"The Lost Girls" Discussion *SPOILERS*

At first i thought this crossover wouldn't be good because of all the langston in it. I still would of preferred Nick and Catherine going instead but it's actually been really good so far. The Miami episode was great and I loved Horatio's mention about Warrick's death. New York was good as well and I liked how they showed Vegas at the end of the episode. I hope tonights episode is as good.

I would have to second that.:) Mind you, I never got to see all of the Miami episode, but I did see NY last night. I also hope that tonights Vegas episode caps off a surprisingly decent crossover.
~I came in twenty minutes late thanks to a school event... but I'll catch up.
~The first thing I see is some pimp guy... who's played by the guy that was the Red Ranger on Power Rangers SPD. *snicker* (I don't watch shows like that. I don't know what you're talking about. :shifty:)
~Yes, because there can't be more than one earing that looks like that.
~I'm confused about whether that girl on the end was avoiding eye contact or pointing to the other room.
~Aw. Good ending for Langston.
I thought the episode was a nice ending for the trilogy. I was so glad when Ray's idea worked to get Madison to come back. The episode was interesting and wasn't boring in the least. Sad about how that women had never had anybody tell her they loved her before.
I did like the ending.

ROFL at Hodges near the end. The sunglasses were hilarious. And Catherine wanting what was it, jewelry? instead.

I also wish Nick or Cath would have gone with.

Hodges also asked for a raise..."Herr supervisor" lol
I liked that they girl was found alive and not ended up being dead.

Overall I thought this was a decent episode but I honestly felt the preceding ones in Miami and NY were a bit more interesting, sad to say.

The pimps were creepy and really is scary when you think there are guys out there like that.
I think they should have called this episode "Daddys & Wifeys" or "Pimps & Hookers a plenty".

- Some great Brass moments. Loved the little backstory mention of his uncle & brother.
- The “ho-vine” LOL!
- I’ve never really been a fan of the dead hooker episodes, or the multiple dead girl episodes. They just always seem ‘blah’ to me.
- It’s a bit disturbing that Brass & the CSIs know so much about the hooker/pimp world these days. At least it wasn’t Vartann around the hookers – again!
- I like the messages from H & Mac to Ray at the end. Even though I haven’t seen the two previous episodes of this trilogy (yet), it was a nice wrap up. Also, I liked the fact that I didn’t need to know the two previous stories in order to follow along with this one. So that makes me wonder – why all the hype of the ‘trilogy’? I would like to have seen at least some interaction again with Cath & Horatio for this trilogy stunt. It would have at least made it more meaningful.
- I miss Archie. Why keep mentioning the absent lab techs all the time? It makes me more annoyed because they’re saying (so & so) isn’t here and it makes me miss them all the more.
- Either get Wendy more involved or bring Sara more into the mix. This show has become way too testosterone laden. Even with all the hookers in this episode, there didn’t seem to be enough femininity here.
- I flashed back to “to halve & to hold”, “nesting dolls” and “after the show” during parts of this episode. There were scenes that were quite familiar.

Overall - probably not one I'd rewatch. I'd give it maybe 6 out of 10. I'm just not a fan of the hooker episodes.
My full review can be found here
The trilogy was good, but not something I would go out of my way for again. All three episodes were decent, but I feel that the buildup in Miami just went nowhere. There were really no more references to the Zetas in this ep and the texts from Horatio and Mac at the end felt like a deus ex machina.

However, I did enjoy this ep as a standalone. I knew it would be Langston heavy going into it so his screentime (which wasn't so bad) didn't deter me. Nick, Brass and Catherine had decent scenes here so I was pleasantly surprised.

I found myself more interested in the dead weathergirl than Madeline Briggs. As such, the case was pretty good. It kept my interest.

All in all, I'd give it an A. The trilogy: a B-
Either get Wendy more involved or bring Sara more into the mix. This show has become way too testosterone laden. Even with all the hookers in this episode, there didn’t seem to be enough femininity here.

Yeah I agree with you. While it was nice seeing Nick describe life for girls leaving the industry, I think that statement would have had more punch coming from a female.

