holland! They played really well, I was impressed. Made the Italians look quite crappy :p

Today I learned a new game of cards, "Der große Dalmuti" (the great Dalmuti). Don't ask me who Dalmuti is, but the game is a lot of fun and I even won a few games :D
^I could've told you that. :D

My german linguistics professor knows me by name! :eek:

I also learned that stressed out people before an exam are extremely annoying. And that I have a tendency to hit them.