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looking for the song at the end of CSI:M "Going Ballistic" after H gets shot. Any ideas?
Ive heard the song after the fire in the lab and the one before the airplane, there is one called "Wake" by Mark Sayfrtiz could that be it??? Just wondering if there is anything out there. Thanks everyone!!!
The music played on the CSI's has introduced me to some new artists I have never heard of before here in Holland :thumbsup:
Rachel, I saw a 'documentary' the other day (on CBS website, The CSI Way it's called) about a guy who writes and plays music for CSI...so perhaps it could be someone who works for CSI / CBS and writes those music pieces himself...chapter 3, featuring people from behind the scenes, John Keane, composer...perhaps he composed that piece of music...just an idea :)
Hello there,
first of all, let me introduce myself.
My name is Deak Ferance and i live in germany.
I am a great admirer of the CSI Show and especially of composer John M. Keane. I also work as producer in several musicprojects (electronic music and soundtrack recordings), and i do some composings too.

Ok, as many of you stiil know, the "Miniature Killer" Theme was indeed composed by John M. Keane.
Till now it is not available on any CD or Download.
But a friend of mine did a coverversion of the Theme, it sounds pretty nice.
I was very inspired by that little tune, so i composed a very similar tune.
You my consider it as my very own tribute to Mr. Keane and the Miniature Killer Theme.
I sent that track to Mr. Keane, he was very pleased about it. A great honour for me as you can imagine. ;)

The Track i composed is called "Floating" and you can listen to it on my myspace site under:

It is the first song in my playlist and plays automatically when you reach the site.
I hope you like the music.
Deak Ferance

P.S. Sorry for my english, but as told, i am german :)
P.P.S nice Forum here
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Thanks for the welcome you guys. I'm sorry I haven't been in here to do much. I've had a real rough few weeks. PC problems, health(had to have a procedure done), won't know results for 2 wks., & now they think I'm starting with migraines. Yuck! If you'll give me to the weekend to recup a little bit more I should be ready to come in here full force. Susan thanks for all the help.
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