The Rant and I Cannot Say This Out Loud #3

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dear mom's phone.
could you please be more useful?
we just got you, few months, approximately half year, ago, and you already do the tricks of an old dog.
it's not fair!
i don't want to take you to shop everytime smth's not up with you.
but i guess i won't get any other chance.
but before I'll ask assistance to to nokia care online via twitter like always.

KM, btw me likey your banner too. i'm always wondering how to get them done by myself
Dear Nature, August is summer. Stop with the freezing cold and rain - that belongs in November or something. :p
To all of the freshmen at my school, stop acting like you have no upbringing. Just because you're 150 miles away from your parents doesn't make it acceptable for you to wear sheer white shorts that leave nothing to the imagination and a crop top tee with the words, "I'm a summer fling" written on it. College is about getting an education to prepare you for the rest of your adult life. It has nothing to do with "drinking until you drop" or "getting laid" contrary to what tv and movies make you think. You're 18/19 years old, you have plenty of time to act crazy in the next 20 to 30 years of your life.
I wish my friend would stop sending me sexually explicit emoticons in her texts. I'm not twelve, I don't giggle at that sort of thing anymore. If anything I become extremely annoyed. Please, stop doing this to me. It stopped being funny several weeks ago.
Dear fridge, please stop malfunctioning or I am going to destroy you...somehow. Love, someone who does not want to keep her milk in the freezer in order to keep it cold. -_-
Apple: Why must Ipod Touch cost so dang much? I will be patient while I save up for one but I hate Steve Jobs for making it so hard to get one.

Merlin people: Why must it be so darn hard to get merchandise over here? Come on, Fremantle TV, get with it and start selling already! You announced it, now come through on it.
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Why must people insist on calling me as soon as I put the key in the ignition? I can't multitask when it comes to driving so I'm not going to risk injuring myself just so you can yell at me about how you think your dog has OCD and is depressed. Honestly, I could care less about your dog's psych issues, and I care even less about you.

To my criminology professor, why can't you just accept my submission as on time? I sent it in with the wrong subject heading but it still was on time and well written. I understand you're really anal about assignments, but come on. This is the first written assignment, is there no grace period?:(
Apple: Why must Ipod Touch cost so dang much? I will be patient while I save up for one but I hate Steve Jobs for making it so hard to get one.
MacsGirlMel, I hate saying this but by the time you save up for a iTouch, a new one will come out that's twice the price of the old one and makes the old model useless/uncool. It's the Apple effect.:lol:
To YT,
why in the heck to throw at me survey that consists only of 3 Q's and offer Apple products as a gift if I suddenly got lucky? It's like throwing rocks in my face. Besides I strongly doubt my IP address can truly tell you what region I live in. That more like jumping out of a plane hoping to hit the water instead of ground. And it won't help me to get any of Apple products.

To Apple,
I start to hate you as much as I love your products.
I'm truly devastated by the prices you're offering in my country for goddamn iPhone that even worse that my friend's Samsung. How am I suppose to buy any of that when it'll probably take half century to save enough money for half of iMac keybord.

To Capital/iDeal stores,
how on earth you think you are putting the prices up? I'm seriously considering you're nutsos hanging from coco palm.
It's not logical when the price for iPhone 4 in states are around 300$ (145-160 lvl) but in your store around 1250$ or more (600 lvl)!!!!!
If you'd put american price (plus bit for shipping abroad) I'd even consider getting that piece of crap some day since it'd be around same price levels as my SE. Let alone older iPhone versions that I consider good enough for my needs.
THAT'S NUTS CAPITAL/IDEAL STORES!!! You all are completely NUTS!!!
To english professors, why must you constantly make me read and interpret Mark Twain? He uses colloquial language to evoke realism. There, no need to write a four - five page paper :)rolleyes:Including citations, yippee! If I wasn't excited earlier, I'm ecstatic with joy now.) on it. It's not like there aren't other writers/poets from that time period to analyze. Walt Whitman comes immediately to mind. :rolleyes:Congratulations, Academia, you've made me want to enroll in a technical another country.
AFIS, I 'cheated' on the English requirement for my degree - I took half a term of "scientific writing" and half a term of grammar. No literature! :D

Rant for the day - whoever invented the snooze button needs to be slapped. I hit the damn thing for at least an hour every day, then I'm running late for work (but still taking the time to post on TalkCSI! :lol:).
Rant for the day - whoever invented the snooze button needs to be slapped. I hit the damn thing for at least an hour every day, then I'm running late for work (but still taking the time to post on TalkCSI! :lol:).

Oh man, I agree, the snooze buttons was the WORSE thing ever created. :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

It's sad when you set your alarm an hour earlier so you can keep hitting the snooze button, you know, instead of getting another hour of solid sleep. :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
Library patrons: We love getting donations. Once in a while we even keep a few and the rest are put out on the booksale shelves. IF they're in decent condition. It's not rocket science, folks. Take a step back before you donate and ask yourself if you'd want to buy your books given the condition they're in. If they're torn,dirty,icky,really battered,ect, what makes you think anyone else will want them? Especially when you donate ones like today's, with bugs in the bag. Or a bug and a lot of what looked like bug ick or *something*. I do know that bookworms and other bugs like to munch books if they're stored improperly. But by the time you pull them out and they're in bad shape, we can't fix them.

I wonder if what my coworker said is true...people can't stand sometimes to toss books, so they either hope we can work miracles or that we'll toss them for them. I can see if it's some kind of old item with historical value, sometimes experts can stop the damage and make them suitable for study. But we probably won't get anything like that at our small library. (once, we did get a scrapbook with what looked like Civil War-era newspaper clippings about the Lincoln Assassination. Someone took them home, but IDK if they turned out to be real or fake.) In general, I seriously wish people would stop, think, and save us the trouble and disgust of finding icky books.

I do have to admit, however, that in our old building, we had problems with the reference books getting bugs in them, but they weren't so bad they had to be thrown out. Most of the time. And things are better in this building.

Also: When the sign says to keep your food in the cafe' area, DO IT. I hate finding your wrappers and pop bottles and crumbs in the stacks. Thank you for not leaving piles of sunflower seeds around anymore, but no one wants to have to remove the crap that might've touched your mouth. You parents, watch your kids and make sure they do it. They're the biggest offenders, because you either go on the computer and don't watch what they're doing or just drop them off and leave. If they're over 8, we can't forbid it, but we can tell you to come get them if they're acting like banshees.
To Mother Nature,

:mad: Stop the rain already! :scream:

This is the start of our fourth straight day of rain and you've finally done what you didn't do during Irene. In the last two hours of heavy rain you've managed to flood the :censored: basement! :scream: And I can guarantee that I will not be enjoying myself when I have to crawl around on my knee's with the wet/dry vac trying to get the rug sumwhat dry once you finally stop enough that the water recedes back outside. :scream:
Oh shooty! Mom, don't ever do that again. I seriously don't want to call medics next time even if that's bus and medical assistance is for free. I really don't know how to handle these situations. I nearly got heart attack myself. Wow at least there are kind and helpful ppl in this world. Thanks nice lady for offer, she already took some meds but tnx anyway:)
Oh lordie! I so wish I could get that tiny, barely larger than cell phone, netbook. Pls!
And what is wrong with all those security guards at malls? It's the second time you guys stop to us and ask what's up. I'm not shoplifter. I'm not taking things without paying. I understand if you just started and misslook at us but seriously, those beeping things at cash register are annoying because they take up everything starting public transport tickets to wallets and library books.
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