The Longest months of Sara Sidle life

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    Warrick walks up to Caitlin and Amanda and Warrick steps between Caitlin and Amanda and then the three of them take each other arms. Then Caitlin, Warrick and Amanda walk down the wedding alley. Then Greg walks up to Lindsey and the two of them takes each other arm and follows Warrick and Caitlin down the wedding alley. As Nick walks up to Catherine, the two of them take each other arms and then walks down the wedding alley. Once the groomsmen and bridesmaids are inside the house, the bride, groom, flower girl, bridesmaids and groomsmen head through the front door and outside and the photographer takes several pictures of just the groom and bride, then take pictures of the bride and groom with the flower girl, then the bridesmaids join the group for some pictures. The photographer then takes pictures of the bridesmaid, groomsmen, flower girl, groom and the bride. Then the photographer takes several pictures of the bride with the bridesmaids and flower girl and lastly the photographer takes several pictures with the groom ad the groomsmen. Meanwhile, the wedding guests are heading into the house through the slide glass door in the kitchen. Eight minutes later the wedding guest, bride, groom, bridesmaids, groomsmen and flower girl are enjoying a lovely meal that was prepare by Gil Grissom mom and Catherine Willows mom. The wedding cake, which has four tiers tall and iced in white butter cream frosting with purple butter cream roses circling down the tiers of the cake and the cake is sitting on the center of the kitchen table. The next to hours everyone celebrate Sara and Gil getting married.
    It has been an hour since the wedding guests left and Caitlin is staying over at Catherine Willows’s house for the night, so Sara and Gil can have the night to themselves. Gil and Sarah are sitting on the couch in the living watching Gone With the Wind and looking at catalogs from Baby outlets looking for furniture and design ideas for they son and daughter bedrooms. Gil is picking a theme for they son bedroom and Sara is picking the theme for they daughter bedroom. Sara’s pause the movie and then turns her head and looks at Gil.

    “I want to paint the girl room lavender and have Caitlin paint butterflies of every color on all the walls.”

    “I love that Sara.”

    “Have you pick out the theme for the boy room yet, so I can write the theme on the baby shower invite?”

    “Light blue walls and I am going to have Caitlin paint dragonflies on the walls.”

    “Cool, I really love that theme for our boy bedroom.”

    “Your and Lindsey double baby shower is on May 26, 2007 right?”

    “Yes and I can’t wait the shower should be so much fun.”

    “Sara’s your eyes light up and you get this huge smile on your face every time we talk about the babies?”

    “I know Gil, I am really ready to be a mom now and I am finally married to the man I love.”

    “Let go upstairs to our bedroom and spend are first next of married life together.”

    “Lets make love Gil.”
    “Sure Sara.”

    Sara turns off the movie and then the two of them head upstair to the master bedroom. The next morning Sara and Gil wake up in each other arms and can hear Helen, Caitlin, Sofia, Greg, Lindsey and Catherine downstairs in the kitchen making breakfast. Sara smiles at Gil who smiles back and then the two of them kiss each other on the lips.

    “I think Greg crush in the apartment above the detached garage with Sofia last night?”

    “I do believe he did because if he went home last night he would not be here at nine a.m.”

    “Let keep them waiting downstairs?”

    “Ok, I am cool with that.”

    With that say Sara and Gil fall to sleep in each other arms, while everyone downstairs in the kitchen continues to make the surprise breakfast in bed for Sara and Gil.
    Twenty minutes later Helen, Caitlin, Sofia, Greg, Lindsey and Catherine walk upstairs, Helen and Caitlin are carrying the trays with Gil and Sara breakfast on them. Lindsey’s soft knock on the door, then Lindsey opens up the door. Helen and Caitlin walk into the master bedroom first fellow by Lindsey, Catherine, Sofia and Greg. Gil and Sara wake up when the two of them hear the bedroom door open and Helen starts to talk to her son and daughter-in-law.

    “We all made breakfast in bed for the two of you.”

    “(Sara and Gil)That so sweet of you all and thank you.”

    Helen sets the tray she is carrying down over Sara lap and Caitlin set down the tray she carrying over Gil’s lap. Sara looks over at Sofia and Greg and sees that Greg standing behind Sofia and he has his arms wrap around Sofia. Sofia notices that Sara is looking at her and Greg and she start to talk.

    “I find a new place to live.”

    “That great, Is it another apartment or a house?”

    “(Whisper into Sofia left ear) go head and tell them Sofia.”

    “Greg and I bought a house together on Sunset road Sara.”

    “(Gil and Sara) That only three block over from here.”

    “Ok Helen, Lindsey, Greg and Sofia let leave the new weds to eat they first breakfast as a married couple on they own.”

