The Longest months of Sara Sidle life

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    Disclaimer: I do not owner CSI or any of the character, this is just a fan-fiction.
    Author note: This story is a week behind the fan fiction I will be post that goes with this one that is called Catherine Family issues.

    Chapter one: Told to go home!
    Sara in the middle of working a case when she walks into the break room and sits down on the second chair at the break room table, then lays her head down on the table. A few minutes later Ecklie walks into the break room to see Sara asleep at the break room table. Ecklie walks up to Sara and tap her shoulder. Sara sits up and looks at Ecklie as she yawns into her left hand.

    “Sara you are exhausted from working so many shifts, pass off your case to Greg and go home to get some sleep.”

    “I not that tire I can stay and work the case!”

    “No go home and go to bed.”

    Ecklie walks out of the break room before Sara can say anything else. Sara stands up and walks out of the break room and then heads to Gil Grissom office. When she reaches the door of Grissom office the door is shut, so she knocks on the door.

    “Come in.”

    Sara opens up the office door and walks into the office, then walks over to the chairs in front of Grissom’s desk. Sara sits down on the chair that is on the left-hand side if standing in the office door and looks at Grissom as she yawns into her left hand.

    “What do you need Sara?”

    “Ecklie told me to hand my case off to Greg and go home, but I want to stay and finish the case will you talk to him for me?”


    Grissom stands up and walks at of his office to go talk to Ecklie, he comes back a few minutes later. Grissom walks by beside Sara and looks at her and sees that she is yawning and rubbing her eyes.

    “Ecklie said you have to go home.”


    Sara stands up and goes to look for Greg, three minutes later she has handed the case off to Greg, who promised to keep her update on the case. Sixteen minute later Sara walks through the door of her apartment and throw her purse on the couch and then throw her empty fast food bag into the trash. She then goes into the bathroom to take a long hot shower. She has not been home in a week, because she been filling in for the day shift and working her night shifts and the reason for this is a flu bug is going around the day shift. When she gets out of the shower, she checks her answering machine, but there are no miss calls, she then checks the voice mail on her cellphone and sees there no new voice mail and is happy, because she just wants to go to bed and get some sleep. The truth is she glad Ecklie made her hand the case off to Sanders and go home, but she will never let her co-worker know that. Sarah is just getting comfortable when her phone ring, she gets out off bed and pick the phone up.

    “Hello Sarah.”

    “What is going on Grissom?”

    “I am just call to check on you, because you seem out of short and you would have normal put up more of a fight to stay and finish the case you start. It is just weird that you would give the fight up after me only talk to Ecklie one, is everything ok?”

    “Yes everything fine, I am just tired is all and I have not been home in a whole week. It is nice to be able to come home and relaxes.”

    “Ok, see you during your next shift.”

    “Ok, bye.”

    She hangs up the phone and walk over to the bed. Sara sits down on the bed and then lays back. She rolls onto her right side and a minute later she is sound asleep.
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    Chapter two: I’m getting sick!
    The next morning Sara wakes up when the sunray comes through her bedroom window. She Look at the time on her cellphone and see that it eight a.m. on the first of February 2007 and forgets to set her alarm clock before laying down last night. She jumps out of bed and gets dress really fast realize she has to be in court to testify on a sexual assault and Murder case of a sixteen-year-old girl that she worked on, in two hours. She goes into the bathroom and does her hair and then brush her tooth. Sara looks into the mirror and sees that she looks really pale. Sara put on some make up and is thinking I am feeling aching all over and my throat is scratchy, I hope I am not get the flu that going around the lab. A few minutes later Sara walks into the living room and grab her purse and cellphone then leave her apartment. Sara makes it to the courthouse just in time and when she gets there the judge calls her to take the stand. Sara answers all the question the lawyers ask her, then the judge tell Sara that she can go take a seat with the people watching the case. As she sits down next to the girls’ family, the judge called a thirty minute break and when he comes back into the courtroom he will have the final decision in the case. Doing the break Sara stay sitting in the courtroom and lean back in the bench and close her eyes until she hears the judge come back into the courtroom and tell the court that the person on trial is getting life in jail for rape and murder the sixteen-old-year girl Jane Catson. Once finishes with court Sara swing by the lab to pick up her pay cheek and to get an update on the case that she handed off to Greg last night, but he is out off the lab interview a suspect. Sara leaves Greg a message to call her to give an update. Sara then walks to Grissom office and writes him a note to tell him she is going to take a sick day, because of a sore throat, achy all over, being exhausted and feeling awful. She also writes only call me into work if it is an emergency and the whole night shift needs to be on hand. Sara then leaves the lab and walks out to her car yawning into her left hand and Sara has her right hand on her forehead. When Sara gets home, she walks into the bathroom and gets the thermometer out of the medicine cabinet. Sara then takes her temperature and find out that she has a fever of 103.8 degrees Fahrenheit. Sara is thinking to herself no wonder I feel so tired and just wants to sleep. Sarah goes into the kitchen and makes herself some hot tea then goes into her bedroom and slowly drinks the tea as she read gone with the wind. After she finishes the tea, she lays down to take a nap with a feeling that she was going to end up being call into work that night.
    That evening Gil Grissom is walking through the hallway of the crime lab toward his office to grab up the case assignments that need to be hand out and he knows his group will be waiting for him at his office door, seeing that he is running late. When he walks into his office, he sees Greg, Catherine, Warrick and Nick standing around his desk, he quietly walks up behind Greg and Grissom tap Greg on the right shoulder.

    “Greg do you mind telling me why all of you are looking at what is on my desk?”

    “Sara left you a note!”

    “Is it addresses to everyone or just me Greg?”

    “Just you Grissom.”

    “Then why are all of you reading the note?”

    “(Everyone) because Sara says she is taking a sick day!”

    “Let me see that note.”

    Catherine hand Grissom the note and he take a moment to read it. Then Gil Grissom looks at his co-worker with a puzzle look on his face, just then the phone in Grissom office start ringing. Gil’s pick up the phone and put the phone up to his right ear.

    “Gil Grissom speaking.”

    “It is Ecklie and I need the whole night shift to go to a crime scene at Camp Splash, Jim Brass is waiting for you guys to get there.”
    “What happen?”

    “A whole cabin of twenty-three third graders on a school camping trip, along with the two high school students that was acting as camp counselor was found dead in their beds about thirty minutes ago!”
    “Ok, I will sent Catherine, Greg, Nick and Warrick out there right now.”

    “I said the whole night shift Grissom that mean you and Miss. Sidle too!”

    “I know that Ecklie, I will head out to the crime scene after I call Sara and tell Sara that she has to meet Catherine, Nick, Grey, Warrick, Jim Brass and me at camp Splash.”

    “That is fine, I will talk to you later.”

    Ecklie and Grissom hang up the phone and Grissom look at Sara note for a few more minutes’ debates on if he should even call her because Sara never takes a sick day much less a personal day or her vacation days, so if she taking a sick day she must be really ill. But he knows he needs all the night shifts to work this case. So he dials Sara phone number and after eight rings the answering machine comes on, he hangs up the phone and dials her cellphone number and after five rings Sara answers her cellphone.

    “Ahem Sarah Sidle speaking.”
    “It is Gil Grissom.”

    “Coughing Gil what do you need?”

    “I hate to even call you after read the note you left me saying you need to take a sick day, but Ecklie says that all the night shift has to be on this case out at Camp Splash.”

    “Coughing what happened?”

    “Twenty-three third graders on a school camping trip, plus the two high school students who were acting as camp counselor was found dead in their beds.”

    “That is not good, but I really should coughing not come into work tonight.”

    “When you are working the scene or handle the evidences in the lab just wear a mask, so if you cough you do not cough on the evidence.”
    “Fine, but can you swing by and pick me up because I do not feel up to drive?”

    “Sure I will be there in ten minute to get you.”

    “See you then Gil.”

    Sara flips her cellphone close and set it on the nightstands then she gets out of bed and throw on a pair of jeans and a black T-shirt. Sara then grabs her crime lab vest and put some cough drops into her jean pockets and then grab her evidence collect kit. Sara leaves her apartment and gets outside just as Gil Grissom pull the SUV into her apartment building parking lot and then pulls the SUV into the open space by the main doors. Sara put her kit on the back seat of the SUV, then opens up the passenger’s door and gets into the SUV.
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    Chapter three: Called into work!
    As Gil Grissom drive to the scene he let Sara close her eyes and just listens to the music play on the radio. Sara cellphone start ringing and picks up the cellphone to see that it is Sofia Curtis calling her. Sara flip her phone open and put the cellphone up to her left ear.

    “Miss. Sidle Speaking.”

    “Hello, Sara’s I am just check in to see if you and Grissom are on the way to Camp Splash?”

    “Coughing yes, we are just pulling into the entrance now.”

    “Ok. Jim and I will see you both outside Cabin number 3.”

    “Ok. I will see you coughing in a few minutes.”

    Sarah and Sofia hang up and Sarah pulls a cough drop out of her jean pocket. She unwraps the cough drop and then puts the cough drop into her mouth. Grissom parks the SUV beside the other crime lab SUV, Brass car and Sofia’s car. Then Gil and Sara get out and grab their crime scene kits out from the back seat. The Sara and Gil start walking over to where Jim Brass and Sofia Curtis are waiting for them, which is by the path that leads to the cabins, Jim and Sofia walk up to Sara and Grissom.
    “(Jim and Sofia) Sara how are you feeling, we all hear you were actual taking a sick day today and that surprise all of us, but it does sound like you feel awful?”

    “I feel awful and I really do not want to be here.”

    “I am sorry Ecklie made you come to work Sara, when you should be at home in bed resting not working a crime scene.”

    “Thank you Brass, coughing.”

    “Is the rest of my team in the cabin Sofia?”

    “All but Greg who working the outside of cabin number three.”

    “Coughing where do they need our help at?”

    “Sara and Grissom your help is needed inside the cabin, seeing that is where the twenty-five bodies are.”

    “(Sara and Gil) all right Jim, we will head there now.”

    Sarah and Grissom start walking toward the cabins and Gil keeps looking over at Sara and Gil does not like how pale Sara looks or the way she sound. A few minutes later Gil and Sara walk into the cabin and Grissom start help collection the evidences. Warrick hand Sara the camera and she starts taking pictures of the crime scene and Warrick switching to collection evidence, so Sara does not have too collect the evidence. At the same time Dr. Robbins and David walk into the cabin and start taking the body temperature to find out the time of death for Sarah, Warrick, Grissom, Nick, Catherine, Greg.

    “Ahem the girls all look so young, even the one in high school looks young and their look like each other too Warrick.”

    “The high school girls just start they freshman year of high school and they are twin-sister.”

    “They do not look coughing old enough to be freshman in high school.”

    “Both of them skip the six grades, so they are a year a head, Sara.”

    “Thank you for telling me Nick.”

    “You are welcome Sara.”

    Sarah finishes taking the pictures and start dusting for fingerprints, as Greg walks into the cabin. Greg stops dead in his tracks when he sees Sara and he just stare at her, like he sees a ghost. Sara looks up at Greg and give him an evil look and Greg takes a step back from Sara.
    “Greg, it is rude to stare!”

    “Sorry, but I did not think that I will would see you tonight and by the way you look awful.”

    “Yeah nice to see you too.”

    Brass and Sofia walk into the cabin and looks at the CSI with a look that say something else is wrong, beside there been twenty-five die girls. All the CSI stop working and look up at Brass and Sofia.

    “Brass what is going on because you have that coughing look that say you just find something out that is not good?”

    “Sofia and I just finish talking to the teachers of the girl’s stay in this cabin and there were supposed to be twenty-four girls and the two high school girls.”

    “That tells us way there is an empty bed that is still made up.”

    “Yes it does Catherine.”
    “Sofia did an office clear the whole cabin and the bathroom?”

    “Yes, I clear the bathroom and there was no one in there.”
    At the same time one of the teachers open up the cabin day and looks inside and the teacher Miss. Day who has dark brown hair and brown eyes, looks around the cabin and her eyes stop on the empty bed.

