Ups and Downs for the Day

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Annoying down: the boys in my language classes were annoying at me 'cos I'm not wearing tights nor do I shave my legs - assholes
Up: I had fun in Chemistry today :D
Don't know why or how, just did :confused: :lol:
Up: My grads in three days, I didn't get yelled at for losing my text book and my roommates actually let me do laundry before they did dishes!
Down: I NEED to find that textbook otherwise I have to pay for it. I have a History project due but I don't have the stuff I need for it here. I'm finding that I'm getting annoying emails from people and well...I'm bored.
Up: Going to have lunch with a friend :D

Down: I need more hours on a day. Last night I realised I would never ever have classes in my entire life.. now it's just writing an essay and MA thesis and then it's done.. forever.. my life will be over!! :eek: Welcome to the adult-world, Jayney.. NOOOOOO!! :(
Up: Don't know yet.

Down: Wanted to update my website this morning, but tripod had changed the text editor for the suite builder. Which only has html (can't see just text like the previous), which I don't understand. Now new pieces of text I want to add are completely screwed up in allignment, colour, size, etc.
Down: It's just gone 2am and I'm still working on a school project. I want to DIE. I can barely keep my eyes open.

I've been popping caffeine pills like M&Ms, which I know is bad for you, but I really need to get this done, and I figure one sick day is better then failing a course.
Up: now that exam's are finally finished, I can finally relax. I'm going to see the Roman Baths today. woo!

Down: nope. None :D
Up: At school we had our last class and had a 'relax' hour so we started playing this 'murder game' where you have to portray someone, a thing and a place.. (kinda like hints..) and my teacher started playing along :lol: it was absoblutely hillarious :lol:

Downs: My greatgrandmother died.. :(
and i have to study for this really difficult grammar test for French, where i'm not very good at.. And my French teacher is so.. :mad: :mad:
Down: i didn't ride with my new quad, and tomorrow i'm going to country were live my grandparents...

Down2: TalkCSI goodbye for 2 Weeks!!! nooooo!!! *shnuk* :(
Down: It's only 11:00. I have to write a test today and I think I'm getting sick on these silkscreen fumes. Have to wash the cat again tonight.

Up: *dance party* No seriously, but new DS on tonight.
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