    Helen, Lindsey, Catherine, Sofia, Greg and Caitlin head out of the master bedroom. Lindsey and Caitlin go downstair and then head home. Caitlin heads downstairs to the basement library to start research for a chemistry report. Helen heads into her bedroom and start working on the baby blankets she is making for her granddaughter and grandsons and since Sara left Helen a note on the kitchen counter last night before going to bed that told her the nursery themes for the babies’ room. Helen is going to cross stitching dragonflies on the baby blanket she is making for her grandson and butterflies on the baby blanket she making for her granddaughter. Meanwhile, upstairs Sara and Gil are feeding each other strawberries to each other and enjoy the fact the two of them do not have to go into work until Wednesday night and Sofia knows not to call them into work any cases before Wednesday afternoon because they are taking a three-day honeymoon, ever though Sara can’t travel out of state seeing that there are only two months and three weeks until her due date, so the two of them are staying at home and relaxes for three days.
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    Chapter Twenty-two: preparing for Babies
    Monday morning at around ten o’clock Gil, Sara and Helen are at Babies are us and Sara and Gil is register for the baby shower. Gil is screening the boys’ items that he and Sara want into the register. Helen is screening the car seat and other travel items that Sara and Gil want for they son and daughter into the register and Sara is screens all of the girls’ things she and Gil wants along with bedding and bath items into the register. Sara is currently looking at all the baby girls clothing and she wants all the outfits. Sara screens a pink dress with purple butterflies on the dress into the register. Then Sara screens a pink and purple onies followed by a few more outfits into the baby shower register and Gil’s has screens all the outfits that have bugs on the outfits into the baby shower register and is now looking at the bibs and Helen is screening a diaper bag into the register. Helen, Sara and Gil meet up after screening everything that Sara and Gil want into the registry and then the three of them go to the craft store, so Helen can pick up some cross stitching threads in pink, purple, red, blue, green and several other colors. Sara and Gil walk around the craft store and looks at the different craft items as Helen looks at the cross stitching supplies. After finish in the craft store, the three of them go to Jack’s Restaurant for lunch. Two hours later Gil has drop his mom off at home and him and Sara is now at Sara obgyn appointment. Dr. Moonstar is doing another ultrasound to make sure both of the twins are growing at the normal rate and so Gil can see the babies. Gil is all smiles because the baby boy has just moved his hands away from his private part and he can see that he is definitely having one boy and one girl.

    “Is everything ok with our son and daughter?”

    “Yes Sara the babies are great, they’re the right weight for how far along you are and they both have really strong heart beats.”

    At the same time a nurse walks into the room and heads Dr. Moonstar some paperwork, then the nurse walks back out of the room.

    “The blood I draw and had the nurse run test on to make sure you do not have gestural diabetes come back.”

    “Do I have gestural diabetes?”

    “No and I am done with the ultrasound you can put your shirt down and head out, make sure to make your next appointment on your way out.”

    “I will.”

    A few minutes later Gil and Sarah walk out of the doctors’ office hold each other hands and Gil smiling at Sara, who smile back at him. Ten minutes later Sara and Gil are sitting inside OZ ice cream parlor, Sara is eating a strawberry ice cream and brownie sundae with hot fudge on top and Gil is eating a banana split sundae with vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice cream. After Sara and Gil get home from Sara obgyn appointment and having ice cream. Gil goes upstairs and changes into old clothing, he then put the first coated of light blue paint on the walls of they sons’ bedroom and then goes into the bedroom that going to be his daughters’ bedroom put first coated of lavender on the bedroom walls. While Gil is painting the first coat of paint on the walls in the girl bedroom, Sara is working on cases’ paperwork, downstairs at the kitchen table and is eating a snack of watermelon. Helen walks out of her bedroom and past the oven/stove range that is on the left of the bedroom door, if standing in the bedroom door and then walks past the maple base cabinet that has white quartz counter tops and maple upper wall cabinets, then past the island that has the quartz counter top. Helen then walks over to Sara at the maple kitchen table that is on the right side of the doorway of the kitchen if standing in the doorway, the door to the basement after the kitchen table and is on the wall that on the right side of the kitchen doorway if standing in the doorway, Helen sees Sara working on cases paperwork.

    “Sara’s you are on your honeymoon, you are not supposed to be working on cases paperwork.”

    “I just finish anyway, I am going to go upstairs to Gil and my bedroom and sit down on the bed to put my feet up. In addition I am going to read the new parent magazine I bought on the way home from the doctor.”

    “Ok Sara.”

