Wallpaper Thread #6

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Stunning walls around here! such amazing work!
but I must tell you BonaTaylor that I really really love your style is gorgeous.
NicksSexyBabe said:
heres my first ever wallpaper it is a spoiler for season 8 of CSI just warning ya
mmm is it promo pics or from a epi?
cuz I try to stay spoiler free but I always like to see the promo pics of the epis.
umm i don't think its an actual spoiler i mean it not like it reviels anything its from the first episode i think it is on the promo (the long one)but yeah its not like it says what will happen...i don't want to know either until it airs but no i wouldn't consider it a spoiler per say
Lovely wall! pretty intense for me! only 5 days for the premiere! but I dont consider a spoiler either. well if you already have watched the promo or at least some of it.
great wall nicksexybabe, bt..i love your walls, the colors are gorgeous in them,
sharon fab as always, those lyrics, so moving and fits perfectly with the pics ;)
only 2 from me tonight.

I love the lyrics from the first wallpaper katpin!!! I'm such a Lonestar addict :p

NicksSexyBabe Good job on that one!!! I'll snag it :)

OMG Love the Speed one Mitzi :lol:
Another one from me, back to NY style...

Thanks for all your compliments. Really glad you all like my little fluff pieces. :)

Katpin, mitzi, nickssexybabe - all great walls, very nicely composed!! Really good stuff! :):)
BonaTaylor- I adore your wallpaper style. It's amazing.
katpin- Such lovely walls
mitzi- I love that Greg one.

I'm finally getting back into making walls so here's a new one.

Thanks fo rthe compliments everyone. Appreciate them.

nickssexybabe nice wall

mitzi great as always

BT love your smack one

fallenthrough glad to see another wall. It's great
BonaTaylor that's gorgeous!!
I love the one you made of Emily too! :D

katpin who sings the song you used in your last H/Y wall?
fantastic walls as usual bt
nice to see you with another great wall fallenthrough :D
none from me at the mo, hopefully i have one up later, if i get inspired :lol:
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