The Rant and I Cannot Say This Out Loud #3

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I HATE that I can not be myself with my family I need to be PERFECT I am NOT perfect in fact I am worthless and do not deserve to be alive I have problems and health issues that make me different I am sick of being treated like an outsider and wish that someone would love me 4 who I am
Nick your post made me feel so sad i hope you feel better soon and that you realise you are not worthless and do deserve to be alive.

I hope you can find someone who loves you xx :)
To ____: The whole world does not revolve around you. You act as if you're the only one who has to make a decision about what university to go to. Guess what? I have 3 to choose from, you only have 2. I think it's a little worse for me. But it's cool, lets just talk about you for the 500th time in a row.

To ____: Fucking hell you're annoying the shit out of me. I was going to go to after prom but I changed my plans so I could hang out with you since you can't go. But now you're being all buddy buddy with her and making plans without consulting me first. Now you aren't taking the party bus to prom... but you didn't tell me that, and guess what? I want to... and I'm going to. All my other friends are taking it, and I told my friend I would sit at the same dinner table with her. So we'll be arriving together, and if the dinner table fills up, I guess you won't be sitting with me. I'm not giving up going on the bus because you don't want to. I've already given up my after prom plans.
To the CEO of the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

You need to step down. Your decision to euthanize 350 animals over ringworm is disgusting. I will never support another humane society as long as I live.

Lady, you make almost $200,000 a year. Why don't you use some of YOUR OWN MONEY to treat these animals.

Why didn't you go to the media in the first place and plead for help. Do you know how many people would have stepped up to the plate. How many businesses would have reached out to to donate money? No you choose to kill them and now you've got people protesting outside your building, screaming at your front line workers who are only doing what they are told.

You disgust me you greedy you-know-what! You really, really do.
to my classmates: the saying "real doctors treat more than one species" is only mildly funny the first time you hear it, it a group of vet students or other veterinarians. but when you print that on a t-shirt and wear it around campus where the med students out number you 10 to 1, it just makes you look like a tool. human doctors do things we cant and we do things they cant, we are both real doctors.
To The Stupid Idiot Window Washers

When you come across a closed gate you close said gate on your way out. Now because of your carelessness we have a cat escaping our cat proof back deck. Riley hasn't managed to escape in the last 4 plus years. Now she is :brickwall: And don't you dare try to say I should have checked to see if the gate was closed. Yes I didn't check but I shouldn't have had to. Next year you won't be allowed on the back deck to do your half ass job of cleaning the windows anyways. And yes I will be letting the board of directors know that we're not happy with what you did.
To the idiot(s) in the exam hall today and yesterday,

Thanks SO much for leaving your mobile phones on. When I'm trying to write an exam, there's nothing I appreciate more than being distracted by your lame ringtone or the sound of your phone loudly vibrating against the floor. Thanks for killing the train of thought I had!
Rant time for my all around sucky day!

To the 1st supermarket:
It says buy 4 and receive a $5.00 off coupon. Nowhere on there did it say how to get that coupon. They used to come out at the register. Why didn't it this time? Why did we have to go back to the store to get our $5.00 from you?

To the idiot cashier at the drug store:
That thing that was more than half the size of the bottle of kids vitamins and said $1.00 off this bottle was a $1.00 off coupon you were supposed to take off the bottle. Why is it we get home and it's still there making us have to waste our gas and time going back to get or $1.00 back. You're lucky we also had to go back to the supermarket.

:scream: :scream: :scream:
I knew I shouldn't have gotten the mail! I hate Jury Service! (this is my 7th time total and I've been on 2 Jury's.) Now I've got to spend my August 12th sitting in the court house. The only good thing is that at least this court house has air conditioning.
:scream: :scream: :scream:
Rant time for the encounter I had at the store

An elderly woman budged my friends and I at the store. When we kidnly pointed this out to her, she got ticked off at us and told us my generation and the younger ones behind me have no respect for their elders. I'm sorry but a lot of the rudest people I've met in my life are well over the age of 65 and whom seem to think because they're old they can be rude and get away with it. You want respect, you give it back as well.
Dear Lady at Table 37:

$3.75 for a $31 bill is NOT a good tip. I did everything you asked of me, even when you couldn't be bothered getting off the phone while I was taking your drink order. I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume it was a very important call. But you KNEW I was swamped. I got triple sat! I was trying REALLY HARD. I didn't even put in the order for the other tables' appetizers until I had gotten your drinks!

I Work Hard for You, So Remember that 15% is the Acceptable Minimum
To my uncle:

You don't know what the frik you're talking about. How about you ask me first instead of calling me a flemish extremist. It's one thing not to agree politically, but why would you call me that. I've known for longer that you are the ignorant idiot you've always been, but damn.
You haven't got a damn clue to who I am. I'm the first one to defend walloons against flemish extremists. I'm the one standing on the freaking barricades against racism.
Sure, I'm the extremist here :rolleyes:

Really?? You're going to come up to me with some torn up bills in little baggies and tell me that your dog ATE eight bills worth a total of $35 and then THREW THEM UP and you want me to trade you for good bills??!

There are dried pieces of chunky dog spew on them, for crying out loud!

Okay...I can take only the ones where there is more than 50% of the bill there. Why? Because the Federal Reserve won't give credit if there is less than half the bill there. Why?? Because otherwise a person could cash in both halves of the bill and get twice the value.

And finally, no, I can't give you a $5 bill for that little strip of a $5 bill. WHY?? Because if that's how it worked then you could cut a $5 bill up into five pieces and turn them in for $25. See??

Okay, tape all of those doggy puke covered pieces together and if you make more than half a bill I'll pay you for it.

Thanks, lady.

:guffaw: :guffaw: :guffaw:

Sorry Smokey I shouldn't be :guffaw: but really some people take the cake. It'll probably cost her more than $35 in her time and effort to re-coup her money :rolleyes:
not really much of a rant but

its soo hot, there is no wind whasoever, and although its probably not as hot here as other places are used to not even close but im english im not used to warm weather:lol:, and i'm stuck in my BOILING room all day doing revision for my very important GCSE's tommorow, i cannot concentrate in this heat i have already taken 2 cold showers to try and cool down but it doesnt work :( please i do no want to sit in that exam hall wih 300 other people on the boiling heat for 2 and a half hours, so heat go away and come back 29th june when my exams are over!!
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