    Sara stands up and grabs the bowl her watermelon is in and then walks out of the kitchen and head upstairs. When she gets upstairs, Sara stops in front of the door of the girls’ nursery and watches Gil paint one of the walls as she finishes eaten the watermelon. Once Sara finishes the melon, she walks over to the boys’ nursery and take a look at the walls and smiles, because she did not know that Gil was great at paint. Sara then goes into her and Gil’s bedroom and sits down on the bed and put the empty bowl on the nightstand. Sara then picks up the parent magazine and start to read but falls a sleep after only reading five pages of the magazine. Gil walks into the master bedroom and sees that Sara has fall asleep and takes the parent magazine out of her hands and set the parent magazine down on the nightstand, then lays down on the bed next to her. He stares at his new wife as she sleeps and thinks to himself, Sara is so beautiful when she sleeping. He lays there and watches Sara until he falls asleep himself. Monday after Sarah and Gil naps, they’re both get up and Gil goes back to paint the boys’ bedroom walls and Sara goes down to the basement library and sit down on the big purple comfortable chair and puts her feet up. She then starts reading The Lord of The Ring: The fellowship of the ring. On Tuesday Sara and Gil spent the day at Las Vegas Zoo and have a fun day watching the animals, the two of them eat lunch outside watching the tigers and tiger clubs play and eat dinner inside the Lions’ café.
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    Chapter Twenty-three: Honeymoon is over
    Wednesday morning Sara and Gil relax and watch tv and then the two of them take a nap because the two of them have to work that night. Sara and Gil get to work twenty minutes before the shift starts, which is six o’clock and Sara goes with Gil to his office to see what cases were left on Gil’s desk. After Gil picks up the case assignments on them, him and Sara head to the break room to meet Warrick and head out the assignments. It a good thing there was only two cases see that both Nick, Greg and Catherine have the night off.

    “All-right Warrick you are working a 425Hhazards material and 419 dead body out at the dump yard for hazards materials that are off Dickson Road.”

    Warrick stands up and walks out of the break room, then he goes and grabs his crime scene kit out of his locker in the locker room. Meanwhile, in the break room Sara looks up at Gil and wait to her the case she and he are work on.

    “Sara’s you are with me on a 430 Animal complaint, 406 burglary, 407 robbery and 421 sick or injured person.”

    “Did the Animal injury someone?”

    “Yes, the Jack Russell Terrier bited the burglary after he hit her owner over the head, knocking the elder lady out.”

    “Did the burglary steal anything?”

    “Yes, two of the three burglaries get away with the elder lady medicines, she tried to stop one of them, so he knocking her out. He would have got away if the dog did not bite him.”

    “I take it the burglary do not get away?”


    “Let get out to the scene and process it.”

    Sara and Gil walk out of the break room to go grab their crime scene kits. A few minutes later Sara and Gil head out and get into one of the lab SUV and head out to the crime scene. When they get to the crime scene, Sara and Gil get they crime scene kits out of the back of the SUV, then the two of them head into the house. Brass shows Gil and Sara to Mrs. Samsung’s bedroom and to the dresser which is where she kept the medicines that were stolen. Sara takes some pictures of the dresser where the medicines used to be at and then puts on a pair of latex gloves. Sara then starts dust for fingerprints, at the same time Gil gets pictures of Mrs. Samsung head wound and then take pictures of the dog bite on the burglar left leg. After Gil had take pictures of Mrs. Samsung head wound and the burglar that the dog bite, the EMT took them to the hospital, see that Brass has already talk to both of them. Gil then goes and finds the Jack Russell Terrier because he runs off when the police officers get there and find the dog in the kitchen. He puts the Jack Russell Terrier into a dog cage, because the dog need to be taken to the lab to be process see that the dog bite someone. A few minutes later Gil is dusts for fingerprints in the living room, which accord to Brass is the only other room the burglaries were in. Brass, Gil and Sara all agree the dog is not a danger to the public and he was just trying to defend her own from the burglar and are going to let Isabelle come home to Mrs. Samsung’s after been process at the lab. Sara also collect the few hairs she found on the dresser and Gil Grissom swab up blood from the blood pool, where the victim was laying on the floor. After an hour and half Sara and Gil packs up the evidence the two of them found and put the bag evidences and dog cage into the back of the SUV.
    Twenty minutes later at the crime lab Sara is running the fingerprints through AFIS to see if she can find out who the fingerprints belong to and Gil is head to DNA Lab to drop the hairs off with Wendy. After a few minutes’ Sara gets three hits on AFIS and the fingerprints belong to three brothers Mark Bird, Mike Bird and Mitch Bird (one that was bitten by the dog). Sara printout the fact shirts on all three of the brothers and then she stands up from the chair and takes the printout to Jim Brass who is sitting in the break room. Jim Brass gets on his cellphone and calls in the driver license numbers and the address of where both of the two brothers that are not in custody already and put out a wire on the vehicles they are driving. A few minutes later Gil walks into the break room, as Jim Brass walks out of the break room.

    “Sara, the hairs that you control belong to Mitch Bird the one we have in custody already.”

    “Jim Brass just put a wire out on Mark and Mike Birds cars and he has patrol officers checking they houses to see if they are at home. Jim said he would call and tell both of us when the police have them in custody.”

    “Thank you for letting me know and we are slow tonight why don’t you head home and get off your feet.”

    “Gil, I am fine and I do not need to go home.”

    “At lest sit down on the couch and put your feet up.”