    “The empty bed is Sara Tom and here a picture of what she looks like.”

    “Sara, Nick, Greg, Brass and Sofia the six of us are going to take a walk around camp and see if she still here anywhere on the camp grounds. Warrick and Catherine’s you two are going to finish processing the cabin.”

    (Warrick and Catherine) All right Grissom.”

    “Nick comes with me.”

    “All right Brass.”

    “Greg you are coming with me and Sara and Grissom will be together.”

    “Sofia Sara and I will take the east half of the camp.”

    “That is fine Gil and Greg and I will take the North half.”

    “Brass and I will take the west.”

    “Who is going to search the south end of camp coughing Brass?”

    “Lockwood is taking the south end of the camp.”

    The CSI, Sofia, Brass and Lockwood walk away from cabin number three and start searching the camp grounds for the missing camper. As Gil Grissom and Sara are searching the east half of the camp, Grissom keep looking over at Sara out of the corner of his eye to make sure she is doing ok. Gil Grissom and about a half hour into the search t Sara starts to have a coughing fit and she fall behind him. Gil Grissom turns around and walks up to Sara who is coughing into her left elbow.
    “Sara do you need to stop and take a break for a few minutes?”


    Gil leads Sara over to a bench and the two of them sit down on the bench. Sara lays her head on Gil Grissom left shoulder and shut her eyes and she is trying to catch her breath.

    “Let sit here for a few minutes. I’m going head to the dinning hall that right across from us to get you a glass of water to drink.”

    “Coughing that sound good to me, thank you Gil.”

    Sara takes her head off of Gil shoulder and he stands up from the bench and walks across to the dinning hall. A minute later Grissom walks over to Sara with two bottles of water and hands one of the bottles to Sara. She takes the cap of the bottle and takes few drinks of the water, then look at Grissom. At the same time Sara’s cellphone start ringing, she picks up the cellphone and flips it open, then put the cellphone on speakerphone.

    “Miss. Sidle Speaking.”

    “It is Catherine Sara.”

    “What do you need Catherine?”

    “You and Grissom can stop looking for the girl because she not on the camp ground, I find a note that Sara wrote and then hide under her pillow. This is what the note says Dear who every find this note, My father and a group of his bad friends are coming to steal me when I’m here at camp, someone needs to help us all because none of us safe, But I know by the time help get here in the morning I will be gone and I feel it will be too late for everyone else to. Please come find me. P.S. I do not tell my mom about running into my father the other day as I was walking home from school and that he told me about coming to camp to steal me and that he was bringing some of his friends to help him, because my mom needs to have surgery and the only time she could do it is the week I’m at camp. Your Sara Tom. I just talk to her teacher and the teacher said the mom had sole custody of her because here husband was abusive and use drugs.
    “So you want me and Sara to come help you and Warrick finish the cabin up?”

    “Yes Grissom that why we can get it done faster and find the girl mom to let her know what happened.”
    “(Sara and Grissom) we will be there soon.”

    Sara flips the cellphone close and then stand up from the bench. Then Gil and Sara walk to cabin number three. Once at the cabin Grissom and Sara start dusting for fingerprints and the two of then has just finish dusting for fingerprints in the bathroom when Sofia walks into the bathroom and gives the two of them looks that say we need to talk.

    “What is it Sofia?”

    “Gil we find Sara Tom mom, she is at St. V. hospital recover for the open heart surgery that she had yesterday morning. The three of us need to go there and let her know about her daughter.”

    “Ok me and Sara will meet you there after we give Catharine the fingerprints we find and we have packed are kits up.”

    “Ok I will see the two of when you get to the hospital.”

    Sofia walks away from Sara and Gil and at the same time Sara and Gil pick up the tape lift with the fingerprints on them. Ten minutes later on the way to the Hospital Gil is driving and Sara has shut her eye and is listening to same music on the radio. Grissom looks over at Sara when he stops for a red light and sees that she looks really flushed. He reaches his right hand over and feels her forehand.

    “Sara have you taken any cold medicine?”


    Grissom takes his hand off Sara’s forehead because the light has turn green and Gil drive a little far up the road and then he turns into Walgreen. Gill pulls the SUV into the first free parking space across from the doors and puts the SUV into the parked position.

    “Why are we stopping?”

    “I am going to run into the store and pick you up some Tylenol cold and flu and a bottle of water.”


    “I am also going to grab you something to eat, so is there anything you want?”

    “I don’t care, but make it something soft my throat really hurts.”
    “ All right, I will be back soon.’

    Gil gets out of the SUV and head into walgreens and once in the store Grissom walks over to the cold medicine section of the store and starts looking around for what he needs when Ecklie walks up to him and the two of them looks at each other.

    “You and Sara are supposed to be going to St. V. To tell Mrs. Tom about her daughter.”

    “We are I just had to pick up some Item up for Sara. I will be going up to pay for the items soon and then we will be on are way.”

    “That is fine, I will see the two of you back at the lab.”
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    Ecklie walks away from Gil Grissom and goes about his shopping. A fee minutes later Gil walks out to the SUV and open up the driver side door. Gil gets into the SUV and hand Sara the bag with the Tylenol cold and flu, a bottle of water, six pack of jell-O cups and box of plastic spoons. As Gil is backing out of the parking space, Sara open up one of the strawberry jell-O and starts to eat the jell-O cup. Fifteen minutes later Sara and Gil are walking into the hospital and Sara is trying not to cough and she is thinking that her fever has gone up. A few minutes later Sarah and Gil walk into Mrs. Tom hospital room, to see Sofia standing next to Mrs. Tom bed waiting for them. Sarah can tell that Mrs. Tom is worry even through the mask she has over her face that she is wearing to proved catching any germ.

    “Mrs. Tom This is Gil Grissom and Sara Sidle for the crime lab. The two of them need to talk to you about your daughter.”

    “Ahem you tell her Sofia?”


    “I know something happened when Mrs. Curtis come into my room.”

    “Is there anything about you Sara, like a health problem that we need to know about?”

    “Yes, she has QT Syndrome, when she on her medicine she is fine, but without the medicine her heartbeat could speed up making her faint and can even cause death. It is all my fault because she got QT Syndrome from me.”

    “Her teachers knows and told me, but I forget to tell the two of you. I tell Warrick and Catherine, when they call me to say they found the

    “That is fine Sofia, add the information about the QT Syndrome to the Amber Alert.”

    “I will do that right now.”

    Sofia gets out her cellphone and walks into the hallway, at the same time Sara look at Gil then looks at Mrs. Tom. Sara notices that Mrs. Tom is crying, so Sara takes Mrs. Tom right hand and then Sara takes a deep breath. Sara then starts to talk.

    “Is there anything we should know about your ex-husband?”

    “When you find Sara check for sexual abusive along with physical abuse. That way I divorce him because he was sexual abuse Sara and you need to find her sooner then later, Please hurry Miss. Sidle and Mr. Grissom.”

    “We have the scent dog out and another one of are CSI Nick Stokes went with the police office and the dogs.”

    “I hope the dogs find her alive soon.”

    “That all we need for now Mrs. Tom, if we need any more information we will call you and ask it over the phone.”

    “Thank you Miss. Sidle and call me as soon as you find out anything.”

    “I will Mrs. Tom.”

    Sara lets go of Mrs. Tom hand and then Sara and Gil walks out of the hospital room and down the hallway. Four minutes later Sara and Gil are walking outside to the parking lot, but Sara has stop walking because she is having a coughing fit, she pulls a cough drop out of her jean pocket and unwraps the cough drop. Sara then put the cough drop into her mouth.

    “Sara stay here and I will go get the SUV and pick you up.”

    “Thank you Gil.”

    Gil Grissom leave Sara standing by the doors of the hospital and goes to get the crime lab SUV. Four minutes later Gil is driving toward the crime lab and Sara has the passenger seat lay back and is resting. When Gil and Sara gets back to the lab, the two fo them go to the break room and found Catharine sitting at the break room table. Sara and Gil walk over to the table and Sara sit down in the end chair on the left-hand side of the room, if standing in the door way and she is sitting across from Catherine.

    “There is nothing new to report, Nick is still out with the police and the dogs looking for Sara, so far they have not find her.”

    “I’m going lay down on the couch for a while and close my eyes if any of you need me just call my cellphone.”

    “That is fine Sara, I will let everyone know.”

    Sara stands up and walks over to the couch, she sits down on the couch and at the same time Grissom and Catherine leave the break room to let Sara get some sleep.
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    Chapter four: Sara Tom found!
    Sara is sleep on the couch in the break room and is having a nightmare about her childhood, right after her Mom went to jail for killing her Dad. Sara is also talking in her sleep. It is late at night and Sara is reading a head in her school science textbook, because she can’t sleep, when her fosters dad comes into the room and throw her textbook onto the floor. Sara’s foster dad then get into Sara’s bed and pull her PJ bottom off and make her have sex with him.

    “Not again, I say get off me Chad!”

    “Be quiet, you do not want to wake up the whole house up do you?”

    “Yes, I say get off me!”

    At the same time Greg walk into the break room and he hear Sara screaming get off me. Greg walks over to the couch and kneels down beside the couch and he shakes Sara lightly.

    “Sara wake up you are having a nightmare!”

    Sara rolls over and looks at Greg and he sees that Sarah has been crying in her sleep. At the same time Sara start coughing and covers her mouth with her right hand and turn her head away from Greg.

    “Are you ok Sara?”

    “Yes I am fine, thank you for wakening me from that nightmare, now go so I can go back to sleep.”

    “I will love to Sara, but Hodges sent me in here to get you because he needs you in the trace lab and he has been trying your cellphone and pager, but you did not answer him.”

    “Ahem oh, thank you for letting me know Greg.”

    Sara sits up on the couch and then slowly stands up from the couch. Then Sara walks out the break room and walks to the trace lab. A few minutes later Sara walks into the trace lab and walks over to Hodges’s desk and sit down on the desk chair.

    “What do you need coughing me for Hodges, coughing?”

    “The white powder you find at the entrance to the cabin bathroom was the powder from inside of a Zolft capsule.”

    “The pill bottle coughing did it have Zolft in it?”

    “No it was a heart medicine and the name on the bottle was Sara Tom medicine.”

    “Was it a high enough dose of Zolft to kill the girls?”
    At the same time Catherine walks into the trace lab, then Catherine walks up beside Sara who is coughing into her left elbow. Catherine looks at Sara and then looks at Hodges, who start to talk.

    “No just enough to relax them.”

    “I just come from talking with Sara’s Teacher, It was her 9th birthday and her father sent her a card and cupcake to share with the rest of the cabin.”

    “Coughing her dad is not able to be anywhere near her.”

    “I talk to Mrs. Tom’s and she allows him to send her birthday card and cupcakes for her birthday but after this year, she will no long allow it.”

    “I run trace on the cupcakes that was left and there was trace of Zolft in the cupcakes.”

    “Ahem how did the girls die?”

    “David found injection marks on all 25 of the girl’s arms.”

    “That would explain how the cocaine got into the girls’ bodies’ Catherine and all the girls dead of a cocaine over does.”

    “Coughing Sara dad and his friends fed them Zolft coughing cupcake and shot them up with cocaine.”

    At the same time Sara cellphone goes off, Sara sees it is Gil calling and she flips the cellphone open. Then put the cellphone up to her left ear and is holding her throat with her right hand.

    “Sidle speaking!”

    “Sara we find Sara Tom, you and Catherine need to go to St. V. and get the Sexual assault kit and Sara I want you to talk to the girl and see if she can tell you what happened in the cabin, so you and Catherine need to take two SUV.”


    Sara fill Catherine in on what she and Gil talked about then Sara and Catherine walks out of the trace lab and head out to the crime lab SUV. Sara gets into SUV one and Catherine gets into SUV two, then Sara and Catherine drive to the parking lot exit and a few minutes later are driving toward St. V. Hospital. Once inside the hospital and at the nurse desk on the fourth floor a nurse hand Catherine’s the Sexual assault kit.

