Ups and Downs for the Day

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I don't think we ever started this thread again, did we? We planned to put those together.

So basicly... here you can post what were good things in your day... or what were bad things. Or both.

I start.

My parents left for few days vacation to north today. In the morning I was sitting on comp and before they left mom gave me her phone and showed a text message. It was from her little sister.

My auntie said that she thinks her husband is having an affaird. I got so sad and mad. Mom didn't say much because auntie asked to keep quiet and dad was around. I just said "Oh dear lord".

I was so mad. They've been married 17 yrs, they have 5 kids,oldest being 13 and youngest 2 and ½. They just started farming, they have some 60 heads beefcattle. I've never really liked her husband. He's always left everything to my auntie. Raising kids, cleaning the house, making food and well, basicly doing all "women's job". Their kids are afraid of him.

She's 36. I feel so bad for her. Really bad. If they divorce... what she's going to do with 5 kids? She'd have to move out since it's her husband's home (where he was born) and get a job from somewhere...
I'm not a caring person but this really really really makes me sad.
^^^Affairs are a b*tch. You know, you make a vow so stick with it. And it would be so bad for the kids.

Down: I've been debugging my program for hours and I still haven't fixed it yet.

Up: I'm in a hyper mode so I could still work on it for hours to come.

eta: Woot! Fixed it!
Dang, DaWacko, thats just a crappy story man. You would think men get enough you-know-what after 17 years of marriage. What's the point of you turning away if you spent nearly 2 decades together. Smack him.

I just hate everyone and everything. I wish the world would die.
That sucks, Sanna. I'm sorry to hear that :( Sounds like he has the same attitude as my grandfather.

Ups: Went to re-new my drivers license and piced up our Iron Maiden tickets!! :D

Downs: Bored cause I'm home alone, which also means; I have to make dinner :p
That's why I don't believe in marriage. It sucks when one doesn't put equal effort into the family. Not even to mention having an affair. Good example is my dad.

Up: I've completed my illustrations for a friend on time!

Down: There's still LOTS to do at work and I'm procrastinating here in TalkCSI!
I'm sorry to hear that Ducky. :(

Down for today has been spending £5 to re-size my watch, only to notice later that my watch doesn't work! :eek:

Up has been finding out 'Massive Attack' are releasing a best of album!
^by "our" tickets Siri means me and her :D
Umm...Siri... you come to grab a beer too then, right?

*is bit worried* :lol:

Yeah, auntie's husband is a really crappy man. And I got the feeling that he even still wanted more kids. That's why I thought when my auntie visited here on my b'day.
I hope it works out.
down: friend has fallen out with me and wont talk to me at school even tho she was talking to me on msn messenger

up: csi!
That's horrible Ducky. I'm sorry your aunt is going through that. :(

Down: Studying like MAD for my Econs test tomorrow. I hate calculations. :p

Up: Erm, I'm eating Nutella on toast now. :)
DaWacko said:
^by "our" tickets Siri means me and her :D
Umm...Siri... you come to grab a beer too then, right?

*is bit worried* :lol:
:D Of course you don't have to go out for beers with my older brother alone! :lol: I wouldn't be that evil, would I? :p I'm not sure I'll drink tho, cause I might have to drive us home you know :p If we don't take the train that is.. We'll see
My little bro will come to the concert with us tho, cause he really wanted to see Maiden too.

Ups: The dinner I made tasted great! Go me! :lol:
up: after 'reading' week im back at school and get to walk my favourite doggies at the central animal facility

down: history midterm tonight that i am currently skipping class to cram for :(
The little bro who doesn't like me? :lol: :lol:

Ooo...something happy for the day :D
I just noticed CSIM eppy "Nothing to Lose" won't be cut version like "Crime Wave" was :D
Up: Managed to write two letters I have been meaning to write in months

Down: Really dull observations of lessons, I have watched so may lessons this year I am running out of day dreams to keep me going :rolleyes:
Up: Smashing glass in my forensic science class for a glass analysis lab :D That was all kinds of fun :D

Down: Spending all afternoon doing homework
Down: My 19 year old cat just died today, leaving me an emotional wreck for the first half of the day. Plus, tomorrow I have a quiz that I didn't study for, and I stepped on a staple which really, really hurt.

Up: There's this new black cat around my house that I called "Skittles" and I'm trying to tame him. Plus, I finished my dumb CALM module on time.
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