I really wish we could have more of the female lab rats (Wendy and Mandy) instead of all the male lab rats and the male CSIs for the matter.
I thought that the crossover was done quiet well. Bone Voyage, Hammer Down, and The Lost Girls are episodes that you can't consider as stand-alone episodes. It's like how you can't have Ambush without All In, or For Gedda without For Warrick, or Rampage without One of Our Own, or 19 Down without One to go, or Pay Up without Epilogue.
I liked it. I thought it was more of a stand alone as well. I guess that's why every episode in every show had their own title.

I didn't see much of the NY episode (we have been under the weather here lately) so I guess I'll have to watch that one as well.

Someone had mentioned (in the NY thread I think) that how come Ray, who is a CSI 2 last we heard, got to go. At the beginning of last season, he could barely fingerprint anything and now he's taking road trips? :confused: and ... this really stood out to me. When he first came to CSI, he seemed very calm, and cool and collected.
I noticed in these episodes, he was much more emotional. Possibly because of the subject matter??? but it's just something I've noticed. Especially in Miami when he called out the first suspect... "You pimp" or something like that. I think when he first started, he wouldn't have said that. But that's me.

It's not that I don't like Ray, it's I think they sort of tweaked his personality a bit to fit into the trilogy.
And it was disappointing not to see Catherine with Horatio again. They did have good chemistry even if I don't watch Miami. And I would have liked to have seen Catherine also interact with Mac. ;)

The ending was very ... well... predictable. When he mentioned the ho-vine I knew Madeline was going to show up. I felt though there was no follow up. How did she get pregnant? I though in the Miami episode they said the Zeta's pay these girls to be surrogates. Why would the 'new' pimp be upset by that??? And why she didn't go to the hospital after her miscarriage??? :confused: To me, no follow up on her story.

I think the trilogy itself was a good idea. To get more people watching all three shows. The topic was horrifying and intriguing all at once. But my favorite episode of all three was the Miami one. ;)
Someone had mentioned (in the NY thread I think) that how come Ray, who is a CSI 2 last we heard, got to go. At the beginning of last season, he could barely fingerprint anything and now he's taking road trips?

Not only taking road trips, but when Miami called LV for information and talked to Ray, then he said, "I'll be right down" and we were like, "Oh no you won't! You have to ask Catherine!!!" I mean really.

Then in NY when he didn't want the gun but Mac said it was the "price of admission" to go with them...and LF ends up zooming around NY on a motorcycle with an assault rifle on his back! :lol: Boy...they don't try *too* hard, do they? ;)

We were just thankful it wasn't Ray who shot the bear in Miami!

It was all just okay for me. I'm glad the "event of the season" is over now.

And if anyone wants to discuss the Miami or New York episodes, those are the links to their episode threads. :)
First of all big kudos the the always fabulous writers for choosing this 3/way trilogy absoutely fabulous
I think these 3 episodes were some of the best ever in CSI history. The continuity, and the teams all fantastic. The rapport between Ray, Horatio and Mac outstanding. My review/analysis of this one~

The beginning with the security guys catching the murder on tape~
Brass" You better hope she doesn't have a family, that'll sue you for gross negligence, take a hike":lol:

Calling Langston, "Where the hell are you". He was downtown handing out fliers with Madeline's pic. on them. Nick finds him and says "After this other DB, we'll come back and I'll help you. Ray 'OK" The DB was Dee Dee a Meterologist from Barstow [boring little town] Nick "Seems like now-a-days, everyone has a 2nd job"

Cath finds "hooker tattoo" site and finds the heart with the diamond inside~

Hodges walks in where Nick and Ray are going over survillance tapes and goes "If I'm going to do Archie's job, I"m going to need a raise" [shut up, big baby]:eek:

Brass intergoates her producer. "Were you banging her"? He just dumped her on the street after an argument~ And told Brass she hated tattoos, thought they looked cheap~

Wendy matches Maddie's DNA to the earring. Ray goes "I know where we can find alot of pimps tonight" the go to hooker bar Nick has an idea and goes up to the dancer and pulls out her $$$ and find cocaine on the bill, they take her downtown much to the dismay of Anthony~

Mrs. Briggs comes to Vegas to see Ray about her daughter~

Brass and Ray go to the ho house, which is owned by mom and Anthony a hard core pimp so disgusting, her was a real scum/slime ball. They burst into a bedroom and find beaten up prostitute, Diane. Ray finds bloody mattress~

Brass and Anthony "I like to bang strippers and whores" Brass "You like to beat them up too"?