    “Ok, I am going to grab my book out of my locker, then I will come back to the break room and get off my feet.”

    Gil pulls Sara lean toward each other and kisses on the lip. Gil was about to pull away from Sara when both of the babies started kicking.

    “Did you feel both of them kicking?”

    “Yes, our little ones are strong?”

    Sarah: Yeah, they are.

    Sara and Gil kiss one more time and then Sara head to the locker room to get her book. A few minutes later in the break room Sara sit down on the couch and then puts her feet up on the coffee table and starts reading the book. Sara has only been reading the book for three minutes when her pager goes off. Sara looks at the pagers to see there a 420 out at south Las Vegas High school. Sara stands up from the couch and walks to the locker room and goes to the break room. Sara has just closed her locker door when Gil walks up to her.

    “You are solo on this case, are you up to working a case on your own?”

    “Yes and I will be fine working a case by myself.”

    “I was just checking Sara!”

    “I will be fine Gil.

    With that Sara walks out of the locker room, a few minutes later Sara walks outside and to the parking lot. Sara gets into one of the crime lab SUV and heads out to the crime scene. Once at south Las Vegas High school, she sees Sofia standing at the entrance of the school and a few feet away lays a dead cheerleader. Sara also sees David is already check the body temperature. Sara gets out of the Suv and grabs her crime scene kit off the passenger seat, then heads over to Sofia.

    “She has been Dead for two hours now Sara.”
    “Thank you David let me get a few pictures of her and then you take her to the lab.”

    Sara set her crime scene kit down on the ground and then Sara takes a few pictures of the victim at the scene, who has golden brown sink tone, brown eyes, black hair pulled into a ponytail and is five foot five inches tall. Sara set the camera down by her crime scene kit and get a pair of latex gloves out of her kit. A few moments later Sara collect some hairs that were not the cheerleaders hair off of the girl body, then Sara puts the hairs into an evidence bag. Then Sara sees a piece of fabric in cheerleader hand that did not match her cheerleader outfit. Sara sees a knife lay next to the cheerleaders body and take grabs her camera and take a few pictures of the knife and then picks up the knife and puts the knife into an evidence bag.

    “David you can take the body now.”

    David put the cheerleader into a body bag and take the body to the van. At the same time Sara sees some shoe prints that do not belong to David, Sofia or her. Sara start taking pictures of the shoe prints and after she has taken all the pictures of the scene she swabs the blood tail that is on the sidewalk, which looks like it drip off the end of the knife that was use to stab her in the heart. It takes Sara an hour to process the crime scene. She puts the bag evidence into the back of the SUV along with her crime scene kit and the camera. Five minutes later Sara is heading back to the crime lab. Once back at the crime lab Sara starts unloading the evidence bags from the back of the SUV and takes the evidence bags into the lab. Wendy walks up to the evidence sign-in room door. Wendy sees that Sara has DNA evidences so Wendy walks into the room and over to Sara and takes the DNA evidence from Sara to save her the trip to the DNA.
    “Dr. Robbins has already sent me the DNA samples from under the victim nails, he said to tell you that when he is finish the autopsy he will sent you the results, but as of right now it look like she was killed form being stabbed.”
    “Thank you for letting me know Wendy.”

    “You are Welcome Sara.”
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    Wendy walks out of the room, as Sara is putting away the evidence she will look at later. Two and minutes later Sara grabs the fingerprints and trace evidence bags and then walks out of the room. She head to the trace lab first to give Hodges the trace evidences. Sara give Hodges the evidences and then walks to the DNA lab, because she want to check the knife handle for fingerprints. When Sara get to the DNA lab, Wendy has just finish swab all the blood off of the knife and bottom of the holder.

    “I get all the blood off of the knife Sara, you can check the knife holder for fingerprints now.”

    Wendy puts the knife into the evidences bag and a few minutes later Sara is sitting in the evidences’ room dust for fingerprints on the knife holder. Thirty minutes later Sara is in the fingerprint lab to run the fingerprints that were found on the handle of the knife, but after sitting in the fingerprint lab most of the night running the fingerprints through the database it comes up with no matching, which means whoever killed the cheerleader is not in the database. Sara stands up from the chairs and walks out of the fingerprint lab and walks to the DNA lab to see if Wendy has got any hits of the DNA from under the victim nails, knowing that it is a long shoot seeing his or her fingerprints is not on file they DNA is probably not on file either, which means the killer is probably a minor and has not committed a crime before. When Sara walks into the DNA lab Wendy push a chair over for Sara to sit on. Sara sits down on the chair and rest her hand on her growing belly, which is now very large and round seeing that Sara is carrying the weight all up front.

    “Thank you Wendy and do you have anything for me?”

    “I can tell you that the victim put up a fight with her killer. She had male DNA under her fingernails, but his DNA was not in the system. The hairs on the victim were a second set of male DNA and he is not in the system either.”

