Ups and Downs for the Day

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^Aww sweetie it can't be that bad.

Up: I got an amazing case for my research project today
Down: I got woken up at two in the morning for my amazing case so I now have to work a double shift :eek:
Down: My cat has fleas, my mom's yelling at me because I cared MORE ABOUT WASHING MY FLEA-INFECTED CAT than the friggin bedsheets. My brother just spazed at me for blocking the TV when I was trying to dry off my freaking SHIVERING cat and my Mom takes his side. Frick. And now I got to go have another shower with this stupid flea stuff and I just had one.
Oh, and I got black ink all over my white shirt, and it won't come off. So I had to walk around the whole day with this black ink all over my back and ass and it's thundering and I'm still friggin afraid of it. This is NOT my Day...

Up: ....the only thing I'm thankful for today. The only thing that fills me with hope and happiness. New episode of the Daily Show with Jon Stewart is on. Thank you, Oh Jon, for practically saving my sanity.....
Up: I didn't get yelled at today for losing my math.
Down: I have a "textbook check" tomorrow and I put mine somewhere in my English classroom. At work I walked into a shelf and a whole bunch of stuff fell on me. I REALLY need to do laundry but my roommates are using the dishwasher.
Up: I got to learn part of the black-belt form in karate even though i am a blue-belt.

Down: I have to do my art sketchbook for tommorow and I don't have access to tempera paint.
Up: I didn't do the dishes for 4 days :rolleyes: yes, that's an UP because I feel so at home now, used to save them till the end of the week :)

Down: The conference talk *shudders*
yay sun is shining at last--------up
boo am sat in office all day------down
Up: I passed my killer exam paper! I'm just so relieved… I don't know what else to say. :)

Down: I hardly ate the past week because I was so sick with worry. Need to start eating properly again.
JayneEmilysRealm said:
LtKitty said:
and today is 666..ehhh
But that's an UP!! :p I lurk behind every corner, wondering whether I can spot some horns :devil:

thas right it is UP! with Omen movie i wanted to make this day more special..but i didn't saw it... :(
Up: Ate black forest magic ice-cream!

Down: It melted coz I forgot to put it in the freezer, I put it in the lower rack of the fridge...stupid moi.
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