    “She was rape and beat up, but Sara did try to fight back against her attackers.”

    “Sara are you up to doing the interview with her?”
    “Yes, I will be fine Catherine.”

    Catherine walks away from Sara and head to the staircase to head downstairs. At the same time Sara put a cough drop in her mouth then goes into the girl room and the nine-year-old Sara looks up at the woman that walk into the hospital room and sits down on the chair between her and her mom bed.

    “Nice to see you again Miss. Sidle.”

    “Nice to see you again too, Mrs. Tom. Hi, Sara, my name Is Sara Sidle and I am with the Las Vegas crime lab. Can you tell me what happened to you and the other girls in your cabin early last night and I will be tape recorded what you say?”


    “Ok you can start now.”

    “I get my birthday card from my father and the normal cupcakes his sent. My birthday the only day that I get to eat them because of the QT Syndrome, I have to watch what I eat. I total forget about run into my father a couple days before because I had a really fun day with my classmate celebrate my birthday. So when the card and cupcakes come I did not think about they could be any drugs in them until I taste my cupcake, but I had to take my medicine first so I let the rest of the girl go head and eat their cupcakes because it was only gonna take me a few minutes. The girls had them almost gone, by the time I notice my cupcake taste funny and stop eat it. After we get done eat the cupcake we take showers then get ready for bed. Then my father comes with his bad friends and the bad friends drug the rest of the girls some more, as my Fathers rape me and beat me up, I try fighting back but he was too strong. After his friends finished drugging the girls my father picked me up and he threw me in the back of his van and driver out of camp and back to his place. That is all I remember I pass out as my father pull the van into the driveway.”

    Sara turns off the tape recorder and then looks up at the young girl in the hospital bed. Sara clear her throat a few time and then start to talk to nine year old Sara.

    “That is fine you did a great job and that all I need for now. Try and get some rest Sara and Mrs. Tom.”

    “(Sara and Mrs. Tom) we will and take care of yourself Miss. Sidle.”

    “I will.”

    Sara gives Mrs. Tom and Sara a smile then stand up and walks out of the hospital room, she walks a little away from the hospital room and then start coughing into her left hand. At the same time her cellphone start ringing, she takes it off her hip and sees Jim Brass is calling her. Seeing that she coughing, she does not answer the cellphone, but call Jim Brass back when she stops coughing and finds out from him that she needs to meet him at the police station to interview Dan Tom, Sara Tom father. Sara. When Sara gets out the crime lab SUV, she gets into the SUV and set behind the wheel for a few minutes, resting her eyes. Two minutes later Sara leaves the hospital and makes a stop at Tim Horton to get an extra large coffee. Ten minute later Sara walks into the police station drinking her extra large coffee and sees that Nick, Warrick, Catherine, Grissom and Greg are interviewing the father friends that take part in drug Sara Tom classmate and kidnaping Sara Tom. Sara looks around for Jim Brass, but she finds Sofia is waiting outside of the interrogate room for her. Sofia looks at Sara as she walks over to her and is very worry about how Sara looks.

    “Hi Sara, are you feel any better?”

    “Coughing, No I feel worse and is there anyway that Nick or one of the other CSI can do the interview with Mr. Tom when they finish whom they are Interview?”

    At the same time Gil Grissom walks out of the room across from them and sees Sara lean against the wall and also notice how pale she looks. Gil Grissom walks over to Sara and Sofia with a worry look on his face.

    “I will do the interview with you it is not going to take too long, then I will drive you home Sara.”
    “But I have one the crime lab SUV coughing.”

    “I will use that SUV to take you home, the rest us ride over here in one SUV and Nick is driving.”


    Sara, Grissom and Sofia walk into the room and sit down on chairs across from Mr. Tom. Sara set her extra large cup of coffee down on the table in front of her and clears her throat a few times, then start to talk.

    “Mr. Tom we have evidence that you rape your daughter and help kill twenty-five other girls that were in her cabin. Do you have anything to tell us?”

    “Yes, I did it and love every minute of it.”

    Sofia stand up from the chair and then walks up behind Mr. Tom, as she take her handcuff out.

    “You are under arrest for sexual assault your nine years old daughter and put her health at risk. In addition for help to kill twenty-five other girls between the ages of eight, nine and fourteen-year-old.”
    A police Office takes Mr. Tom out of the room and Sara and Gil walks out of the room and then walks out of the Police Station and to the SUV. Sarah hands Gil the SUV keys and then the two of them get into the crime lab SUV and Gil drive to the lab to clock Sara out. When they get to the lab Gil and Sara head inside and then walks to the Locker room and clock themselves out. Sara and Gil start walking toward the main doors of the lab, when Ecklie walks up to them and Sara and Gil stop walking and Sara lean up against the wall coughing into her left hand.

    “Where do the two of you think you are going because the night shift for February 2 is about to start any minute and both of you are working tonight?”

    “I need coughing to go home because I am sick!”

    “Yeah right you never get sick, you the healthiest person that works here Sara.”

    “Ecklie can you not see or hear today?”

    “Yes Grissom I can see and hear.”

    “Then you can see how pale Sara is and that she has an awful sounding cough.”

    “She just needs to put some make-up on is all and drink some water.”


    “Bless you.”
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    “Thank you Grissom and Ecklie can you stop spin you are make me dizzy.
    “Sara I am standing still.”

    “Ok then the hallway needs to stop spin.”

    At the moment Sara legs give out and Gil Grissom catches Sara before she hit the floor and pick her up. Gil Grissom the turn and facing Ecklie with a worried look on his face, because he has never seen Sara this sick before.

    “I do not care what you say Ecklie, I am take Sara home and she is taking a sick day and I am taking a personal day because I do not feel that Sara should be left alone!”
    At the same time Catherine walks up next to Ecklie, Sara and Grissom and know by the look on Grissom face that he is worried about Sara. Catherine looks at Sara and becomes worried about her co-worker because Sara never been this sick before in the whole time she been working as an LVPD CSI.

    “Grissom Do you want me to be in charge tonight?”

    “Yes and thank you.”

    With that Grissom walks away from Catherine and Ecklie and carries Sara out to the SUV. He put Sara into the SUV and Sara lays the passenger seat down, then put her seatbelt on. A few minutes later Gil is driving to Sara’s apartment building. Ten and half minutes later Gil Grissom carries Sara into her apartment then take Sara into her bedroom. Gil sits Sara down on the window seat and then he hands her a pair of light-blue pajama pants and light blue nightshirt. Then Gil walks out of the bedroom and shut the door behind him so Sara can change. A few minutes later the door open up.

    “I’m dress.”

    Gil Grissom walks into Sara’s bedroom and helps Sara get into bed and then pull the bedspread up for Sara, who as already lay her head on the pillow. Sara gives Gil and weak smile and he smile back at Sara.

    “Thank you Gil.”

    “I will be in the living room reading a book if you need anything.”


    Gil Grissom walks out of the bedroom. Gil leaves the bedroom door open. Then walks over to the couch and sit down and at the same time Sara fall to sleep. Three hours later Grissom is still reading a book and listening to Sara making a wheeze sound as she sleeps, when there is a knock on the apartment door. Gil gets up and walks over to the door. He open up the apartment door and find Lindsey Willows standing there with a note fold in half.

    “What are you doing here Lindsey?”
    “My mom asks me to give you this and you suppose to read it right away. Can I come in?”

    “Yes you can come in.”

    Gil starts to read the note, as Lindsey walks into the apartment and shut the apartment door. Lindsey then walks over to the couch and sits down on the couch. Lindsey then looks around Sara’s apartment.

    “So Ecklie working a case again, I hope he does not loss this body and your mom is tapped out and needs me to come into work.”

    “Hint the reason I am here, so someone here with Sara.”

    “Ok, I will take off after I tell Sara, that I am needed at work and that you are here if she needs anything.”

    Gil Grissom walks into Sara’s bedroom and closes the door behind him, he then sits down on Sara bed next to her and lightly shakes her. Sara sits up in the bed and then start coughing into her right hand and turns her head away from Gil.

    “Sara I have to go into work because Catherine is tapped out, she has Ecklie working a hit and run and the victim is dead.”

    “Coughing I hope he does not lose this body.”

    “Me too and Nick is on a 419, Greg on another 419, Warrick is on a 417 and Catherine working a rape case. Thee victim is in the ICU and in really bad shape, I have to go meet her at the crime scene, so she can go to the hospital and get the sexual assault kit and took photos of all the bruises.”

    “I do not want to be left alone Gil, coughing.”

    “Lindsey is here, and she is going to stay with you.”

    “Ok, please do not let them call me in tonight Gil.”

    “I hope it will slow down so they do not need to, I think you need take some dayquil Sara.”

    “No, I can’t Grissom, just hand me two more Tylenol cold and flu and the bottle of water you give me last time you check on me.”

    “Ok here you go, baby.”

    Gil kisses Sara’s forehead and then say goodbye to her. Gil walks out of Sara’s bedroom shut her door behind him and then leaves to meet Catherine at the crime scene, eighteen minutes later Lindsey open up Sara’s bedroom door. Lindsey then looks in on Sara to see how she is doing.

    “Do you need anything Sara?”

    “No I am fine. What is up Lindsey you have the same face your mom get when see need to ask me something?”

    “Can I get one of your science textbook off the bookcases that in your bedroom?”

    “Coughing sure, but what for?”

    “I have to do a writing and an oral science report and I have to choice a topic that not in our textbook, because the teacher wants us to use a higher level of textbooks for the report.”

    “And my bookcase saves you for going to the library.”


    “Go on head Lindsey, I do not mind coughing you can keep the one you choose for as long as you need it.”

    Lindsey walks into Sara’s bedroom and over to the bookcase that is across from the bed and start looking at the textbooks on the shelves and can hear Sara coughing behind her.

    “You know Grissom right you should take something stronger then the Tylenol cold and flu, it sounds like you cold move into you lungs.”
    “I can’t.”

    “Sure you can Sara!”

    “No, I really can’t Lindsey, just trust me on this one ok, all of you will know the reason way I can’t take anything stronger then Tylenol soon enough.”

    “Do you have a secret Sara?”

    “Kind of Lindsey coughing, but you just have to wait and see?”
    At the same time the phone start ringing, Lindsey walks out of the bedroom and pick up the cordless phone off the coffee table and answer the phone.

    “Sara Sidle’s house.”

    “Is this Lindsey Willows that I am talk to?”

    “Who is this?”

    “It is the head of the CSI lab Ecklie.”

    “Yes It is Lindsey Willows.”

    “I need to talk to Sara.”

    “Give me a minute.

    “That is fine Lindsey.”

    Lindsey put hand over the cordless then Lindsey walks into Sara’s bedroom and over to the bed. Sara look up and Lindsey and know for the look on he face that it is work.

    “Ecklie says he needs to talk to you.”
    Lindsey holds the cordless phone out and Sara takes the phone from Lindsey. Sara takes the phone and clears her throat a few times, as she put the phone up to her right ear.

    “Sidle here, what do you want?”

    “I know you are sick Sara, but we are tapped out and we just get another rape case and the lady that was raped was found dead. Sofia going to be at your place in five minutes to pick you up and take you to the crime scene.”

    “Ok, Ecklie.”

    Sarah gets up and grabs a pair of jean and a black long sleeve shirt, then get change. A few minutes later she meet Sofia in the parking lot and throw her crime scene kit into the back seat of her car, then Sara open the front passengers’ door and gets into the car. Once Sara has her seat belt on Sofia put the car into drive and drives to the crime scene.
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    Chapter six: Hot flashes part one!
    Four days later Sara come into the break room at the CSI lab and pass out the assignments to Nick, Warrick and Greg. The three guys just look at Sara with a look of shock, because it was Sara hand out the case assignments to them and not Grissom.

    “Sara’s why is Grissom at?”

    “He will be here, he just running late this morning and he called me and told me to pass the assignment out for him.”