    “Thank you Wendy, I have to head over to the coroners’ lab now and get the victim fingerprints then I am going to go look around the school grounds again.”

    “They close the school for the day right?”

    “Yes, but only because I told Sofia not to release the crime scene until I could come back and have a look around the school yard and inside the school doing the day.”
    Sara stands up and takes the printout that Wendy is handing her and at the same time the babies start kick and Sara takes Wendy right hand and set the hand on her stomach and both ladies smiles really big.

    ‘That is really neat Sara, how often do your son and daughter kick?”

    “All the time later.”

    “I will see you later Sara.”

    “Bye Wendy.”

    Sara walks out of the DNA lab and start walking to the coroner’s lab to talk to Dr. Robbins and get the victim fingerprints, but stop at the restroom on the way. Five minutes later Sara walks into the coroners’ lab and sees Dr. Robbins staring at the young cheerleader. Sara grabs a chair and wheels it over next to the coroner table and sits down on the chair on the opposite side that Dr. Robbins is on.

    “Sara have you had any luck found out who did this yet?”

    “No, Wendy was able to tell me there are two male DNA samples but neither are in the system. I need to take her fingerprints and get a head shoot.”

    “I have all ready take the hand shoot and David should be here with it any minute.”

    At the same time David walks into the lab with the picture of the head shoot in his right hand. David walks over to Sara and gives her the picture, Sara looks at the head shoot of the teenage girl and start thinking I have to find out the girls name, so I can let her parents know what has happened to they daughter. At the same time Dr. Robbins starts to talk.

    “Sara, I have all right fingerprint the girl and her fingerprints are laying on the tray next to you.”

    Sara’s pick up the fingerprint card off the tray and looks at the card, then Sara looks up at Dr. Robbins and David who is now standing on Dr. Robbins left side.
    “Can you tell me the cause of death yet Dr. Robbins?”

    “The victim was stabbed to death, the first three stabs did not kill her, but the fourth stab to the heart did.”

    “Thank you.”

    Sara stands up from the chair and walk out of the coroner’s lab, Sara then heads to the locker room to grab her purse and jacket. A few minutes later Sara heads out to the parking lot to get into one of the crime lab SUV. Once she gets to Las Vegas High school, she meets Sofia outside of the school and the two of them walks into the school together and to the principal office. Sara knocks on the office door and the principal open up the door after the third knock and Sara and Sofia sees the male principal is six feet tall and has thin brown hair and hazel eyes. He looks at Sara and Sofia.

    “Principal Berry this is Sara Sidle she works for Las Vegas crime lab and she need to ask you some questions.”

    “That is fine come into my office.”

    Sara and Sofia follow the principal into his office and he sits down on his desk chair and Sofia and Sara sits down on the two chairs in front of his desk. Sara gets the picture out and hands the picture to the principal.

    “Can you tell me this girl name?”

    “Yes that is the head cheerleader Beth Queen-Sims.”

    “Do you know anyone that would want her dead?”

    “Yes her stepbrothers Jeff Sims and Jim Sims have been tell Beth for the last year they were going to stab her until she dies.”
    Sara takes the picture back from the principal and then looks at Sofia as she stands up from the chair.

    “Sofia get the Sims address and phone number and call them.”

    “And tell them to come to police department.”

    “Yes and I will meet you there.”

    At the same time Sarah and Sofia’s cellphone ring and they learn that the Sims brothers have turn themselves in for killing they stepsister. Sara and Sofia leave the school and head to the police stations to get the brothers statement.
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    Chapter Twenty-four: Kessler case
    It is June 25, 2007, over the last twenty four days Sara has been working a lightly cases load by Sofia’s request and not working any over time. But Sara knows this week is going to be different because Greg, Nick and Warrick are out of town at a forensic seminar in Cleveland Ohio. Sara and Gil get out of Sara’s SUV and as the two of them walks toward the doors of the crime lab the two of them are stopped by Catherine.

    “Before the two of you go any further, I need to head out to Jerome Kessler’s house with me.”

    “What Happened?”

    “Jerome and Heather Kessler one and half year old granddaughter Allison was kidnaped out of Jerome’s house, Gil.”

    “Lets go Gil”

    “Sara hang on a few moments, I think Catherine has more to say.”

    “Thank you Gil, after the processing the crime scene Brass and Sofia want the two of you to head over to Heather house and let her what happened.”

    Catherine hop into one crime lab SUV and Sarah and Gil get into one of the other SUV’s and then head out to Jerome’s house. When Sara and Catherine pull up to the house, the three CSI see Sofia talk to Jerome about what happened early in the night. A few moments later Sara, Gil and Catherine walks up to Jerome and Sofia and Jerome keeps on talking.

    “I had to run into work, so I called her normal baby-sitter to come watch Allison. She came over and I left. The babysitter called me two hours later and told me someone break into the house and take Allison. Annabella, the babysitter said the man was wearing a ski mask. Just find her please!”