Diane at hospital. Poor lost confused girl "He loved me" UM, right:rolleyes: loses her cool and yells to Cath and Nick "get out" nurse sedates her~

Wendy finds that the 13 genes in common were Maddie's~

Demitri, another sleaze ball, and he's teaching. Brass finds him, walks up and goes "class dismissed":lol: askes question. He goes into a long boring rhetoric and Brass goes "That's very poetic, but not an answer":lol:

Ray goes over car and finds blood form the dismembered leg from Miami. he goes "Their all whores":(

Diane confesses she killed Dee Dee out of jealously~

They find all the dead skeletal remains of girls out buried in the desert:( so horrific I thought one of them was Maddie~:wtf:

Ray and Demetri playing cat and mouse "Demitri goes "This girl meant something to you"? He said he was not interested her basically she was damaged goods and dumped her on the street'~

Langston brought souvenirs from Miami and N.Y. for the team, sweet gesture~ the ridiculous sunglasses for Hodges:lol:

Horatio and Mac test Ray that they've in fact caught some of the scummy traffickers~

Ray texes all the hookers and gets a hit, he walks out in the parking lot and stands there, and lo and behold Maddie walks around the car. Ray goes "Madeline" She goes "Langston" and says "How can I go back after everything that's happened"? Ray says "All you have to do, is walk through the door, come on" The hug, I cried,:( he'd looked for her for so long as a promise to her mom, and found her, how poignant and compelling, Laurence Fishburne rocked and is such a great actor in all 3 episodes, CSI and his fans are so lucky to have him on this show:bolian: another A+ Also, these are ones we can watch again and certainly will~
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We were just thankful it wasn't Ray who shot the bear in Miami!

It was all just okay for me. I'm glad the "event of the season" is over now.

Thanks, Smokey. I didn't enjoy much about the Miami episode, but this made me laugh! I have read posts on the Miami board against 'Jesse', their new CSI who did shoot the bear, so they may not be so 'thankful'. I guess every show, and every fan site has its 'Ray'. :lol:

I haven't seen the LV version of the trilogy yet; I hope to watch it this weekend. If I have anything profound to add, I'll be back. Otherwise, I agree with the second comment; I, too, am ready to move on from this 'event'.
Didn't watch Miami (was watching Evel Knievel - shirtless George Eads :D). Didn't watch New York (was out cold before it came on). When they didn't show a "Previously on..." I thought I might get confused but I didn't really miss anything by not watching them. I treated it as a stand-alone episode and it wasn't really any different than the other episodes this season. I kinda think that was their intentions when they made it start 10 days after Ray got back from NY (as we probably won't get either the Miami or NY episodes on the DVD's).

My favorite part was Hodges complaining about doing Archie's job and wanting Nick to talk to Ecklie about a raise and Nick telling him it's good to hope for things. :lol: I think Hodges misses Grissom more than anybody. Me - I miss Archie. :(

Here's a review of it from Entertainment Weekly.
CSI Crossover Ends: Which of the 3 Episodes was the Best?
Sounds like they think last nights ep was the best of the 3 as they say it "demonstrated the way these stories should be told.".

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my opinion on the lost girls
i give it a B
sad to believe things in the world go on like that:(
brass saying "class dismissed":thumbsup::lol:
good to see lots of nick, cath, greg and not all about ray
hodges complaining about doing archie's work-oh brother, speaking of archie where is he?
the ending :thumbsup: maddy didnt die and an ok end of ep for ray

havent seen the other 2 episodes of the trilogy but a great thing about csi is that you dont have to see all the episode or the other part(s) to a 2 or 3 part ep to understand what is going on
next week looks pretty good:thumbsup: