The Rant and I Cannot Say This Out Loud #3

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Ohh, bass guitar that I never learned how to play, stop mocking me. I already know that I have absolutely little to no follow-through when it comes to new things that don't immediately interest me, but, on the bright side, I learned that I have no ear when it comes to music. So, in a way, I learned that playing the guitar is a lot harder than The Edge and Paul McCartney make it seem. At least I learned something from you, Mr. Bass Guitar.
To the drivers of this state,

How about trying to get in the correct lane before you need to turn! We got cut off barely 1 mile from the house (for the first of 3 times!) by someone cutting across 2 lanes of traffic just so they could turn at the next intersection. How about getting in the correct lane before you reach your turn instead of at the last minute! No wonder Massachusetts usually tops the list of the state with the worst drivers! :scream:

To the state,

Is the 'Little Big Dig' done? Are we going to have some accurate signs? It would be real nice to go on rt146 and get some accurate signs and to be able to buy a map that would have the street names right. And did you have to change the street names of any that you weren't changing the configuration of? We missed our exit and ended up going in one huge circle back to where we started from just to get back onto 146 to get off at the exit we wanted. And all this while just trying to be good (green) citizeans by taking our old air conditioner to an electronics recycler.
Fuckin' hell i'm sick as a parrot and wrist gets bloody worse for fuckin' cryin' out loud and just heal the hell up motherf**ker
To the music industry:

Why is it illegal to enjoy free music? I understand that free music doesn't help the artist but I honestly don't see the point to pay 1.29 per song for Katy Perry's newest hit that will be forgotten by December. I love music and I try to support my favorite artists that are putting out worthwhile material. Any other artists are just not worth the money.

To my supposed friend:

When I go out of my way to buy you food, I expect some kind of reimbursement, especially when this is an everyday occurrence. I love you dearly, my friend, but I'm not in love with you enough to buy you an eight dollar meal from McDonalds everyday. Either get a job and pay me back later or pay me back now.
When I go out of my way to buy you food, I expect some kind of reimbursement, especially when this is an everyday occurrence. I love you dearly, my friend, but I'm not in love with you enough to buy you an eight dollar meal from McDonalds everyday. Either get a job and pay me back later or pay me back now.

Oooo--guess its time to tell your friend no more free lunches. That stuff adds up.

Anyhoo--I have parted ways with the company that shall remain nameless. Called them today to see if I could finally get my password changed--the person I was speaking to kept me on hold for almost ten minutes, then I got cut off, so its buh-bye to them. I also will be getting my name/address removed from their mailing lists, so I'll stop receiving their worthless catalogs!! They won't be missed (and I'll save a few trees). :devil:
Dear bats that live in my house, why can't you go live somewhere else? It's bad enough hearing you crawl in the ceiling in the middle of the night, but to actually have to CATCH you and put you outside is just too much. My nerves and sanity are being to deteriorate because of you! :scream:
Dear Mother Nature,
I know I said I like America and would love to live there but it's not the right reason to make the weather here close as possible to one in States. With the humidity level of 93- 83% and heat of 27-31 C I really felt like being in Miami or somewhere alike. And I really understand the need of water but this is smth unnatural for this place and stuff.
I like rain and thunderstorms but THIS is bit too extreme for my taste.
Especially when the *beep* drain is still causing trouble to my window.
Sorry mom, I did it again, almost. Cucumbers are very tasty
To my former "friend",
I'm thankful you didn't ask for your runbike after moving away but that's really not the reason driving with it and not cleaning. And why all the stuff I got from you have to be so DIRTY? Every time I had to clean every single piece out of DIRT.
Now I found out that runbike is rusty for some darn reason. I spent whole evening cleaning it as best as I could so that doesn't get rusty and dirty again like all your stuff.

To the freaking stuff that annoys me, STOP ANNOY ME!
Stupid buttons, stop *beep*ing around. I WANNA WRITE A TEXT NOT EXIT ALL PROGRAMME!!!
F**king computer why must you stop sound from reaching my ears and made me restart you and to the chair why must you cut my toe with your sharp f**kin edges you son of a b***h
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Darn ppl stop calling on landline in the middle of this freaking night! I'm not gonna pick up. Instead I'll disconnect the line. So stop dammit calling!
Ugh! Stupid city I used to live in, can't you find a better solution than putting people's beloved pets who have passed away in a damn landfill? Seriously, :wtf: ! I know the incinerator is broken, but there has to be something better than that! I know you said you can't afford to fix the incinerator, so why not have a fundraiser of some kind to raise money to fix the incinerator?
Oh my god! Is that too freaking hard to shut all those mouse traps before putting on shelf? I know it's better for customers to let them touch and peek on the things before they buy them bc they won't buy invisible things BUT IT'S NOT THE REASON TO LET ME NEARLY CHOP MY HAND OFF!!! :eek:
I just barely touched it to take a closer look but it suddenly snapped almost chopping my finger.

And what the hell? Am I some kind of Hulk or what? :wtf: How it's possible to push that damn lid inside of that coffee can? All I wanted was just to put the damn lid on the can not to push it inside of it!
Come on, what's up today?
All day like a big disaster. :wtf:
To Twitter users:

Why in the world do normal people use Twitter? The only people that actually get any use out of it are actors/reality stars/musicians with too much time on their hands and faux celebrities that got popular from YT. Why put yourself through the effort of following a celebrity that's shouting random nonsense like "Eating at the deli about to start shooting a scene on my new movie!!! lol" or "My foot hurts after doing that stunt last nite...should I go 2 doctor 2nite???" into cyberspace? No one follows anyone unless you're famous so what's the point? I have no need to want to validate the inappropriate actions of pompous celebs who need to spend their time doing more productive things like helping world hunger or endangered species. I love Mariska Hargitay and Kate Winslet, but that doesn't mean I need to know what they're doing on a second by second timeframe each day. And before you say, "It's a way for me to keep in contact with my friends/family." think about that statement. If they're your friends/family then shouldn't you just call them or talk to them on FB? Hopefully, people will realize that Twitter is just a fad designed to keep celebrities hooked into their addiction of needing constant attention from people who seriously need to find a hobby.
AFIS - I have Twitter as well and i use it to keep up to date with sports and my friends from different forums..

Toe still hurts so bad
Stop being douches. Much love, me.

Please credit me for an icon you use. I know that you may not know where it came from, but if it's on photobucket, then it's probably credited to the same username I use uhh everywhere. Blargh.

Please work. Sincerely, your biggest fan :p

Computer charger-
What's your problem? You're freaking new and you DON'T work and when you do you get really hot and burn me! Grr!

Please live closer. It's not fair that we are basically the same person and you'd be perfect for me and you live three to four hours away!

Best friend,
Please make time for me over your boyfriend. It's not fair to postpone plans with me to hang out with him. Still your best friend, me.
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