    “We will do are best to get her back safe and sound. Gil Grissom, Sara Sidle and Catherine Willows are going to process your house to see if the kidnaper left any evidence behind.”

    “Has anyone told Heather yet?”

    “Sara and I are going to go to her house after the scene process and let Heather.”

    “Ok Mr. Grissom.”

    The three CSI heads inside and starts processing the crime scene. Sara puts Allison toothbrush into an evidence bag, while Catherine goes and gets an item with the little girl smell on it for the K9 unit. Gil looks over the rooms in the house to see if the kidnaper left anything behind, he finds a couple fingerprints and a piece of tan pant leg that the dog had tear off but that was the only thing he could find. Sara join Gil searching the living room, as Catherine takes the bag teddy bear the girl sleep with, out to the K9 unit. A few minutes later Catherine joins Gil and Sara, but Sara and Catherine do not find any more trace, blood other items the kidnaper might have left behind because Gil found all the kidnaper left behind. Sara, Gil and Catherine walk out of the house and Gil puts the few evidence bags into the SUV Catherine drive to the crime scene. At the same time Sara open up the driver side door of the SUV that she driver to the crime scene and a minute later Gil gets into the SUV and once Gil has put his seatbelt on, Sara check to see if any vehicle, which there not so she pulls the SUV onto the street and start driving toward Heather Kessler’s house. When Sara pulls the SUV into the long driveway of Heather’s house, Sara and Gil become really quiet. Sara puts the SUV into the parked positions and at the same time Sofia puts her car into the parked position. A minute and half later Sara, Sofia and Gil walk up to the front door and Gil ring the door bell. After a minute Heather opens up the front door and looks and the two CSI and the detective that are standing at her door and know right away something is wrong.

    “What happened is it Jerome or Allison?”

    “I thinking it best if we all head inside and you take a seat before we tell you what happened.”

    “No, Gil just tell me!”

    “Your granddaughter was Kidnap earlier this evening, we already process Jerome’s house, which is where the kidnapper taker her from.”
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    Heather puts her hands over her mouth and at the same time her knees start to give out, but Sara put her arm around Heather’s waist and lead Heather into the house over to a couch in the living room and has her sit down on the couch. Then Sara sits down on the couch next to Heather. Then Sara gives Heather a hug and let Heather cry on her shoulder. Gil setting down on the couch across from Sara and Heather and is watching his wife comfort Heather and get her to calm down, so the two of them can talk to her about what happened. Sofia sits down on the couch next to Gil and she is playing with her purple empire waist blouse. As Gil is watching Sara comfort Heather, he is thinking this cases is going to take a lot out of Sara physical and emotional and he was started to wish he had not let Sofia put Sara on this case, see that there is only nine full days, left until her due date, but he also knows now that she started working this case he would not be able to get her to step aside from work the case. He also knows that Sara will not stop working the case even if she goes into labor not until Allison is found and the person or persons that kidnapper Allison is behind bars. Gil looks over at Sofia and sees tears run down her face. Sofia notices that Gil has seen her crying and wipes the tears off with her blouse sleeves, at the same time she starts to talk to Heather.

    “I know what you just found out is very upsetting and you have every right to cry and have a break down, but we need to ask you some questions Heather. So do you mind if we start now?

    “Sniffing no, I don’t mind and I understand I will do anything to help Mrs. Grissom, Mr. Grissom and you Detective Curtis if it will help to find Allison and bring her back alive.”
    “Heather, When Jerome and Allison come over to visit you the other day did you see anyone follow them and also watching Allison?”

    “No Gil.”

    “Do you think one of you ex- business partners could have kidnaped Allison?

    “No Detective Curtis, They all understand the reason why I sold my business and would never lay a hand on Allison, much less think about hurt Allison in anyway?”

    “I had to ask.”

    “Did Jerome give you an update picture of Allison for the Amber Alert Sara?”

    “Yes, One of her playing in your backyard the last time they come over for a visit.”
    “Do you have anymore questions for me, Gil?”


    ‘Ok and Sara do not push yourself too hard, because you look like you are due to have your baby any day and Gil do not let her work too hard, I do not want to have Sara put her health or the unborn baby health in danger!”

    “I am due in nine day and ten nights.”

    “I won’t let Sara work too hard and it babies we are having twin.”

    “Do you know what sex the babies are Sara?”

    “Yes a boy and a girl.”

    “Gil. Sara and I should be head back to the lab to help Catherine process the evidence we collect and see if Catherine has any updates for us.”

    “(Sara and Gil) You are right Sofia, lets go.”

    “We you call me, when you have any news no matter how little it is?”

    “Yes, one of will call and tell you as soon as we have any news on the case.”

    “Thank you Sara.”

