The Rant and I Cannot Say This Out Loud #3

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Dear Tattoo/Piercing artist, I really didn't like having to wait for 3 and a half hours to get what I needed done today. You let a girl go in front of me that you claimed canceled her appointment days prior, she should have to wait after people that you filled with her time not make us wait that freaking long!
Oh creativity, why are you such a tease to me? At 4 in the morning, I have no problem connecting great ideas together but as soon as the sun comes up everything evaporates. It's very frustrating to know what you want to write but not have the mental focus to actually sit down and do it.
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Dear fridge: You've been broken for 5 days, we were about to throw you off a cliff (figuratively speaking) and all we had to do was unplug you and plug you back in? That was the 5 most wasted days of my life. :/ Ugh, I remember when fridges didn't have motherboards.

PS...I'll try to keep M from stuffing you full of food from now on.

Dear Facebook: You should ban people from posting song lyrics as status updates out of pure principle.
Dear fridge: You've been broken for 5 days, we were about to throw you off a cliff (figuratively speaking) and all we had to do was unplug you and plug you back in? That was the 5 most wasted days of my life. :/ Ugh, I remember when fridges didn't have motherboards.

PS...I'll try to keep M from stuffing you full of food from now on.

Dear Facebook: You should ban people from posting song lyrics as status updates out of pure principle.

I once had the same thing happen with a tv a few years ago. All I had to do was unplug the wire and the wire to the satellite box :shifty: and I agree on the Facebook thing, but I think that the thing that gets on my nerves the most is when people update everything that they do throughout the day. I seriously saw a person once saying something about going to the bathroom, we don't need to know that.

Dear Photoshop,

Can you honestly stop crashing when I try to add text? Just the other day you did it when I was trying to crop and now you do this BS. I deleted fonts for no reason, you're turning into a major pain in my butt.
Dear Teddy & George,

I really love you two but sometimes (and I hate myself for saying it) I really wish I had Juri back... :(

You two are cute and all but you are making a lot of trouble as well :( My apartment is a mess and there is no day I'm not cleaning after you :( Today you threw down four plants and send three plates crashing down on the kitchen floor :( Why can't you just play with the toys I gave you?

Juri never caused this much trouble and he was a kitten when I got him too :(

I also wish you two would sleep through the night though... I don't let you come into the bedroom anymore because you two are so crazy at night... and still I can't sleep because I always have to think of what's the next trouble you might cause :(

I hope you two grow up very fast because I can't take having stress at work all day and having stress at home because the two of you think it might be funny to play with my indoor plants! :scream:
Sore wrist why must you sting like crazy everytime i stretch and hope it will be sorted come Wednesday as i cant fuckin deal with you anymore you painful son of a bitch
I hate the Customer Service of a website I recently placed an order with. I've been trying for the entire month of July to get my password changed. I call the 800 number--I verify my name and address, and they tell me I'll get an email, and that my new password, until I change it will be 'password'. I never got the email!!! I waited a couple of weeks, so finally I got tired of waiting and tried to sign-in with 'password' which I was able to, but I was not able to go any further--the system wouldn't let me change the password after that.

Let me just say that I have never had this much trouble trying to change a password, and I love to shop online. I sent them another email and told them that if I don't get this resolved by Wednesday, they are DEAD to me. I've never really had too much trouble with Customer Service before, but they are gonna get cursed from me if I don't get some action, and fast...

Cable company finally came out to solve the channel problem but now I have to constantly look at the ten foot long cable extending from the cable box thingie outside to some other cable box thingie outside. They say, "Ohh, we'll come back in three to four days to bury it for you." but I already know that's a load of BS to say the least. It'll be another 30 to 40 days before they come back unless I make an effort to call them first...darn you, cable company. I wish I could trust you but you've failed so many times that I've run out of trust.
Dear mom,
would you please be more understandable and less annoying? I'm not in the mood to start fighting with you.
First, it's just a freakin window I asked to shut during the daytime when sun shines into the room. I wasn't asking to sit you outside on the sill. But all you do is yelling that you have no air to breathe. If you freaking had no air then you won't be walking! It's only that plain and simple!
Please for one start to act like a grown up!
Second, you're now whining how unbreathable is the air outside and all the wasps are flying in. Well, duh! Of course they are! The window's open, duh!
I had to wake up early just bc there were 3 darn wasps in the room and I had to hunt them.
I am very uncomfortable with these insects and don't want them to bite me.
And I had to shut the window so I'm not getting an attack from the insects and overdrawn by the heat from the outside.
Mom, please for once try to keep the windows closed the daytime and night open, believe it's not that bad. My friend's apartment is very cool and we didn't choked so I think you wouldn't either.
To all the idiotic workers,
will there be the time when you manage to do your job properly? I'm tired of dreading the rain all bc you banged up the drain and the roof. :mad:
To the darn upper floor neighbour,
will ya stop please to pour water on your floor/our ceiling? And if you do then at least admit it like a nice person you should be.
To the ppl behind this flat wall,
will ya be so nice and stop banging around like freaks? I still want to live here, I have to so I don't need to wake up one day one floor lower just bc you've trashed all the building.
Fuck sake wrist why did you have to bruise when you bounced off the shower wall and hurt like a goddamn fucking bastard and yet still it fucking hurts and hope to get surgery on ya a$$
Argh! Stupid squash bugs, please stay away from my zucchini plants! You've pretty much decimated them! I've only gotten three or four zucchini off of my plants. I hope I got all of your eggs off my plants... and since I've squashed two of the adults... hopefully they're the ones who lay eggs. I hope the fact that I sprayed soapy water and garlic water on the plants will keep anymore away before they get to my eggplant and cucumber and destroy them too.

Large tomato plant, why won't you grow any tomatoes. You keep getting taller, but don't grow any tomatoes. The cherry tomato plant is doing well, why won't you?
Gah! Stupid hard rain! Why'd you had to fall right through my window? It got soaked again, luckily this time not too much.
And this weather is horrible.

Yo! Guys at tv studio technical room, what's wrong with you today? I'm not feeling any closer to fluent Russian so I don't get what's the problem to show subtitles.
And if you have these problems then just put the line before the show and stop pulling it up once in a while.
I can understand it even without the titles like I really cared that much.
So if you can't show text then don't! I'll live.
But I don't need it getting on and off over and over again like it change anything. The ppl are mostly singing anyways. And all the talking bores me to end.
Btw that warning line bothers me more than the lack of translation itself.
Yo! Thumb!
Wazzup? You don't hurt. You're not stiff. Then why the heck you're swollen?

Yo! Ankle!
I hit you against that runbike two months ago. Now I don't see any real reason for you to be sore. Not that it bothered me, heck no, ankle injuries don't bother me at all, the curiousity mostly tries to kill me and my nerves off.
So ankle wazzup?
Dear laptop fan,

Please stop being all loud and noisy. I won't have my new place for another week, so you're all I've got until then. I need you to keep working! Plus you're just driving me crazy with the noise. :(
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