The Rant and I Cannot Say This Out Loud #3

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I absolutely hate it when you express and opinion about something and someone has to throw in that they have the opposite opinion with no explanation of why. It's like they expect me to smack my forehead and say, "You like/dislike that? Wow! What was I thinking? Of course you're right!" No. You're an idiot. STFU.

No, I'm not talking about anyone on this board.

My brother does that to me all the time. Anything I say he has to come up with some counter argument about even if he doesn't believe what he's saying. It's like he does it just to argue with my opinion for the sake of arguing. There are some people who would argue with a stop sign if it would argue back (especially in my family). :lol:

The thing is, I wouldn't mind if they actually argued. But they just have to say "I disagree" like that alone will make me change my opinion. It's just . . . GAH!

Oh. :lol: That's different than my brother then. He usually has much more to say, but I think sometimes he doesn't have the opinion that he's stating, he just states it in an attempt to make me look/feel stupid for my opinion. :lol:
To the elementary school principal,

This is what the telephone messaging system system is for! We get home from the heart wrenching trip to the vet to find a message on the machine telling us that the school library would be closed the rest of the week because there would be a class in there. And we wouldn't even have gotten that much if my mother wasn't lead volunteer for your school library. We had to call a neighbor to find out why. You should have used the telephone messaging system to tell the parents of all the children that there was a toxic chemical spilled in one of the classrooms. Not only that but tell us how it got not only in the classroom but in the school. This is only an elementary school - it only goes up to 6th grade - there shouldn't be toxic chemicals anywhere around there. I wouldn't be surprised if you get some complaints from parents later this week because they found out some of this from their children instead of you!
Dear all useless electronics

Thank you my stupid laptop for breaking again!!!!! and just weeks before i have to take my VERY!!!! important final exams and i need you for revision, not to mention all the pages of revision that i already have on there that are now all gone along with my pictures, music and everything else. oh and if anyone thinks this post is familiar it is because the exact same thing happened less than 6 months ago and i knew it would happen again yet my mum refused to get te backup i have begging for since October and wouldnt let me get it myself. so now i have nothing! and this is the 6th time in a year we have sent it for repairs, everything that could possibly go wrong with it has gone wrong but no you will not give me a new one you just keep repairing it and sending it back!! and also thanks to my stupid home computer for alos breaking at the same time so i have no computers in my house at all for the duration of my exams. GREAT!!!!

To my mobile phone provider. What on earth is going i cannot get a signal anywhere this has never happened before and you are useless in giving me answers when i call up for help. why is this happening,and how long will it happen for? thats all i need to know is it so hard to listen to your customers.

p.s electronics do NOT do well in our house:lol::lol:

p.p.s thank you to my cousin for letting me use her pc for my rant, i don't know what i am going to do when i go home :lol:
Freaking Microsoft Word 2007! :scream:

First I buy a laptop with the activation code that doesn't work, then I uninstall Word to re-install the disk my sister had (unused) and now the internet activation won't work because it's been "activated too many times". :scream: Maybe if it hadn't given me an error message 4 times and 'try again later', it wouldn't have exceeded the maximum activations. Excellent, now I have no way to complete my assignments during the new semester.

Looks like I'll be relegated to Word 2003...*sigh* although knowing my luck, it won't be accepted as the proper materials to hand in assignments.

Oh and dear laptop: You were 900 bucks and for what? A faulty webcam, no word processor, a sub-par graphics card, very little hard drive space, malfunctioning keys and compatibility issues. :rolleyes: Just what I ordered. I'm sure in some weird logic, a big chunk of the price was devoted to the privelage of having the name 'Toshiba' plastered on the top of the casing.

Could be worse, I suppose. At least it hasn't blown up yet.
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To my back:

Please for the love of all that holy STOP HURTING! I can't even bend down to pick up my dogs' water bowls to empty and clean them (so I can refresh their water). I have to get someone else to do it. I don't like this. You've been hurting for three or four days now. It's time to get better.
To my next door neighbor (or ex-neighbor since you rent the house out right now),

Operating a table saw in your driveway at 10:30 at night does not make me a happy camper! :scream: The fact that you started at 8pm did not make me happy but the fact that you were still doing it at 10:30 made it worse. I was about to go downstairs and suggest to my mother that we call the cops on you like the old days when you'd be partying until 1!

To the little birdie,

Please do not repeat your little chirps at 5:15 tomorrow morning. By the time I figured out that it was a bird outside the window and not the smoke detector in my ceiling there was no way I was going to be able to fall back asleep until the alarm went off at 6. An early wake-up call was not what I needed with the late night sawwing next door.
[...] privelage of having the name 'Toshiba' plastered on the top of the casing.

