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Lets get it started!

Well, it seems as if you’re here to talk about the music of CSI. You couldn't have come to a better place!

CSI has one heck of a musical backing behind it, separating itself from WB-style dramas in which most of the music relies on played out hits or self-promoting artists. Instead, it’s powerful scores and the occasional insertion of awesome tracks make CSI one of the best musically-produced shows on TV.

There's only one rule to this forum: Have fun, and make this forum great! Find obscure instrumentals and ambient tracks and hits that seem to fit perfectly with the show's investigation and collection scenes. Syntax's "Pride" is the perfect example of tracks you may hear in the show.

As I write my reviews, I'll also be posting complimentary material in this forum, so be looking for that as well.

Ok, I lied. There are two rules, and I must stress this, especially since this forum's primary topic is music.

Do not post links to any potentially-illegal music downloads. All links must be kept to legal methods, such as the artist's official site, or pay services such as Napster, Rhapsody, MSN Music, or iTunes. Also do not post instructions on how to get around security methods to obtain music you did not pay for!

Well then, that’s about it.

Oh, and feel free to catch me via AIM, ICQ, MSN, or Yahoo! Messenger and ask questions, make suggestions, or just to talk. I never turn away a chat, unless I’m working or sleeping. :lol:
Re: Lets get it started!

Are there really THAT many music-related posts we needed to start another forum?

Maybe we need an archive, which is a reply-only forum where common questions are answered.

Such as which is the theme song, why is iMat so cool... etc.

Re: Lets get it started!

Posted by Destiny:
awww Imat look he is getting use to you already :D :lol:
Uh no, it's going to take a lot of alcohol and money for that to happen. :lol:
Re: Lets get it started!

hehehehehehe! um, just out of interest, with the csi soundtrack... does it have the little snippets of random music composed by john m. keane for csi on the soundtrack or is it just the songs by other people that they use on the show thats on the soundtrack? i really want the music that was played at the end of bloodlines, the sad instrumental music, and i cant find it anyway.
Re: Lets get it started!

Do you know the name of the song that was playing in the Range Rover on last night's eposide "Tanglewood"
Here is a question for you die hard CSI music fans...

What song was played on CSI Miami tonight ( "Money Plane")
that is the END of a song which was played ( from the beginning of the song ) in another CSI episode ( the original series) ?


Does anyone know if they plan to release another cd. I was really impressed by the first one yet there has been no more. Also does anyone know where i could get hold of some of john m. keane's stuff?? Thanks. :rolleyes:
Re: CD

here is a few question for you CSI music fans ..........

What band did Petetownshend (guiatrist for the Who) idolize? (hard)

What song was their first hit??? (easy)

Who worte all of the CSI theme songs? (Easy)

What recording session did they use for the theme songs? (medium)
Re: CD

What is the name of the song that is played during the begining of the episode "Snakes"? Its Spanish and its cool!
Thanx for help...
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