    The four of them stand up and Heather walks Sara, Gil and Sofia to the front door and sees them out. As Sara, Sofia and Gil walk over to the crime lab SUV and Sofia’s car, Sara and Sofia look at Heather once more, Heather notice Sara and Sofia and close the front door of the house. Sara hand Gil the SUV key and then open up the passengers’ door of the SUV, then gets the crime lab SUV and at the same time Sofia gets into her car. Fifteen minutes later at the crime lab Sara is running the fingerprints through AFIS to see if she can get any hit on them. Gil is walking to the trace lab and Sofia is going to the DNA lab to see if Wendy has anything. When Sofia walks into the lab, Wendy looks up at Sofia.

    “The only thing I have two DNA facts I can tell you so far Sofia, the first one is Allison DNA from her toothbrush and the second is some DNA from a male that was from the tear piece of pant leg and I am running the male DNA through CODIS right now.

    “Thank you.”

    Sofia walks out of the DNA lab and start walking down the hallway looking for Catherine, Sara and Gil. Meanwhile, in the fingerprint lab Gil has join Sara and the two of them are setting in front of the computer screen watching AFIS flip through all the fingerprints in the database trying to find a match to the four prints Sara has scanned. After several minutes’ AFIS spit a match out to a Damian Beast and at the same time Wendy comes running into the fingerprint lab with Sofia and Catherine and hands Gil and Sara a printout from AFIS.

    “The DNA on the tear piece of pant leg belongs to a Damian Beast.”

    Sara looks at Gil and then Gil and Sara look at Catherine, Sofia and Wendy, who are now looking at the computer screen and sees that the fingerprints belong to Damian Beast.

    “Sara, Catherine and Gil, I Have sent a patrol unit out to clear his house. We need to head over to his house there could be evidence at the house that will leads as to Allison or he could have her at his house.”

    Sara and Gil stand up and then Sofia, Catherine, Sara and Gil run out the fingerprint lab and run to the locker room and grab their crime scene kits out of their lockers. Then the four of them run out of the lab and Sara, Catherine and Gil run over to SUV’s parked in the parking lot and Sofia runs out to her car. Twenty-two minutes later Sofia pulls up next to the sidewalk outside of Damian Beast house first, then Catherine pulls up behind Sofia and turn the SUV off. A minute and half later Catherine, Gil, Sara and Sofia are walking up to the house when officer Davis walks out of the house with a handcuffed Damian Beast and they walk right by them and to his patrol car. Davis open the back door of the car and Damian Beast get into the backseat, then officer Davis closes the car door. Sara, Sofia, Catherine and Gil then see a little girl standing on the couch and she is looking out the window and at the sometime Jim Brass walks over to the CSI and Sofia.

    “Jim is that Allison looking at the window?”

    “Yes Sara that is Allison. Catherine and Sofia I want you to process the crime scene. Gil I want you drop Sara and Allison’s off at Sunrise Hospital to get Allison check out and then go pick up Heather and giver her a ride to Sunrise Hospital. Sara’s make sure you collet any evidences that is on Allison.

    Jim Brass hands Gil a toddler car seat and Gil carry the car seat over to the SUV, Gil open up the back door on the passenger side of the SUV and set the car seat on the back seat of the SUV and then hook the car seat into the SUV. At the same time Sara goes inside and gets Allison. Sara and Allison walk out of the house and the little girl is holding Sara left hand. Sara and Allison walk over to the SUV and once at the SUV Gil pick up Allison and sit Allison’s in the car seat. A few minutes later Gil is driving them to the hospital. One hour later Heather and Jerome are sitting in the waiting room of Sunset hospital ER with Gil Grissom waiting to see Allison. Sara walks through the doors that separate the waiting room from the ER carry a tired Allison. Heather stands up and runs over to Sara and Allison. Sara hands Allison to her grandmother and Heather give Sara a look of relief. At the same time Allison lift her head off her grandmother shoulder, then turns her head toward Sara and the little girl smiles at Sara and Sara smile back at Allison.

    “Sara, is Allison all right?”

    “Yes, she was not rape and has no cuts or break bones, she is just tired and want to see her grandmother and grandfather.”

    “Why would Damian Beast kidnap Allison for?”

    “He upset that the court would not give him custody of his biological daughter, which by the way is your granddaughter. But do not worry, he is going to prison for kidnap Allison and you we not have to worry about him anymore.”

    “Thank you, Can Jerome and I take Allison home now, Sara?”


    “Heather you house is close then my house let take Allison there for the night and I will take her home in the morning.”

    “That is fine Jerome and then will allow Allison to see both of us before going to bed.”

    (Jerome, Heather and Allison) Bye Sara and Gil.”

    “Sara and Gil) Bye.”