    “He never runs late for work!”

    I know this is not look Grissom at all Warrick. Why is he running late?”

    “Car problems Nick and you are on a 416.

    Sara hand Nick the piece of paper the location of the crime write on, Nick looks at the sheet of paper and then looks up at Sara.

    “A shooting?”

    “Yes Nick a shooting.”

    Sara then hand Warrick the piece of paper with the location of his case and Warrick see he working a 434. Warrick gives Sara a look that say you have to be kidding me.

    “A missing person case, I hope I can find Mr. Tam alive and not dead.”

    “Greg you and Catherine are on a 424 (Abuse/Neglect) and 419 (dead body).”


    “Yes there is a total of six kids in the family and two was found dead.”

    “Oh and Catherine not here Sara!”

    “Yes she is, I already hand her the paper with the location of the crime on it.”

    “if she here, where is she at?”

    “She had to use the restroom, she will meet you at the SUV Greg.”

    “And what case are you work on Sara?”

    “I am not on a case of yet, Nick.”

    “You can help me Sara.”
    “Grissom with you Warrick and he meet you at the scene.”

    “It not right that Catherine has to work a case when she just started to get over the flu and stomach flu, but you do not have to be on a case?”

    “Greg right I talk to Catherine this morning and she said that the only thing she kept down so far is water, so why is she on a case and not you. Catherine should be on one that gets to stay in the lab Sara not you.”

    “Ahem it is not my choice to stay in the lab Greg and Nick and it not because I am just get over having bronchitic either, I have felt great the last few days and hardly been coughing since the doctor put me on antibiotics to help fight the germ off.”

    “The why do you get to stay in the lab?”

    “Because I have a meet With Ecklie on Personal Issue that might cause me to miss some days in July and August Warrick.”

    At the same time Catherine walks into the break room with her right arm around her stomach and everyone in the room can tell that Catherine is still not feeling well. She walks up beside Greg and taps him on the left shoulder with her left hand.

    “Greg comes up, we need to go!”

    “I need to see why Sara might have to take sometime off in July and August!”

    “I am not telling right now you have to wait and see.”
    With that Sarah walks out of the break room and Nick, Warrick, Catherine and Greg watching Sara until she is out of sight, then the guy stands up from the chair they are sitting on, then the four of them walk out of the break room. At the same time Sara is knocking on Ecklie’s office door.

    “Who is it and what the hell do you want?”

    “Sara Sidle and we have a meet this morning.”

    “Come and sit down, so we can get this over with.”

    Sara walks into Ecklie’s Office and shut the door behind her. Sara then walks over to the chair that is in front of Ecklie’s des and sits down on the chair resting her hand on her stomach, which is a little upset this morning.

    “What is it that you need to tell me about Miss Sidle?”

    “Gil Grissom told me that I need to let you know I am pregnant and due day is during the second week of July. I need the paperwork to fill out so I can take maternity leave.”

    “You do not think you going to take from now to six weeks after the baby born off do you?”

    “No, I only want to take sometime off after the baby born.”

    “The longest you allow to take off for maternity leave is six weeks unless your obgyn write a note saying you have to take longer off for medical reasons.”

    “I plan on come back after two weeks off if my doctor allows me to.”

    Ecklie open up the bottom drawer on the right-side of his desk and pulls out the paperwork that Sara needs and then he hands her the paperwork. Sara take the paperwork and gives Ecklie a little smile and he smile back.

    “Fill them out and have the paperwork back to me by tomorrow morning if I am not here leave the paperwork on my desk. Now get out of my office and close the door behind you.”

    “All right.”

    Sara stands up from the chair and walks over to the office door. She open up the door and walks out of the office closes the door behind her. Sara then walks down the hallway and toward the locker room. A few minutes later Sara walks into the locker room and gets her purse out of her locker. Sara then grabs a pen out of her purse and start to fill out the paperwork for maternity leave. When Sara is done filling out the paperwork, she grabs her jacket and crime kit and heads toward Ecklie office and is glad to see Ecklie is not in there, she lays the paperwork on his desk then head out to her car. She then heads to the crime scene Catherine and Greg are working. After she gets to the crime scene, Sara gets out of her car and grabs her kit off the back and a few moment later walks up to the house and sees three girls and one boy sitting on the front porch staring into space. She walks over to Brass who trying to talk to them.

    “Brass have they tell you anything yet?”

    “No, they will not talk to me at all Sara.”

    “Let me try, you go tell Greg and Catherine I am here to help after I talk to the children.”

    Jim Brass walked into the house and Sara walk over and she sits down on the rail of the porch across from the children. Sara looks at the children, but none of them look at her.

    “Hi my name is Sara Sidle and I am with the Las Vegas crime lab. Can you tell me your names and ages?”

    “My name is Shannon Park and I’m twelve years old.”

    “I’m Sage and I’m seven years old.”

    “My name Sari, I am five.”

    “My name is Scott and I am fourteen.”

    “Hi Shannon, Sage, Sari and Scott are all your last names all the same?”


    “Shannon can you tell me what happened?”


    “When you are ready you can start and I will be write down what you tell.”

    “It starts like every evening once our dad gets home from work, he picks us up from school and daycare and brings us home, then we have dinner. But he gets mad a lot early then a normal day because Sean and Seanna are youngest brother and sister who are twins and two half year old was whine and would not eat, because they were not feeling well. I try to get them to be quiet, so Dad would not hit them but I could not get them to quiet down, the two of them were both running really warm so I take off the long sleeve shirts and pants and put on a pair of shorts and a T-shirt on both of them to see if that would help, but they still keep crying. Then Dad comes into the twin bedroom and start hit them and shake Sean till he stops move and crying, then he did the same to Seanna. He them push me down and hit me and pull off my pant and did what he did to me every night have sex with me, but this time I fight back and he hit me until I pass out.”

    “Scott can you tell me what happen next?”

    “Yes then our dad did the some to Sage and Sari.”

    “Scott did your dad do anything to you?”

    “He hit me till I pass out, when me and my sister come too, dad was no long here.”

    “Where is your mom Sage?”

    “I went down to the basement when I come too; which is where are mom art room is and I find her lay on the ground and she was not moving.”

    Jim Brass walks over to Sara and the children as the social work walk up to the house. Sara gives the children a small smile and they give her small smiles back, as Sara starts to talk.

    “Thank you that all I need from you and I have to go inside now.”
    “I guess we need to go check the basement out.”

    “Yes we do Brass.”

    “Hello I am Kate Hope and I am here for the children Miss. Sidle.”

    “I need you to take them to the hospital and have a nurse do a sexual assault kit on each of the girls and one of use will be there to take pictures of the bruise in a little while.”

    “Can it be you, Sara?

    “Shannon It will probably be I, Catherine and Greg seen that there are four of you and three of you are girls and one a boy.”

    “(All the children) ok.”

    Jim Brass and Sara walk into the house and at the same time Mrs. Hope and the children get into Mrs. Hope van to go to the hospital. Inside the house Jim Brass head down to the basement with David to see if what the children says about their mom was true and Jim and David finds that the children were telling the truth. Twenty minute after enter the house David walks over to Sara who is process the art room.

    “The two children and the mother are dead.”

    “Thank you for letting me know.”

    David walks away from Sara to go out to the van and get three body bags. Sara and Catherine collect the evidence off the body and inside the house, as Greg collect any evidence that on the outside of the house. Greg gives David a sad look as he walk by, at the same time Inside the house Catherine look over at Sara and see she is looking a little green.

    “Sara is everything ok, you are looking a little green. It seems like the smell is upset you stomach just like it is upset mine you not catching the flu/stomach flu that going around the lab are you?”

    “I am not catching the flu/stomach flu, it is something total different, gagging.”

    “What do you mean total different Sara?”

    “If I tell you will your promise not to tell anyone for right now, because I’m not ready for everyone to know?”

    “Sure Sara.”

    Sara takes a fast look around the room to make sure that she and Catherine are alone and when she sees no one else in the room and hears not one else in the house Sara start to talk.

    “I am pregnant.”

    :How far along are you?”

    “Twelve and half weeks, do you mind if I go outside and get some air?”
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    “No we are almost done in here anywhere, I will finish up. How about you go on a head to the hospital and get start on take pictures of the bruises that the children have and get the sexual assault kits form the nurse and when you finish with all four children meet us back at the lab.”

    “Sure Catherine.”

    Sara walks out of the art room and heads upstairs. She then walks out of the house. Sara then walks over to her car with her crime scene kit in her left hand and her
    Right-hand on her stomach and is hoping she not going to throw up in front of Greg that is taking casts of boot prints that are in the front yard. Sara puts her kit into the back of her car and a few minutes later Sara’s is driving to Desert Palm Hospital, where the children have been taken. Once at the hospital Sara take the pictures of the children bruises and find that the only place the father every hit Scott was on the arms and face, but on the girls he hit them everywhere. When Sara finishes taking the last pictures and walks out of the exam room door a nurse walks up to Sara with the three sexual assaults kits in her hands and gives Sara a sad look. Sara give her a sad look back.

    “What can you tell me about the kits Nurse Pitt?”

    “All three girls show signs of repeated sexual abuse Miss. Sidle.”

    “That what I thought, can you watch my kit, the camera and the sexual assault kits for me for a minute?”

    “Sure but why?”

    “I need to use the restroom.”


    With that Sarah runs to the restroom and make into a stall and lean over the toilet just in time, because as soon as lean over the toilet she starts throwing up. Once Sara has stop throwing up, she put a breath mint in her mouth then walk back over to nurse Pitt and get the camera, her crime scene kit and the sexual assault kits form the nurse. Then Sara walks out to her car and put the evidence into the backseat of her car. She then gets into the car, but just sits there behind the wheel for a few minutes thinking to herself God I hate the way I feel, Grissom the one guy I sleep with since coming to Las Vegas and he gets me pregnant. I feel this way because of him and I love him but he has it so easy, he gets to be happy about become a father without having to go through all the morning sickness or gain weight. Hell I would not change this for anything, I just wish that he could feel what I am going through sometimes. With that Sara starts her car up and pulls out of the parking space and a minute drive int to the lab to drop the evidence off. Ten minutes later Sara has check the evidences into the evidence room and then take the sexual assault kits to DNA. As Sara is walking out of the DNA lab Catherine walk up to her and the two of them goes to see Dr. Robbins. Dr. Robbins looks up when he sees Catherine and Sara walk into his lab.

    “Sara how are the three girls and the boy who are alive doing?”

    “Ok for what they have been through.”

    “Let starts with two half year old Seanna, there are signs of sexual assaults at lest two dozen times. The little girl was shaking to death along with her twin bother Sean and he was not sexual abuse.

    “What about the mom?”

    “Catherine, Mrs. Park was stab once in the heart and worse of all she was six weeks pregnant.”

    “That tells me way Greg found a knife covered in blood in the trash can outside the house.”

    “It does Catherine and how are you feeling today?”

    “Ok, I am still weak and have only keep water down so far but it feels good to be back at work.”

    “I am sorry Dr. Robbins and Catherine, but I need to be excused myself because the smell is get to me.”
    “Sure Sara go into the hallway and I will be out in a few seconds.”

    “I tell the two of you what I know so far when I know more I will sent the info over to you.”

    “(Sara and Catherine) thank you.”

    With that catherine and Sara out of the coroner lab and head to the CSI break room. Catherine walks over to the coffee pot and get some coffee, because she thirsty and is tired of drinking water. At the same time Sara lay down on the break room couch and rest her hands on her stomach, which is upset.

    “Sara’s do you what some coffee?”

    “No I just going to close my eyes for a few minutes and see if I can get my stomach to stop doing flip flops.”

    At the same time Greg comes run into the break room and up to Catherine with a look on his face that say he knows something that the two of them do not know.

    “Greg what is it?”

    “Wendy run the semen that was found on all four of the girls in our case and it was male of case. DO the two of you wants to guess it if the DNA matches any of the girls in the case?”

    “No Greg, just tell us?”

