Wallpaper Thread #6

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great wallpaper kat...looking forward to seeing wot you do with Togo :devil:
sharon i love your new style its fab..
n4s great walls i especially love the Rory one :D
none from me at the moment dont know if i get time later,but i'll try :)
managed 3 before i go off to work,i have been experimenting,
sharon you inspired me with yours, so i did a variation of it, its by no means as good as yours though. :)

need4speed love your walls. they're great

mitzi- Glad you liked my last wp enough that it inspired ya. LOL love yours as always. They're fab.

Pics courtesy of csi-caps

here's 3 from me this morning

the next 2 pics are courtesy of MDG

So many great walls while I've been gone. That was a lot of catching up to do. Fantastic guys :lol: Too many to comment each and everyone. :devil:
And Katpin I saw you had your birthday meanwhile. A very belated congrats from me. Hope you had a great day. :D
welcome back jools, hope you had a lovely time.. :D
so many gorgeous wallpapers done whilst i was in work :eek:
sharon....hope you dont mind nicked the flack one..it was sooooo gorgeous, he is so hot :devil:
Hey welcome back csisenna & ty fo rthe belated b/day wishes. Had a nice day.

mitzi be my guest snagging Flack. Glad you liked it. lol

I goofed with last post. Was in such a hurry posting cause Miami was coming on I forgot to say loved the wp's everyone. Great job.
Not open for further replies.