The Rant and I Cannot Say This Out Loud #3

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Finally, a decent rain! Before today, all its been doing is barely sprinkling for the past month or more... and its been so hot... so I'm glad we finally got a decent sized rain to cool things off.
Dear brain, it's time you learned how to let things go. Yes, it does sting when someone insults you, but you just have to shrug it off and move on. If you dwell on these things for too long, you're likely to go insane. Love, me.
To my co-worker with whom I have to work for another hour and a half in this enclosed area....why on earth would you want to tell me that you crapped your pants??!!! :wtf: Even if I did crap my pants at work, I wouldn't TELL anyone! So now I'm expected to work next to you and try to NOT inhale just in case?? And I'm supposed to wonder if you're just going to continue standing the rest of the day or if you're going to sit down....ewwwww!!!! :wtf: Why would you tell me that??!!!
To my co-worker with whom I have to work for another hour and a half in this enclosed area....why on earth would you want to tell me that you crapped your pants??!!! :wtf: Even if I did crap my pants at work, I wouldn't TELL anyone! So now I'm expected to work next to you and try to NOT inhale just in case?? And I'm supposed to wonder if you're just going to continue standing the rest of the day or if you're going to sit down....ewwwww!!!! :wtf: Why would you tell me that??!!!
Eww...that's disgusting. What's wrong with your co-worker? Overshare much? I'm sorry but your co-worker needs to learn when it's appropriate to share details like that. The real world doesn't work like Twitter; no one want to hear that you just let a load off in your pants especially when you're sitting next to that person. That's just nasty on so many levels. Ewwwww!!! Maybe he was joking, but then why would he make a joke like that?


I don't understand why my criminology class for fall semester needs six different books. I'm not made out of money, Mr. Professor, and my German txtbook is already going to cost me two-hundred dollars. I haven't even added in the rest of my txtbook needs. You know perfectly well we won't be able to get through six txtbooks by the end of semester so why put them on your list for your students to buy? I really don't think buying three different books that you wrote in your spare time learning about "the wonders of a Costa Rican sun" are really going to help me learn more about incarceration. But that's just me and what do I know?
Email hacker, keep your paws off my inbox! Yes, I know my passwords for Facebook and email should be different. They are now. Comcast, fix your weakness! All these people getting hacked can't be coincidence.

Kabam games: You make glitch fixes worse than the games themselves. For one, not everyone with high end items got them during the glitch. So you shouldn't have wiped out so many players' inventory. And then you take forever owning up to it and starting to fix it. And if you're gonna compensate, 100 gems and a chest, nice as the items in it were, weren't enough. How about 1000 gems? I was lucky not to lose anything except one wrongly gifted item, but many players lost items they worked for or bought. And taking items bought with real world cash is theft and you could still be sued if not everyone gets their stuff returned. And some still haven't got it back! GET WITH IT!
To forum users of a certain online game that will not be named:

Please, let's develop some netiquette. Just because I can't see you saying hurtful things doesn't make them any less hurtful. If a person posts a question in the wrong forum, then politely tell them that it's in the wrong forum or wait for a mod to move it. I understand that this game is developed for all ages, but if you don't have enough impulse control to understand and make basic right or wrong decisions, you don't need to be online. We're all trying to have a good time playing, so don't make people's lives miserable. Either be civil to each other or don't log on, simple as that.
To people on game site:

When someone (as a new player) asks you what you have to do to advance to the next rank in a game, don't just laugh and tell them to keep trying. A, its rude to laugh when someone is asking an honest question, especially when what they ask is not even funny to begin with, and B, that doesn't properly answer the question. Seriously, how hard is it to tell someone you have to find certain symbols in the game to move forward in rank?


Ugh... when I download something and go to install it, I want that program and only that program. I don't want some stupid toolbar that I don't even need. I don't want some other browser that I don't need. I have IE (which I rarely use on my laptop) and Firefox. I'm quite fine with that. I don't want Chrome too. I have no use for three. And I don't want some zugo toolbar, whatever the crap that is. So, if you can't just give me the initial program I'm downloading, then I'll just wait and save up my money to buy a program to put on my laptop where I won't have to also install some crap I don't want. There is one program that is free that doesn't make you install a bunch of other crap (only it), but it is unfortunately very limited in what it can do, which is why I was trying the other free program that isn't as limited... but alas I will not be installing this program since I can't just get it and have to have some stupid toolbar that I don't want nor need.
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Watch Zugo, it can be an adware. I almost got hit with it but ultimately nixed what I was trying to get (Firefox add on) and my adware program stopped installation of the adware.

The others, you just have to try and look for check boxes that indicate you'll get a freebie and then uncheck them.