    “You do not have to snap at me Sara and it was the dad that sexual assault them.”

    Sara jumps up from the couch and run out of the break room. Sara then runs across the hallway and into the woman’s restroom that are across from the break room. Back in the break room Greg is stare at the restroom door that slammed shut behind Sara. Greg turns around and looks at Catherine.

    “Is Sara ok because she not looking to well?”

    “The antibiotics she been taking because of Bronchitic is just bothering her stomach is all.”

    “Ok, when she comes out let her know that Gil Grissom want to talk to her and he said to have her meet him in his office.”

    At the same time Sara walk up behind Greg with her right hand on her forehead and left hand resting on her stomach. Greg and Catherine looks at Sara and notice that she has a green tint to her face and that she is sweating too.

    “Thank you for tell that Gil Grissom wants to see me Greg.”

    “All you all right Sara?”

    “Yeah I am fine Greg.”
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    Sara turns away from Greg and Catherine and walks down the hallway toward Gil Grissom’s office. A few minutes later Sara walks into Gil Grissom office and close the door behind her. She then locks the door and then walks over to the shelf unit on the right-hand wall if standing in the door and turns the fan on high. At the same time Gil looks up from his desk and looks at Sara and he smile at her. Sara walks over to Gil’s desk and then walks behind the desk and walks behind Gil Grissom’s desk chair and then put her arm around his shoulder. Then Gil Grissom pull Sara onto his lap and he kiss her on the lips. After a minute Sara pull away from Grissom, then stand up and walk over to the chairs across from his desk. Sara walks over to the chair on the right-hand side and that near the fan if standing in the office door. Sara sits down on the chair, then leans back and rests her hands on her stomach. Sara then shut her eyes trying to block out how nausea she is.

    “What did you need to see me about Gil and we are at work you should not be so loveable to me here anyone could see as together?”

    “Sara we need to think about telling everyone about us going out, It is not like we will be able to hide that you are pregnant, once you start to show. That and I know Ecklie knows about it because he came and gave me a printout of the paperwork you filled out for maternity leave.”
    “He would not tell anyone would he?”

    “It is Ecklie, what do you think?”

    “That we are going to have to tell everyone soon then later, but I am not ready to tell them yet.”

    “Have you told anyone yet, beside me?”

    “I told Dr. Robbins about a half hour before I tell you about being pregnant, then I called and made an appointment to see a doctor because of the horrible cough, sore throat, being achy all over and running a fever and I told Catherine today!”


    “I am working the same case she is, she looks over at me and seen I look green and ask me if I was coming down with the flu/stomach flu that going around I told her no that it was something different, Catherine asks me why and I tell her I was pregnant, since the smell of the crime scene was making me nausea, but I told her not to tell anyone yet.

    “Catherine will keep her word and she will not tell anyone.”

    “I know that she already covered for me when I run off to the restroom across from the break room when Greg was talking to us about the DNA results on the case we are working on.”

    At the same time there is a knock on Grissom’s office door that makes Sara and Gil jump out of their chairs. Grissom walks over to the door and unlocks it, at the same time Sara take the black blazer that is over her white short sleeve blouse and put the blazer on the back of the chair she was sitting on. Sara sits down on the chair, as Gil Grissom open the officer door to see Greg and Catherine. He steps back from the door and then Catherine and Greg walks into Grissom’s office. Catherine walks up beside the chair that Sara is sitting on, as Gil walks over to his desk. Greg walks up behind the chair no one is sitting on and at the same time Gil sits down on his desk chair. Gil looks at Sara and then he looks at Greg and Catherine.

    “Can we steal Sara back, because we need her?”
    “what is up Catherine?”

    “We need to head back over to the crime scene because I just read Mrs. Park medical records and they said that Mrs. Park gave birth to ten children with Mr. Park and Greg, you, Brass and I only found the two boys and four girls.”

    “What was the sex of the other children?”

    “Three girls and one boy Sara. The boy is four and the three girls are one year old.”

    “How did we miss a four-year-old and three one-year-old girls, Greg?”

    “I have no idea Sara.”

    “Greg and Catherine I will meet you at the SUV. I need to get my crime scene kit out of my locker.”

    “That is fine Sara, Greg and I will head out to the SUV.”

    Greg and Catherine walks out of Gil Grissom’s office and grab they crime kit off the floor by Grissom’s office door, then start walking toward the main doors of the lab. Sara stay sitting on the chair in front of Gil’s desk with her hands resting on her stomach.

    “Are you feeling all right Sara, because it looks like your stomach is bothering you and you are sweating?”

    “I am having a hot flash and I also have morning sickness. I should get going.”

    “See you when you get back to the lab Sara.”

    Sara stands up and walks out of Gil’s office and head to the locker room to get her crime scene kit. A few minute later Sara walks outside and over to SUV two, which is the SUV Catherine and Greg are standing by. Greg takes Sara kit and put the kit in the back of the SUV with his and Catherine kits. Catherine opens up the driver door and Sara open up the front passengers’ door. The two female CSI gets into the SUV and at the same time Greg open up the back door behind the driver seat and gets into the SUV. As Greg is putting on his seatbelt, Sara turns the SUV air conditioning on. Sara then leans her seat back and starts resting her hands on her stomach again.

    “Why did you turn the air conditioning on Sara?”

    “Because I am hot Greg!”

    Catherine backs the SUV out of the parking space and drive to the exit of the parking lot and two minutes later there is a break in the traffic and Catherine turns left out of the parking lot exit and start driving to the crime scene, during the drive Catherine, Greg and Sara do not talk to each other. When they get to the house that the crime happened the three CSI just looks at each other before getting out of the SUV. A few moments later Sara, Greg and Catherine walk to the back of SUV and get out their crime scene kits. Then Sara, Catherine and Greg start to walk up to the house and Greg is not able to stand the quiet anymore.

    “Who want to look where?”

    “I will take the basement.”

    “That is fine Sara and I will take the upstairs, where do you want Greg?”

    “I search the first floor Sara and Catherine.”

    The three CSI goes back too not talking and once inside the house they head to where they said they were going look at. Sara heads to the basement and set her crime scene kit on the floor and open up the kit. She grabs a pair of gloves out of the kit and put on the gloves, then turn on her flash light on. Sara then starts walking the basement keep in mind that she is looking for a four-year-old boy and three one-years-old girls. Sara is making herself think about where the mom might hide four young children to keep them safe from they father. She looks under the staircase first, but does not see anything at first. So she starts walking away to search other spot, when Sara think that she hear something.

    “No crying Sise, dad is bad.”

    Sarah walks back over to the staircase and kneels down on the floor to get a close look and she sees a trapdoor under the staircase. Sara pulls her cellphone off her hip and text Catherine and Greg to come down to the basement because she has found something. As Sara wait for Catherine and Greg she talks to the boy through the trapdoor to let him know he and his sister are safe now and Sara also dusts the trapdoor for fingerprints.

    “Come out?”

    “Just one more minute.”

    At the same time Greg and Catherine walk down the staircase and then the two of them walk into the basement. Greg and Catherine walk over to Sara and then Catherine and Greg sits down on the floor next to Sara. Sara open up the trapdoor and the little boy reach up and hug Sara, then the three one-year-olds put their arms up.

    (Three girls) up, up, up.”

    Catherine reaches down and picks one up and put her in Sara’s free arm, Then pick the second girl up and hand her to Greg, but she would not let go of Catherine so with her free hand Catherine careful pulls the last little girl out.
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    Chapter Seven: Hot flashes part two
    Two hours after getting back to the crime lab from taken the three one-year-old girls and the four-year-old boy to the hospital to get check out and having SAFE kits (sexual assault kits) to see if the three girls had been sexual assault like they sisters. In addition the nurse found signs of sexual assault on the four-year-old boy, so the nurse does a SAFE kit on him too and the kits come back saying there had been sexual assault. Sara is now running fingerprints that were found at the scene through AFIS to see if there was anyone else in the house beside the family. Catherine had gone back to the hospital to pick up a SAFE kit that the nurse was now doing on the fourteen-year-old boy Scott. Sara’s starts thinking about the last name of the children and mother and Father in this case and Sara knows that she has heard the name somewhere before, but cannot place it. Sara looks away from the computer screen and look down at her stomach and notice the black dress pants she is wearing are getting a little tight on her and at the same time she starts fanning herself off with her left hand because of been hot again. Sara looks up at the computer screen and sees there is a match for one of the fingerprints that is in the system. Sara looks at the name that comes up and it is Steven Park’s that is the children father and was Mrs. Park’s husband before being killed by him. At the same time Gil Grissom walks up behind Sara and put his hands on her shoulder.

    “Sara did you find anything out?”

    “Mr. Park’s has an ex-girlfriend that passed charge on him for physical and sexual abuse.”

    “Have you, Catherine or Greg’s tried to finding any family members that could take the children?”

    “No, I will start on that now.”

    “Why can’t Greg or Catherine do it, you need to slow down Sara?”

    “Ahem Greg still out at the Park place reprocess the basement since that where we found the other four children hide spots.”

    Sara covers her mouth with her elbow and then start to cough into her elbow, when she starts coughing Sara picks up the bottle of water sitting on the table, then take the cap off the bottle. Sara takes a few drinks of water, then puts the cap back on the water bottle and sets the bottle on the table. At the same time Gil moves his right-hand to Sara’s forehead to see if her fever has come back because she look a little pale, tire and hot, but it does not feel like she is running a fever.

    “How about Catherine looks for family members Sara and you go lay down on the break room couch and rest.”

    “Catherine went to get the SAFE kit for fourteen-year Scott.”

    “I thought Scott said his father never did that to him and it also says in the note I read so far on this case his bruise was on his face and arms?”

    “Yes I did because it was the only place a nurse or I could see, but we found that the four-year boy was sexual assault, so we had to have him check.”

    “Then I will let you start search for family members that could take the children then.”

    “Ok and I will see you later.”

    Grissom walks out of the computer lab and heads to his office. A few minutes later Gil Grissom is rereading the notes from his case. At the same time Sara moves over to the second computer that is on her left seeing the first one is still running the fingerprints and pulls up a different database up. Sara then starts looking for any family members that might be able to take the children into their home. Sara tries Mrs. Park family first, but Mrs. Park was an only child and her parents were both died. Sara then types in Steven Park’s name into the computer and the result that come up shock Sara. She printout the result and then turn the computer off really fast. Sara then picks the printout and runs out of the computer lab and then run all the way to Gil Grissom office.
    When the door to his office open up and then slam shut a few second later Gil looks up from his desk and as Sara lock the door behind her. He notices that she is wind and look like she just sees a ghost. Sarah put the printout down in front of Grissom on his desk.

    “Sara what is wrong, baby?”

    “Gil looks at the names under sisters and bothers to Steven Park and the brothers and sisters children.”

    Sara tosses the printout to Gil Grissom and he looks at Sara with a worried look on his face. Then he picks up the printout and starts to read the printout out loud that Sara toss at him a few second ago.

    “Bothers is Bo Park, Bill Park (dead), Sisters is Lani Park, Lisa Park, Laura (Park) Sidle. Children of Bo Park are Ruth Park and Rad Park. Children of Bill Park are Tom, Tara and Terri all dead at the age of three years old in a car crush. Children of Laura (Park) Sidle is Saturn Sidle and Sarah Sidle. Both Lani and Lisa have no children.”

    Gil Grissom stop reading out loud and look up at Sara. As Sara sits down on the chair on the right side, if standing in the door of the office and across from Gil’s desk and then Sara put her head in her hands.

    “Sara did you know that your mom was relation to the dad? Did the Children mom have any family?”

    “No and no Gil.”

    “Do you want to be takes off the case Sara?”

    “No Gil I want to stay on the case, do not take me off.”

    “Whom do you think should get the children or do you want to take the children Sara?”

    “I have enough changes going on in my life right now and the children do no know me or that my mom is Laura (Park) Sidle, so no I do not want to take the children in beside my apartment only has one bedroom. Bo live in Alaska in the middle of no where and his son and daughter both works out of the country last I hear.”

