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Hi corpsegirl and IRMiniKiller, welcome to the boards, I hope you enjoy it here.

Yes the choice of music is always fantastic, the music director does a great job. :)

I notice that you both have signature banners that are above the allowed size for the board. Just so you know, you can have an image or text, but not both, and the image must be 220x75 pixels or smaller. If you would like some help with resizing your banners I would suggest heading up to the fan art forum. :)
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RIP: my amazing sig banner.
cause of death, blunt force trauma.
jk, sorry everybody who i have offended with my massive banner size. im a n00b! still learnin all the TALKCSI rules!
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^Don't worry, no one was offended. :) I just wanted to let you know of the signature rules just in case you weren't aware of them. ;)
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yea, its all good. n00bness happens to the best of us. so, Elsie- who is detective flack? i dont follow CSIs other than LV. is he some hottie from NY or something?
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^Yep, he's a Detective in NY. :)

I posted this in another thread before, but I'll post it here too in case you are interested. It's an interview with John Keane, the man responsible for the great CSI music. He has some interesting things to say about writing the music for CSI and developing emotions with sound. Pretty cool stuff. :D

John Keane interview
Yurek said:
Now I also have a question.

It concernes "Post Mortem" and the song ( I don't even really know if there's a real song to that part) appears when
Grissom inspects the little house which was a replica of the crime scene. The song also appears some time later when there's kinda like a flashback of how the victim should have died.

It's only a simple melody that's played on piano/keyboard but it's really great and I kinda have the feeling I heard it somewhere before.
Can somebody help me out?

...do you mean "the background music" of that clip:
I like it too :D
Can somebody help us out? PLEASE :(
What is that music ?
chocliq, welcome to the board.

The background music of the clip is part of the miniature crime scene music that has been used throughout the miniature crime scene plots this season. It will be a piece written specifically for the episodes by John Keane, the CSI Music Director. It isn't available to purchase anywhere I'm afraid. I hope that helps. :)

I just want to also mention that, in case you aren't aware, video clips, such as many of the fan ones found on YouTube and other sources are not allowed to be posted on the board due to potential copyright infringement. ;)
I read the previous page and I know this question was posted before, but I couldn't find an answer to it, so I'll ask it again.

Does anyone know what is the song that plays in the end scenes of CSI:Miami's "Death Pool 100"? Thank you so much in advance.
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I think for CSI Miami, the STONES song We Don't Get Fooled Again is so perfect and fitting for that show. I love the Stones and am happy you picked that song:)
lab rats song

hey can some1 tell me the name of the song played in lab rats when hodges was telling wendy about his lucky day??? please i really liked it and i think its rly nice
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