Re the online game, I know the feeling sometimes. There are times when I sympathize and times when I want to tell them to stop whining already. And times I wanna tell the game developers to go somewhere lol.
Oh mom, I just returned home from two days party and already jump into argument with me about some food. I spent a night sitting at pc trying to manage all my little things that have meaning only to me and now you're yelling on me about something rather unimportant.
I have no problem to keep within myself so you can surely keep the silence.
Dear brain please keep everything inside. And don't leave the building on Tuesday. Mom's having holidays and it won't be good to get crazy/naughty. It won't be smart to start saying stupidities either. So stay calm these four weeks.
Dear TalkCSI server please stop time-out-ing! It's not my phone's fault, it happened on pc as well. And at the moment when it costed the most precious minutes. Pls don't do that again
Darn neighbours. Is that so hard to shut the water supply if you're leaving for a longer period of time? I'm so tired of dripping tubes. It's third evening/night already and it still flows away. I don't know which one of you but I'm sure it's somebody from third of fourth floor. And I really hate that.
Btw I'm happy we're no longer having this connected water usage registration system we had years ago. Otherwise all that water flowing wasted would be counted to all of the ppl living here and parted on each family rising our bills to heaven.
Now you're going to be ones who pays for all that wasted water
To my mom:

:scream:I'm a vegetarian. I have been a vegetarian for a year now. I really wish you would respect my life choices by not waving meat in front of my face when you know the sight of meat makes me physically ill/uncomfortable. There's nothing wrong with me; I'm not on a fad diet, I'm not anorexic, and I have high self-esteem. But it's not just your ignorance of my vegetarianism, it's everything from my "lack of friends" to my sexual preferences.
Just because I've made decisions/choices in my life that blow your sheltered world-view out of the water, doesn't make them wrong. I don't want you to like who I've become, I just want you to respect me enough to understand that it's my choice to make. Dad respects me, so why don't you?:(

To universities with sports teams:

Why should student-athletes be paid? Notice how the student comes first in the term student-athlete which means they are students first and athletes second. I don't get paid to show up at my AmericanLit class, so why should athletes get paid to run around a football field? What's next, college bigwigs? Paying the alumni each time they wear a sweatshirt with their alma mater on it?
I guess it doesn't really matter though since most of these "student athletes" for football can barely read and write on a college level on the first place. Why not just strip the student part and just have the college employ them as athletes?:rolleyes:
Dear neighbours when you'll notice your water's still flowing down the drain? It's like what? A week? Don't you think it's about time to shut off the water for your flat? I really hate how the tube in our toilet has gone wet all over bc there's stupid water flowing down.
Are you like blind/deaf/not home??? :mad: Hellooo!! Anybody not home?!
To myself,
don't you ever dare to hope to get that green bike. It just won't happen. Your luck has expired already. You were too lazy/scared/shy to sign up for school or job. You couldn't find anything.
Now you have lack of cell phones.
You didn't win that iphone nor any other so why'd you hope for a bike?
You've lost your faith in world/god/yourself. You're screwed!
So suck it up and catch your never-will-get-that-phone/bike mantra and hang yourself out to dry. Or better shoot someone/yourself.
Besides it's never going to happen, you won't get your friend's phone. Nope. Not even the one you're drooling at. NEVER!
Not even that small-ish cute laptop. You won't get it. NEVER!
Smack it up. Suck it in. NEVER NEVER NEVER.
See? Feel better? Nope.
Was in fear for my life today and damn people for scaring everyone but it'll be all over the news tonight without a frickin doubt ffs
God dammit! What is wrong with you ppl? Why to strip off of my acc so much money for only like 50kb's?! I wasn't home whole day and checked only bus chart NOTHING DAMN MORE!! So how come when I return home and later see that almost all money on my card is gone? Wtf is wrong with your damn server? Repair it once? You're not only on the web who has broken/dying servers. Then move to new one. Damn carriers! Who you bitches need a homepage when you obviously don't know how to operate it? :mad: I'm terribly disappointed in your policy and attitude. And I don't care if you block me on twitter for my anger. I'd block you too. I'm extremely ANGRY for that. Because I hate to spend all my money for absolutely nothing that wasn't even over one damn MB not even 500KB's :mad:
How am I supposed to use internet on that operator without a money for activating a screwed up fucking request??? Huh???
I'm sincerely going to explode from endless anger that has raised in me and keeps raising! :scream: And now I'm about to terrorize you for that stinking attitude!
I'm already enough for being harassed by that DAMN NOKIA SHIT I bought two/three years ago that keeps crashing on me. And I just few months ago finally got answer for what I was looking for ages ago and that only through Twitter that seems to be my only way to get things done these days. I'm sooooo DISAPPOINTED AND MAD!!!
How am I gonna get my money back now? How? My mom won't buy me a new card just two days after she bought this! COME ON PPL ON TELE2 PRE-PAID CARD SERVICE ARE YOU DUMB, STUPID, BITCHES, PIECE OF SHIT, FUCKING IDIOTS, MONEY SQUEEZERS OR WHAT?????? WHAT????? WHAT???? I DON'T MAKE MONEY IN MY BASEMENT NOR ITS HANGING FROM A TREE!!!!
:mad: :scream: :brickwall:
^^^^I love reading curse words in all caps and bold font. It makes me want to scream in excitement.:D:scream:

I don't understand how when someone's mad, they can find all the time in the world to contact you at all hours of the day, but when they aren't mad they struggle to call once per week. I want to have a serious conversation with you, preferably in the day time, when you don't have a beer in your hand. Is that too much to ask?
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