    “That leave Lani or Lisa. Sara could either of them be hiding the children father?”

    “No, from What Scott told me when I talk to him about his father at the hospital, Steven was the younger children and he never talk to any of his bothers and sisters for two reasons because one was finish with high school when he was born and the second reason is he hates them and his mom and dad.”
    “Then I would try to get a hold of Lani, Lisa and Bo and let them know about Steven’s wife and two of his ten children was found dead and that as of right now Steven is missing and could be the killer.”
    “I think someone else should call them Gil.”
    “I will do it Sara.”

    “Thank you Gil and I need to take a break if you need me give me a call because I am going to run home and take a shower. I will be back in an hour and half.”

    “That is fine baby and take your time.”

    “See you later Gil.”

    “Bye Sara.”

    Sara stands up from the chair and then Sara walk to the officer door. A few minutes later Sara is outside and getting into her car. Ten minutes later she is at home and is taking a cold shower, after the shower Sara change into a pair of dark gray dress pant and a black short sleeve blouse. Then Sara head to her bedroom and lay down on her bed to close her eyes but ends up falling to sleep, as Sara sleeps she is having a dream about growing up in her Mom and Dad house. It is three a.m. on a Monday morning at the beginning of October and a six-year-old Sara wake up. Sara gets out of bed and then walk into her mom and dads’ bedroom. She tip toes over to the side of the bed that her mom sleeps on, trying not to wake her dad up. She reaches her mom side of the bed and lightly shakes her.


    “What Sara’s it 3:05 a.m.?”

    “I do not feel good.”

    “Does anything hurt Sara?”

    “Sniffling, my whole body.”
    Laura Sidle sits up in bed and then pick up Sara. Laura sits Sara on her lap and then feels her daughter forehead, which feels warm to the touch, at the same time Sara start sneezing into her hands.
    “You are running warm, let go take you temperature.”

    Laura stands up hold on Sara in her arms and the Laura walk into the bathroom into the master bathroom and get the thermometer out of the medicine cabin and take Sara’s temperature, a few minutes later Laura take the thermometer out of Sara’s mouth and see her daughter is running a fever.
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    Laura stands up hold on Sara in her arms and the Laura walk into the bathroom into the master bathroom and get the thermometer out of the medicine cabin and take Sara’s temperature, a few minutes later Laura take the thermometer out of Sara’s mouth and see her daughter is running a fever.

    “You have a fever Sara.”

    Laura give Sara some Children Tylenol and then take Sara to her bedroom. As Laura Sidle put Sara’s into bed, Mr. Sidle comes into his daughters’ bedroom and gab Laura by her arm and throw his wife against Sara’s bedroom wall.

    “I wake up and you were not next to me why did you get up?”

    “Sara wake me up because she is not feeling well.”

    Mr. Sidle grab his wife by the arm and then he start to shake her back and forth really hurt and Mrs. Sidle arm start hurting because he hold then really tight, she start crying, but her husband does not stop, which makes Sara start to cry.
    “You should told Sara to go back to sleep Laura!”
    “I had to check her temperature to see if she had a fever because Sara was run really warm.”

    “I do not care. “

    Mr. Sidle takes his hands off his wife arm and then slaps his wife across the face several time. Sara crawls to the end of her bed crying, there are tears running down her facing and Sara is also sneezing.

    “Stop hitting mom Ah-choo.”

    Mr. Sidle stops hitting his wife and he walks over to the end of his daughters’ bed and then her start hitting Sara across her face, which only makes her cry harder. Laura runs over to her husband and daughter and steps between then and gets slap hard in the side of the head by her husband, Mr. Sidle push his wife and of the way. Laura falls to the floor and Mr. Sidle goes back to hitting Sara.

    “I told you never to get in the middle of my and your mother fight Sara!”

    Mr. Sidle grab Laura by the arms and then drag his wife out of Sara’s bedroom and into they bedroom. Mr. Sidle then picks up his wife and throw her onto the bed. At this point in the dream Sara gets wakes up when her cellphone rings in her ear. She grabs the cellphone off the nightstand and see who is calling and sees Catherine is calling her. Sara flips the cellphone open and puts the cellphone up to her right ear.

    “Sara Sidle here.”

    “Sara’s I need you to go to the police station and question Mr. Park, Jim Brass is bringing him to the station right now.”

    “Can you do it?”

    “No I have a Doctor Appointment.”

    “Yawning what about Greg?”

    “Grissom had to put on another case that come in.”

    “Ok, I am on my way Catherine. Bye.”


    Sara takes the cellphone away from her ear and flips the cellphone shut. Then she gets out of bed and goes into the bathroom to comb her hair and brush her tooth. Two minutes later Sara attached her sidearm to the right side of her dress pant and then her badge on the pants by her sidearm. Sara’s hook her cellphone on the left side of the dress pant along with her pagers, then grab her purse and keys. Sara then leaves her apartment and head outside to her car in the parking lot. Ten minutes later Sara walks into the police station and see Jim Brass is waiting for her. Sara walks over to Jim who is standing by the second interrogation room.

    “Sara are ready to do this?”

    “No, but let get the question over with.”

    Jim Brass open up the door of interrogation room number two and then Sara walks into the interrogation room, followed by Jim Brass who close the door behind him. Sara drops the case folder on the table and then she looks at Steven Park, at the same time Jim Brass start to talk.

    “This Is Sara Sidle and she is from the LVPD crime lab. She is here to ask you some question about what happens at you house the other night.”
    “Did Brass tell you about your wife and your twin two-year-old son and daughter being killed?”


    “You do not seem to be sad or upset about this Mr. Park?”
    “why should I?”

    “Because if you love them, you would be upset about what happened to them, where were you the night they were killed and your other sons and daughters were sexual assault?”

    “At home!”

    “Then why were your children left by themselves and with the dead body of they mom, sister and bother?”

    “Because I did not want to be at the crime scene when the police get there!”

    “Did you do it Mr. Park?”

    “You know I did. It was my DNA that was left behind at the scene.”

    “Jim get him out of here.”

    “Sara do you know that you look like your mother Laura Sidle?”

    “Brass I Say get him out of here!”

    “You are under arrest for murder two of your children and wife. In addition for sexual assault your other children’s countless times.”

    Jim Brass walks over to Mr. Park and handcuff him, then pull Mr. Park out of the car and over to the door. Sara open up the door of the room and Jim Brass lead Mr. Park out of the room and as soon as Jim and Mr. Park are out of the room Sara shut the door and then sit down on the chair that on the right-hand side and her back is to the door. Sara then put her head down on the table and start to cry. It takes Sara a few minutes to get herself together and then she leaves the room. Sara then leaves the police station and head to the crime lab to let Gil Grissom know what happened at the police station.
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    Chapter eight: Twins
    A week and half later Sara and Gil are at Sara obgyn office for Sara prenatal check up, with Dr. Moonstar. There are back in exam room number four and the room has white walls with posters of a baby or babies in utero. Gil is hold Sarah hand as the doctor and the two of them are listening to the baby heart beat. Gil has a huge smile on his face, because this is his first time hearing the baby heartbeat, Sara heard it once already at here eight week check up. Sara turns her head and looks at Gil then smiles at him. A few minutes later Gil and Sara turn the head toward the female doctor that has dark brown eyes, dark brow hair that is just past her shoulder in length that is pull back into a bun and is five feet seven inches tall. In addition the doctor is wearing a pair of black dress pants and a lavender long sleeve blouse under her white lab coat, the reason Sara and Gil turn they head toward the doctor is because the doctor started to talk.

    “You are doing at the beginning of July and I find two baby heartbeats, I thought that I hear two heartbeats at your eight-week check up, because I want to see if it happened at two appointments and it did.”

    Gil lets go of Sara’s hand and give her a look of shock and then gives the doctor the same look, he clears his throat and few times and then try to speak by no words comes out of his mouth. A minute later he is able to get words out.

    “Two heartbeats, are you a hundred percent sure Dr. Moonstar?”


    “When will you be able to tell us the sex?”

    “Sara I will be able to tell you and Gil the sex of the babies when you come back to seen me in five weeks and we do the first ultrasound.”

    Dr. Moonstar check the growth of Sara stomach next and Gil and Sara just look at each other the rest of the appointment but do not say anything to each other. When the appointment end Sara and Gil walk out of the doctors office holding each other hands, a few minutes later Gil is starting up his sliver 2007 ford escape. Sara turns her head and look at Gil with a big smile on her face and he smiles back at her. Gil can tell by just looking at Sara that something is on her mind.

    “What is it Sara?”

    “We need to start searches for a house together!”


    “Gil my apartments nor your townhouse is big enough for one baby let alone two. There is one bedroom in my apartment and your townhouse has one large bedroom and second small room that you use as an office because it too small for a twin bed!”

    “You are right Sara, we have time to kill before our shift starts do you want to start looking now?”

    “Let stop at a gas station and pick up a newspaper and see what houses are on the market and that have open house today?”

    “Sound like a great idea.”
    Gil backs out of the parking space and a few minutes later pulling into a gas station. He parks the SUV and then runs into the gas station to buys a newspaper. Two minutes later when then get to his SUV he hands Sarah the newspaper and she finds the houses for sale section then start looking at it and highlights the house that they want to look at and that have opening houses. Gil drives to the first house right away and the two of them looks at eight house before Gil pulls up in front of the last house they have time to look at, which is in Fairwick Street and in Catherine Willows’s neighborhood and the house is on the right-hand side of Catherine’s house. Gil puts the SUV into the parked position and the turns the SUV off, he then take his keys out of the SUV.
    “Gil are you sure that you want to look at this house because it will let the cat out of the bag that we are dating each other and Catherine will then figure out that you are the babies’ father?”

    “You told me that you told Catherine you are pregnant and I thought you tell her who the father is already?”

    “No I just told her I was pregnant.”
    “We are here and it won’t hurt to check the house out, beside neither of us has like any of the other house we look at today.”

    “Because there were really old and need a lot of work Gil.”

    “This one a newer house at lest.”

    “Then let go look at the house Gil.”

    Gil and Sara get out of the SUV and then walk up to the front porch of the light tan two story houses, which door is on the left-hand side of the house. As they are walking up to the house, Gil sees there is a two-car garages with an apartment above on the right-hand side behind the house. A minute later the retailer open up the brown front door and let Gil and Sara into the house and first things the two of them see is off to their left and it is a small mud room to hang your coat in and to keep your shoes. The retailer then shows Sara and Gil into the living room that is on the right-hand side of the house and behind the two car garage. A few minutes later the retailer shows them the huge kitchen that is at the back of the house and the downstairs bedroom that door is on the left-hand side of the kitchen when you enter the room and then the retailer show Sara and Gil the basement. Gil see that Sara has a huge smile on her face as looking around the basement.

    “What do you think so far Sara?”

    “I love it so far, I really love how they turn the basement into a library Gil.”
    “You are a big reading I take it?”

    “Yes and I also like the fact there is downstairs bedroom with a bathroom and that there even a bathroom down here.”
    “I will show you the upstairs now.”

    The retailer leads the way up the basement stairs and Sara and Gil follow the retailer to the staircase to the second floor is on the right and across from the front door. The three of them head up to the second floor and the first room the retailer show Sara and Gil the rooms on the second floor of the house. As Sara and Gil are walking downstairs to the first floor Gil looks over at Sara and for the first time in a long time he can’t tell want Sara is thinking.
    “Sara do you want the house?”

    “I love it, do you love and want the house too?”


    “But can we afford it?”

    “Of cause we can.”

    The retailer show Gil and Sara into the kitchen and Sara and Gil fills out the paperwork and Gil offers three times more then the owner of the house was asking, because he and Sarah both really want this house and the two of them both agrees with the retailer the house was under price. Once the paperwork in filled out Gil takes a deep breath and then start to talk.

    “How long before we know if the owners agree to the price we offer them?”

    “I will let you know within a day or two.”

