Ups and Downs for the Day

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Up: Had A Blueberry Muffin for breakfast! ( i LOVE blueberry muffins!)

Down: I broke out with a zit on my cheek! *gasp*...and i just realized it now..... :(
Up: Lovely day today. :D and realising Ive only got 9 more exams til I finish school!!! :D

Down:...Doing Biology test that lasted 2 hours and doing nothign for the rest of the day. :rolleyes:
Up: I decided not to smoke tonight :D

Down: Ran out of REAL beer.. now I only have non-alcoholic beer.. which tastes gross.. and it's not the fact that there's no alcohol in it, the taste is just really ugh!
UP: tomorrow starts real vacation with friends, 1 week, 3 stupid friends, summer here we come! :D

Down: no internet, no TalkCSI ... 1 week!! i'm gonna get insane!
Awwe, WillowsWannaBe ...that's horrible. I hope the figure it out soon!

Up: I found my math textbook! 2 more days 'til grad!

Down: I don't want to make dinner tonight, schools almost over and I'm still getting piles of homework, my tooth hurts and I'm getting confused.
UP : grad is in two fricken days...yea! and yea levon i cant wait!

DOWN : my family is being so annoying and they will not shut up all!
Up: I get the stuff we are doing in math so tommorow's quiz should boost my grade.

Down: I need to get a f*uckin 83% on the final to pass the class.

my best friend brother's bar mitzvah, it was fun! many pictures, had a blast!

Ahh I can't believe it has been two years. I remember watching Anonymous trying to calm my nerves :lol:. I hope he had fun, it is hella scary up there but the parties are so much fun! Oh and the presents, they are pretty dang good too :lol:.
Up: Laughed my ass off with my friend. Haven't laughed so much in a long time.

Down: I'm getting a sore throat. :(
Up: Having completed all of my english exams! :D

Down:..feeling reallllly tired. :lol: at 7pm.
Up: getting my French title at the School of Languages after 5 years studying it(it's not a University title,just as a user level).

Down: with the Europass and all that stuff,they've changed the study plans for the next year at the School of Languages and they're not going to make my title as an equivalent so it's not gonna worth it in the rest of Europe. :(
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