Ugh, toshiba. *shudder* Worst. Computers. Ever.

As for your problem with Word, you could try OpenOffice instead. It's much better! If it's allowed, of course.


Can you people please stop uploading pictures of the horses who USED to be mine. Yeah, they USED TO BE mine. That's why I want you to stop uploading them. It hurts me right into the heart, but no one seems to notice that. I miss them, and if you guys who upload the pics actually cared about ME and not the horses, then maybe you would've understood that by now. :(
To my city,

I wish you could be better. I wish time would heal your wounds quicker.

At the moment, I specifically wish that I didn't hear three gunshots on the way home from the metro station. It's not even that long of a walk home.

I wish that I didn't just about run into a guy pulling out his gun a few days earlier on the way back from the metro station that day.

I wish there weren't police running past me up the metro escalator.

More than anything, I wish you hadn't killed someone of such importance -- someone who was really working to heal this city.

To the tourists,

No, it isn't just cherry blossoms here.
To the people who keep advising me the same thing over and over again,

you say what i should think and what i should do but why don't you think i'd already done that ?! Give me some credit!

To my dear digestive system,

You are working too much. Give me a break!
To my dad:

Yes, I know you're getting older and you have this tendency to forget things. But PLEASE. If you forget something, try to think twice before you blame someone for not remembering where YOU last put it. Like, last night, you blamed me for not keeping your iPod when it's your iPod, it's your responsibility! Come on, I can't keep track of everything. I think you need anger management issues.

To my sister:

Hey. GROW UP. Okay? You're a spoiled brat. You're getting on my nerves. Stop annoying me. I'm sick of you. God. I so hate you right now.
To my "friend".

I know you hate me right now, so don't try to hide it. It's pretty obvious. But please, when you hate, at least know the whole story before you ruin my name. I AM NOT INTERESTED IN YOUR CHILDHOOD LOVE, OKAY? He chatted with me first and asked for my number. I gave it to him, no harm done. On the first day, he texted me, I replied. On the second day, he texted me again. On the third day, WE DIDN'T TEXT AT ALL. I HAVE NOT HAD ANY FORM OF CONTACT WITH HIM EVER AGAIN. Don't you see that it's a pattern? Almost every guy does this. He's just getting to know me, HE DOESN'T LIKE ME. Won't you just chill and let me explain my side before you jump to any bizzare conclusions?

I know you may still like him a little bit or a lot but can't I make friends? Sure, he's cute but if you're that into him, I'LL BACK OFF. Heck, I'll erase him completely from my mind if you want. I DON'T EVEN LIKE HIM. He started it, and I thought it would be rude if I ignored him or not replied to his messages just because you like him or something. Besides, I can't even ask him if he's interested in you because YOU claim that HE doesn't know you like him, so I'M COMPLETELY STUCK IN THE MIDDLE. That was a month ago, and I don't even remember his face anymore. Why do you still treat me like I'm a bad person? I thought we were friends, and friends help each other, right? YOU'RE NOT HELPING ME AT ALL, SERIOUSLY. You're telling your other friends about me and you're making it sound like I don't care about your feelings for him but I DO. I'm sorry to say this, but you are sooooo pathetic. Do you think I would steal someone you like because I am too selfish? I am your friend and I care about you. If I could just tell you how hurt I am right now by your actions, I would. But I know you would never understand. GET IT THROUGH YOUR HEAD.

I just want us to be friends again. That's all I want.
To my sister: I wish you weren't coming home from college. And even worse, you're not going back. When you were gone, I finally had freedom. Mom actually said more than two words to me every day, our mutual friends (who, to be fair, DID know you first and probably like you better) hung out with ME more, and there wasn't a screaming match every day when something didn't go 100% your way. And it's not fair that you just get to waltz back here and everything goes back to normal, and even though you're dropping out of college because you want to see your BOYFRIEND more, you're still gonna be the favorite to EVERYONE, and no matter how many A's I get, how many extracurriculars I do, I'm never going to get anywhere, I'm never going to be as good as you, and yet if I didn't do that crap (like you didn't), I'd probably be even worse off. There's just nothing I can do, and I'm sick of doing all this just to be treated like I don't even matter by everyone.
I HATE that I can not be myself with my family I need to be PERFECT I am NOT perfect in fact I am worthless and do not deserve to be alive I have problems and health issues that make me different I am sick of being treated like an outsider and wish that someone would love me 4 who I am
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