    (Gil and Sarah) thank you.”

    A few minutes later Sara and Gil walk up to Gil SUV and the two of them both looks at the time and see there is enough time to get something to eat before going into work for the night.
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    Chapter Nine: Kidnapping
    Gil and Sarah walk into the crime lab an hour before the shift starts and Gil goes to his office, as Sarah goes to the break room. Once in his office Gil gets to work on case paperwork he is behind on and Sara working on case paperwork she needs to catch up on in the break room. Catherine is the next CSI to walk into the break room and she walks into the break room three minute before the night shift start. Catherine sits down at the break when table in the second and next to Sara and the two CSI backs are to the sectional couch and Catherine sees Sara is staring into space. Catherine also notice Sara is try not to let the smell of the chicken Enchiladas Hodges is making get to her.

    “Sara, earth to Sara.”


    “Sara what is going on because you were staring into space when I walk into the break room?”

    “Nothing really.”

    “Sara there is to something up?”

    “ Yes there is the enchiladas Hodges is heat up in the microwave and the smell is turning my stomach.”

    The microwave beep and Hodges take his enchiladas out of the microwave. He then walks over to the break room table and sits down on the chair across from Sara and start eaten his enchiladas. Sara shut the folder to the case paperwork she was working on and then jump out of the chair she was sitting on and runs into the women restroom across from the break room. Hodges stop eating and looks up at Catherine.

    “What is Sara problem because she runs out of here like she had a bee in her pant?”

    “She can’t watch people eat meat and you are eating a chicken enchiladas.”
    As Catherine finish talking Grissom, Nick, warrick and Greg walk into the break room and Nick sit down the chair that is on Catherine right, Greg sit down next to Hodges and Warrick sit down on the chair next to Greg. At the same time Gil start talking.

    “where is Sara at Hodges?”

    “She is in the restroom.”

    Greg who has been sniff the air since walking into the break room, has put and sour look on his and has starting looking around the break room try to figure out what making the awful smell in the break room.

    “What is that smell?”

    “That would be what Hodges is eat and it does smell awful, I’m going to go check on Sara.”

    “Thank you Cath and Hodges leaves the break room with you food now!”

    “But I can’t eat in the trace lab!”

    “Go to the waiting area and eat just do it far away from my team.”


    Hodges stand up and pick up his plate, then walks out of the break room and Catherine walks out of the break room after Hodges and goes to check on Sara. A few minutes later Sara and Catherine walks into the break room and sit down at the table in the chair they were sitting on earlier. Gil take a breath and then he start to talk to his team.

    “Let get down to business Sara and Nick’s you are on a 418 Missing Person. At the Palms and you need to go to penthouse 15.”

    “Who is missing?”

    Sara two boys name Jay and Chad the sons of Britney Times the singer that is hitting big in Las Vegas right now.”
    “We are on it, Grissom.”

    “That is good to know Nick and I will give the rest of your assignments to all of you in a few minutes I need to talk to Sara before she and Nick leave.”

    “Nick’s I meet you at the SUV and you are driving.”

    Sara and Nick stand up and then Sara, Nick and Gil walk out of the break room, Nick head to the locker room to get his crime scene kit and Sara and Gil walk to Gil’s office and one in Gil’s office he closes the door.

    “what is it you need to tell me about?”

    “We get the house the retailer call me ten minute before our shift started.”

    Sara jumps into Gil arms and the two of them hug and then the two of them start kisses each other. A few minute later Gil and Sara stop kissing, Sara is still in Gil arms, so he sit her on her feet, then Gil start walking to the office door and step in front of the door.

    “You better get going Sara.”

    I will see you later.”

    “See you later Sara.”

    Gil open up the office door and Sara walk out first and Gil follows Sara out of his office. Sara head to the locker room to get her crime scene kit and Gil head to the break room. Once in the break room Gil walk up to the end of the break room table and looks at the rest of the CSI.

    “Catherine and Warrick you are on a 419 Dead Body/420 Homicide. Here is paper with the location.”

    Catherine take the paper and looks at it then hand the paper to Warrick who looks tired. Then Catherine and Warrick stand up and leave the break room and at the same time Gil is looking at Greg.

    “Greg you are with me and we are on a 422-Officer Down/419 Dead body.”

    “Is the officer dead or a the person that cause the officer to be down?”

    “The officer is dead.”

    “Where did this happen at?”

    “Right outside the Palms.”

    “Could this have any thing to do with the missing children?”
    “We are not sure that way we are working both scene as if there are two cases for right now.”

    Greg stands up for the chair and then he and Gil leave the break room to get the crime scene kits. Meanwhile Nick and Sara are standing outside the door Palms penthouse number 15 and Nick is knocking on the frame of the open door frame before enter the penthouse. Sofia waves for them to come in, as Nick and Sara walk into the penthouse and over to Britney Times. Sara notices that Britney is crying and Sara also notices the singer has light brown eyes and light brown hair that shoulder length, as she is sitting down next to the singer on the couch.

    “I’m Sara Sidle and that Is Nick Stokes we are from the LVPD crime lab.”

    “(Crying) find my sons please, the two of them are everything to me.”

    “We will find your sons I promise you.”

    “Can you give us something that has the boys smell on it, we are going to use the scent dog to see if we can pick up the scent of which way they went?”
    “The boy’s baby blankets are lying on the beds in they bedroom, I will go get them for you.”

    “I will come with you.”

    Sara and Britney Times stand up from the couch and then Britney Times leads Sara to the second bedroom. Once in the bedroom Sara puts on a pair of gloves and takes Jay’s baby blanket out of his crib and then put the blanket into a bag. Sara then walks over to the toddler bed and pick up Chad’s blanket and put the blanket in another bag. Sara then looks at the picture of Britney Times with her two sons and they father Ken that is on the bedside table.

    “That picture was take right after Jay was born.”

    “Your boys are very cute. Do you have an update picture of the boys so when can put the picture on the news with the Amber alert?”

    “Yes in the big envelope on the coffee table I just get the pictures this morning.”

    “Can you can pick one pictures for each of the boys out or one of the boys together, as you are doing this, I will give the baby blankets to Nick because he is going with the two police officer and the two dogs.”

    Britney Times walk out of her boy’s bedroom and then walk into living room and over to the couch. Britney Times sits down on the couch and then start gonna through the picture. At the same time Sarah walks over to Nick and gives him the two bag blankets.

    “You want me with the police and the dogs?”

    “Yes if you do not mind, I still have problems catching my breath when I walk to fast or run.”

    “No Problem Sara I will let you take the penthouse to look for any evidences the kidnapper could have left behind and do not forget to get toothbrushes or combs, so we have a DNA sample for each of the boys.”

    “I won’t Nick.”

    Nick walks out of the penthouse and Sara walk back over to Britney Times and Sofia. Sofia who was talking to Britney about if there was anything they needed to know about her sons like medical problems, when Sara walks up to them. Sofia does not stop talking as Sara sits down on the armchair across from the couch.

    “I need to talk to Miss Sidle for a minute, then I finish up with you.

    “That fine detective Curtis.”

    Do you what me to finish talking to Britney Times outside?”

    “No, I can process the penthouse with her inside, I might need to ask something as I process the penthouse.”

    “Britney does Sean have a tooth brush yet?”

    “Yes Miss. Sidle it is the Winner the pooh Baby toothbrush in the toothbrush hold on the bathroom sink.”
    “I am going to have to take that to, do you have anything that could give us a DNA sample for Jay?”

    “The only thing is the dirty diaper that lay on the changing mate on the floor over there, I had just change Jay diaper but I forget his pajama, so I pick up Jay and take him into the boys room and change him into the Pajama in the room then lay him down for the night. I was just getting ready to throw it away when the kidnaped break in and take them.

    Sara stands up and walks past the couch and over to the changing mat where dirty diaper is at. Sara then bent down and picks up the dirty diaper and put the diaper into an evidence bag. Sara then seals the evidence bag.

    “Did you see who take them?”

    “No, the people who take the boys was wearing black hoods over they faces.”

    “Sofia’s you can finishing talking to Britney Times now and I will finish up here as soon as I can Britney.”

    “Take you time, searching the penthouse if it could help you find anything that could bring them back soon Miss. Sidle.”

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    Sara walks into the bathroom and gets Chad toothbrush and put the toothbrush into a bag. Sara then searches the rest of the penthouse, but the people that take the boys know what they were doing and they do not leave any trace evidence behind or any fingerprints, at the same time outside the two dogs loss the sene of the boys in the parking garage. Nick head back inside to let Sara know and then the two of them go back to the crime lab. Once at the crime lab Sara and Nick are looking over the notes from what Britney Times told Sofia and the two of them are in the break room sitting on the couch when Gil and Greg walk into the room and over to them.

    “Grissom we are getting nowhere here. Who even take Chad and Jay knows what they were doing because there was no trace evidence anywhere at the penthouse and the kidnappers wore black hoods over they face.”

    “Ok Sara and Nick do you have anything to say?”

    “Yawning I was with the dogs who lost the sene at the parking garage.”
    “Sara and Nick the police officer that was killed is relation to your case, a pacifier was laying on the sidewalk by him and Wendy just matched the DNA from the Pacifier to the dirty diaper of Jay.”

    “So he was kill trying to stop the kidnap from take Chad and Jay?”

    “Yes he was Sara.”
    “Why did the dogs not pick Jay smell up then Grissom?”

    “Because Greg had already bag it and put the bag in the SUV to take it back to the lab seeing that it was the only evidence at the scene.”

    At the same time Sofia runs into the break room and over to Nick, Sara and Gil and Sofia has a note in an evidence bag. Sofia hand the bagged note to Sara, as Greg pours himself a cup of coffee.

    “I was just get ready to leave the penthouse when this note for Britney Times was dropped off from the kidnappers.”
    Sara put on a pair of gloves and take the note out of the bag and read the note. Sara then drops the note on the table, Nick puts on a pair of gloves. Nick clear his throat and then he read the note out loud to Sara, Greg, Sofia and Gil.

    “Britney Times, you break are friends’ heart by filing for a divorce, so we are breaking your heart by taking your sons, you will hear from us again. We are somewhere in Nevada until then I hope you are as sad as Ken is. The kidnappers”

    Sara stands up from the couch and run of to Gil Grissom. Then Sara starts hitting Gil’s chest and she starts yelling at the top her lungs, which hurts everyone ears and wakes up Nick and Greg who were both falling to sleep.

    “Gil we need to find the people that kidnappers that take Britney Times sons ASAP.”

    “Sara every patrol officer is looking for the boys. Nick’s take the latter to trace and see if they can get anything off of the letter, then take the envelope to Wendy and see it there is any DNA on it. After the letter and envelope is finish in trace and DNA check for finger paints on the letter and the envelope.”
    ‘I am on it, but what is Sara going to do Grissom?”

    “Sara and I are going to go back to the penthouse and talk to Britney Times and Greg will be helping you, Nick.”

    Nick stands up from the couch then he and Greg leave the break room Nick take the note to trace and Greg takes the envelop to DNA. At the same time Gil close the break room door and then he pulls Sara over to him and hugs her trying to calm Sara down, but it is not working.
    “(Crying) we have to find them, they are only a year old and four months old Gil. They are so small.”
    “I know baby, we will find them let go talk to Britney Time maybe she can tell us if any of her ex-husband friends would do something like this.”


    Sara and Grissom head out to one of the crime lab SUV and get into the Suv. Gil turns the SUV on and a few minutes later are on the road head to the Palms. During the drive to the Palms Sara is sitting on the passenger seat and she is still crying. Gil stop for a red light and looks over at Sara.

    “Sara you need to get yourself together before we get to the Palms.”

    “I’m try Gil, its just really upsetting that someone would steal her boys.”

    The traffic light turns green and Gil looks both way, then start to drive through the intersection.

    “I know, take a few deep breathe and then grab a tissue and wipe your eyes Sara.”

    “Ok Gil.”

