Wallpaper Thread #6

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Welcome to the new Thread everybody! Here you can show and request Wallpapers of all 3 CSI shows.

Previous threads: #5 #4

The normal rules apply:

- only three images in one post, for further WPs use the URL-code; and because we're speaking of Wallpapers: when you want to post your stuff as images, as thumbnails! only ;)

- be gentle and fair, constructive criticism is appreciated but don't bash anybody!

- most of all: HAVE FUN!

OK, I'm not one of the biggest wallpaper artists, but I wanted to bring along some opening presents, so here are two very old CaRWash-Wp from me.

The first one was a Christmas present for lovely Dutchie last year...
I didn't even notice we reached that point......and I guess I was 999. I have no CLUE how to open a new thread otherwise I might have tried to do it.....
oh and how do you post your image as a thumbnail???
:lol: it's alright katbug, I just had the impression that the posting stopped right before the 1000th post and it made me laugh :)

posting thumbnails:

when you use photobucket to host your pictures, there is an option to 'generate HTML and IMG code' at the bottom of the page.
Choose the picture you want to post (mark it) and click on that option.
Now several new codes appear; scroll down till you read "IMG clickable thumbnails for message boards - recommended ", copy that code and paste it in your post. That's it.
Wow, new thread. Congrats.
cinegirl, glad you made that post. Even I had no idea how to post a thumbnail. Hope I'll be able to work this out.
Cool I just tested it out and I see it now! Thanks!

But on another note for future reference - how do you start a new thread? This must be a teach Katrina new tricks day!

Here is a test to see if this thumbnail works! This is one of Greg I posted before.

Glad it worked, and good to see it helped you too CSISenna

This must be a teach Katrina new tricks day!
:lol: OK, I'll post s/th (you remember: something :D ) in the Fan Art Forum Guide later this day concerning how to open a new thread, now I'll be offline for some hours.
Well, it took me several minutes to figure that one out, but then again I managed it. Thanks for making people smarter then they are cinegirl.

This is one that I made using the caps that I provided for Walllpaper Challenge 11, just to see how hard of challenge I had really set ;)

yay for the new thread! *tosses confettii* i'll have to get working on some more walls, especially with my week off of work! :D
WOOOO new thread! Good job you guys, I'll be making some wallpapers tonight hopefully. Tomorrow and Friday will be nuts, so today it is!
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