    Jerome, Heather carrying Allison, Sara and Gil walk out of the ER. Gil and Sara walk over to the crime lab SUV in the ER parking lot, as Jerome, Heather carrying Allison walks over to Jerome’s car in the ER parking lot. A few minutes later Sara and Gil are heading to the crime lab. Once at the lab Sara and Gil walk into the lab and to the locker room, then the two of them clock out of work. Sara and Gil leave Catherine and Sofia and note to let them know Allison is fine and is at Heather’s house spent the night with her grandmother and grandfather and that the two of them are going home for the night because Sara is exhausted. A few minutes later Gil is driving toward his and Sara’s house. Once home Sara goes right upstairs to her and Gil bedroom and changes into her Pajama. Sara then goes into the master bathroom and brushes her tooth and a few minutes’ later Sara lays down on the bed and she goes to sleep right when her head hits the pillows. Meanwhile Gil is in the basement library and is sitting on the couch reading a book.
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    Author note: there is a case in this chapter that overlaps from the fan fiction Greg is we ready for this (this fan fiction has not been past yet), the case that over laps is the Skyloft case. I will stay post once I have this fan fiction, Catherine family Issues, all the chapters I have written for Linds I’m a mother, and I’m a grandmother and Great parents and Great CSI posted.

    Chapter Twenty-five: I am in labor
    Sara is sitting on the couch in the break lab of the crime lab at 12:16a.m. on July 5, 2007. Sara’s pager start beep, so she takes the pager off her hip and sees that it is Wendy that is paging her. Sara slower stands up from the couch and walks out of the break room. Sara then starts walking toward the DNA lab, as Sara is walking down the hallway she starts holding her lower back again, because her back is very sore. A few minutes later Sara walks into the DNA lab and walks over to the counter. Sara then leans over the counter and starts rocking back and fourth. Wendy walks over to Sara.

    “What did you page me for?”

    “The DNA results for Skyloft case.”

    “I thought that Polly Cribs was the killer?”

    “She had the help of at lest four men. I found four semen samples that do not match any of the male victims in this case.”

    “Did you get any hits off CODIS yet?”

    “No, CODIS is still search for matches.”

    “Ok, pager me, Greg, Catherine, Gil, Nick or Warrick when you get matches for the for the four different semen samples.”

    “I will Sara.”

    Sara stops lean on the counter and start to walk out of the DNA lab and then walks into the hallway. She is on her way back to the break room when she stops walking and leans up against the wall because she feels a stab pain in stomach and lower back, Sara grabs her stomach and at the sometime Catherine walk out of the restroom across for the wall Sara is lean on. Catherine sees that Sara is hold her stomach and walks over to Sara and stop in front of her.

    “Sara are you ok?”

    “Yes, I think that I was having gas pain, because it is gone now.”

    “Are you sure Sara?”


    “Ok Sara, but where are you heading to because I will come with you?”

    “I am going to the break room.”

    Sara and Catherine walk to the break room and once in the break room Sara walks over to the couch and then sit down on the couch and puts her feet up on the coffee table. Sara then starts to rest her hands on her stomach, Catherine looks over at Sara and start to talk.

    “Do you want any coffee?”

    “I don’t want any coffee right now.”

    “How about a bottle of water?”



    Catherine gets herself a cup of coffee then sit down on the chair across from the couch and at the sometime Sara who hands were resting on her stomach are grabbing the side of her stomach again and Sara has starts scream.

    “Ouch, this contraction hurts really badly.”

    “Did you just say you are having a contraction Sara?”

    “Yes and I think that what I was having when you came up to me in the hallway too, Ouch!”

    “Sara do you want me to go get Gil for you?”

    “No, do not leave me.”

    “I want Sara.”

    Catherine stands up and walks over to the couch and sits down next to Sara on the couch, at the same time Sara grabs Catherine right hand. Greg walks into the break room and sees Sara hold Catherine hand and notices that Sara also looks like she is in a lot of pain. Greg walks over to his two female co-worker and Catherine looks up at Greg, but Sara has closed her eyes.

    “Sara are you ok?”

    “Greg, go get Gil for me and tell him to come to the break room and that I am in labor.”

    “Sure Sara.”

    Greg runs out of the break room and all the way to Gil Grissom office and does not even knock on the close door, he just open up the office door. Then Greg runs into Grissom office and over to his desk. Gil looks up at Greg and sees that he is trying to catch his breath and Gil start to talk.

    “Greg, you should knock before you enter my office when the door is close.”

    “I would normally of knock, but Sara sent me to get you because she is in the break room and she is have contractions.”

    “Sara is in labor?”

    “Yes, Catherine is with her.”

    “Good, let go to the break room.”

    Gil stands up from his desk chair and grabs the keys to Sara’s KIA sportage, seeing that what he driving to work last night, because his SUV is at the auto shop. Then Greg and Gil run out of Gil Grissom’s office and neither Greg nor Gil turns the lights off in Grissom office or closes the door, the two of them just run really fast to the break room.

    The End
    Author note: To read about the birth of Gil and Sarah babies and balance family life and work read the sequel: Sarah and Gil great parents and great CSI, which I will start putting up after I get Catherine family Issues rewrite and all the chapters up.

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