    Sara turns her head away from Gil and looks out of the SUV window. Sara has just stop crying as Gil pulls into the parking garage of the Palms. Sara and Gil get out of the SUV and then walk to the doors of the Palms. The two CSI heads into the Palms and then up to Britney Times penthouse. Sofia is already inside of the penthouse when Sara and Gil get there. Sofia walks over to Gil and Sara when they walk through the door and start talking to them.

    “What take the two of you so long?”

    “It is my fault I had to use the restroom before leave the lab.”

    “That all right Sara, you had a rough few weeks with work double shift and then getting sick.”

    Sara, Gil and Sofia walk over to the couch that Britney Times is sitting on. Sara sit down on the armchair across from the couch and Gil stand behind the armchair. Sofia take a sit on the couch next to Britney Times.

    “Britney I know that you meet Miss. Sidle already, But you have not meet the CSI that come with her this time and his name is Gil Grissom.”

    “Hi Mr. Grissom, I wish that I was meeting you under better circumstance.”
    “Me too and we read the note the Kidnappers sent. Do you know of any of your ex-husband friends that would do something like this?”

    “Yes two of them.”

    “Can you tell us they names?”

    “Yes Miss. Sidle, T-ball Hems and Fast ball Hems.”

    “Is that they real names?”

    “Yes Mr. Grissom.”

    “(Sara and Gil) Thank you.”

    At the same time Sara cellphone start ringing, she takes the cellphone off of her hip and looks at the caller ID and sees that Nick is calling her. Sara flips the cellphone open and then put her cellphone up to her right ear.

    “Sara Sidle here
    “Hi Sara we get fingerprints off of the envelope.”

    “Do there match a T-ball Hems or a Fast ball Hems?”

    “Yes there do and we know where the boys are at. The boys are at the three inn and they are in room ten, Brass is already there and he waiting for you and Grissom to get the three inn.”

    “Thank you for let me know, me and Grissom will head right three.”

    Sara flip her cellphone close and put the cellphone back on her hip. Sara then stand up from the armchair and look at Gil Grissom, then touch his right arm. Gil puts his left hand onto Sara hand.

    “What is it?”

    “The fingerprint on the envelope match t-ball and fast ball and the boys are at the three inn in room ten.”
    “Are my boys alright Miss. Sidle?”

    “As far as I know yes. Gil Grissom and I are going to go over there right now, the three of you should be back together by tonight at the last.”

    “Thank you.”

    Sara and Gil leave the penthouse and walks through the Palms to the main doors, then heads to the parking garage. A few minutes later Gil Grissom is driving to the three inn. Once at the three inn Sara and Gil’s grab they crime scene kits and then get of the SUV. Then the two of them head to room ten. As Sara walk through the door of room ten Chad jumps off the bed further from the door and runs toward Sara. Sara kneel down in front of Chad and look at him.

    “Are you Chad.”

    “Yes I want my mom.”

    “You will soon her soon Chad.”

    “Sara go with the boys to get check out at the hospital, I will process the scene.”

    Sara Smile at the two boys, Brass head Sara the two carseat that the child welfare agent drop off. Sara and Jim Brass walks out to the SUV and Jim help Sarah put the carseat into the backseat of the SUV. Sara walks back into room ten and pick up Jay who laying on the first bed and take Chad left hand. The three of them walk outside and over to the SUV. Sara put Jay into the infant carseat and Brass them help her get help Chad into her carseat. A few minutes later Sara is driving to Desert Palm Hospital. Once at the hospital a nurse take Sara, Chad and Jay back to a private examine room and after a few minutes a doctor come into the exam room to look at Jay and Chad and make sure they have no injuries and finds the boys are injury free. Sara sit and plays with the boys to Britney Times get to the hospital. When Britney Times walks into the examine room she run over to her boys and gives them each a huge.

    “Miss. Sidle thank you so much for find my boys and tell Mr. Grissom thank you too.”

    “We just did are job, but I’m really glad we find them in time. By the way you son are even cute in person and the two of them are really nice and Jay is a really calm baby.”

    “Do you have any children Miss. Sidle you seem so good with my sons?”

    “No, but I’m pregnant.”

    “How far along are you?”

    “I Just enter my fifteen week.”

    “I should be get the boys home now, but as I say before thank you for find them.”
    Britney and Chad Times wave as the three them leave the exam room. Sara waits a few minutes then walks out of the exam room. Sara then goes back to the hotel and gets there just as Gil finish up processing the room. Sara’s switch to the passenger seat as Gil put the evidences into the SUV and a few minutes later Gil drives to the lab to check the evidences into the evidence room and clock him and Sarah out of work. After leave the crime lab Sara and Gil go over to Sara place and finish packing up her things and loads the boxes and bags into Sara’s car. Then the two of them go to Gil’s townhouse to finish his packing and the two of them stay over at Gil’s townhouse for the night because tomorrow morning they are moving into they new house.
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    Author note: both Catherine family issue and Longest month of Sarah Sidle life are now in the same week and the actually day the two fan fictions are on is Saturday. Both story are still working different case.

    Chapter Ten: Moving Day

    The next morning after the movers have unloaded all the boxes of Gil and Sara books and brought the boxes into the house and downstairs to the basement, Sara is unpacking the boxes and put the books onto the bookcases. Meanwhile Gil is helping the movers unload the rest of the boxes and bring them into the house. Ten minutes into putting books onto the bookcases Sara hears someone coming down the basement staircase. Sara turns her head toward the staircase and sees Lindsey Willows steps off the last step of the basement staircase and start walking toward her. A minute later start helping Sara’s unpack the books and put them onto the bookcases.

    “My Mom and I saw Gil and you pull your SUV into the grange and one moving trunk pull into the driveway and another park beside the sidewalk, so we come over and offer to help the two of you unpack. My mom sent me to unpack boxes of books with you, she does not want me carrying any of the boxes she thinks the boxes would be too heavy for me.”

    “She is right you know.”

    “She told you that I am pregnant? Just like she told Gil Grissom?”

    “Yes she did, but do not feel bad because Gil will not let me carry any of the boxes either. He says it is not safe for pregnant women to carry heavy items because it could hurt the baby or in my case babies.”
    “Sara have you told the rest of your co-worker about being pregnant yet?”

    “No, I only told Gil, Catherine, Ecklie and you know as of right now. I am going to have to tell them soon.”
    It takes Sara and Lindsey a while to put the books away because there are lots of books to put on the bookcases. Sara and Lindsey have just get finishing putting the books on the bookcases when it is time for Sara, Catherine, and Gil to get ready for work. Catherine and Lindsey head home and at the same time Sara and Gil head upstairs and into they bedroom to get ready for work. It takes Sara awhile to get dress because it seems like all her pants are getting too small, she finally finds an older pair of black dress pants that have not been worn in awhile because the pant was very loose on her, but when she put the pant on there fit perfectly. Sara then puts on a black blouse and a few minutes later walk downstairs and see Gil waiting by the front door wearing a blue dress shirt and black suit pants. The two of them walk outside and head to Gil’s SUV. Once at the crime lab Gil head to his office and Sara head to the break room and to the counter, then bent over and get a bottle of water out of the mini-refrigerator not knowing that Nick, Greg and Warrick who are sitting at the break room table are watching her very closely. Sara walks over to the table after get her bottle of water and see the guys are staring at her.

    “Guys way are you staring at me?”

    “Staring we are not staring.”

    “Greg all of you is staring at me, so stop and tell me way you are staring at me.”

    The guys are just looking at each other then back to Sara and the same time Sara and Greg was talking Hodges walks by the break room and over hear what they were saying. Hodges stop walking and turn around then he walks into the break room. Hodges stops beside Nick and then look at Sara, who is waiting for someone to answer her question.

    “Now you are staring at me Hodges, stops it.”

    “Sara have you been gaining weight, because your dress pants are starting to look tighter and so is your black blouse?”

    At the same time Gil and Catherine who drinking from a twenty-oz bottle of Canada Dry Ginger Ale walks into the break room and over to Sara, Nick, Warrick and Hodges and looks at Sara who looks mad and like she could start yelling at any moment. Sara look at Gil then takes a few deep breathe before speaking.

    “I guess I can’t put this off anymore I am pregnant.”

    (Nick, Warrick, Greg and Hodges) who is the father?”

    Gil look at Sara and she shake her head yes at him and then Gil walks up beside Sara and looks at Hodges, Greg, Warrick and Nick then he start to talk.

    “I am the father and it not a baby, it is Babies!”

    “I am having twins.”

    Nick, Warrick, Greg Stand up and then Hodges, Nick, Warrick and Greg run over to Sara and Gil and give them each a big hug, as they tell them congratulate on the babies. As Nick, Warrick and Greg hug Sara she can tell the three of them are running low grade fevers and that Greg having a hard time breathe through his nose. Then all the CSI sits down at the table and wait for Gil to give them the assignments for the day. After a few minutes they get tired of wait and start to reach for the assignments sheets.

    “Stop grabbing my paperwork . I will tell you who on what in a second because I am think about who I want on the two case we have tonight.”

    “There is only two case, then can I go home I’m not feel good.”

    “Yes Greg and no you can not go home.”

    (Warrick and Nick) can I go home I not feel good either?”

    “No I am sent Sara and Catherine home!”

    “But why Gil?”

    “because I am the supervise and I said so Nick.”

    “Come on Sara and Catherine are both health now, they can work the cases!”

    Greg I want Sara out of the lab seeing that she is pregnant and the flu/stomach flu is still going around and she does not need to come down with it.”

    “Ok I understand that one, but what about Catherine?”

    “Lindsey does not feel good this evening and neither is her boyfriend that is stay at our house because of injury to his knee doing the school shoot at Las Vegas high and I still not feel well, Warrick.”

    “I would not feel to hot either if I get shoot in the knee. Ok I have no problem with Cath going home see that Lindsey and Kevin are only fifteen.”

    “Sniffling What about you Gil?”

    “I’m taking a day off Greg, I do not need to get the flu/stomach flu either see that Sara and I are living together. Nick and Greg you are on a double 420 Homicide. Warrick you are on a 401A Hit and Run, now get to work.”

    “(Nick, Warrick and Greg) come on Gil, I do not feel good let me go home?”

    “The three of you do not look sick or sound sick now go to work.”

    “(Nick, Warrick and Greg) fine.”

    Nick, Warrick and Greg give Grissom an evil looks and then stands up from the chair there are sitting on. The three male CSI walks out of the break room and head to the locker room and their crime scene kits. A few minutes later Nick, Warrick and Greg head out to the parking lot. Greg and Nick get into one SUV and Warrick in another then head out to the crime scenes. At the same time Catherine head back home to get some rest and Gil and Sara heads home to unpack some more. Fifteen minutes later at the crime scene of the double Homicide Greg and Nick are walking into the house and Nick can smell the iron and copper in the air, as soon as they enter the house but Greg who has nasal congestion cannot smell anything. The smell make Nick stomach feels like it in his throat and once Greg sees the bodies his stomach also feels like it is in his throat too. The two CSI processes the crime scene as fast as they can and then run outside and across the street to the Wendy fast food restaurant and go straight to the men’s room and both of them get sick to they stomach. Meanwhile Warrick walking over to the car that was in the hit and run, when he is near the car Warrick sees the dead body of the driver and the front half of the body is through the windshield of the car and seeing this makes Warrick start gagging. He set his crime scene kit and the camera down and runs away from the car and starts getting sick to his stomach. Brass walks over to Warrick with a worried look on his face.

    “Warrick are you all right?”

    “I am not sure, can you take pictures of the car with the dead driver and the dead passengers for me and let me know when the coroner has removed the bodies, then I will process the scene.”

    “Sure Warrick, go sit in the crime lab SUV and let your stomach settle down.”

    “Thank you Brass.”

    Jim walks over to where Warrick set down his kit and the camera and then Jim Brass start taking pictures of the crime scene. Warrick has made it half way back to the crime lab SUV when he starts getting sick to his stomach again. Meanwhile at Sara and Gil place, Sara and Gil are in the master bedroom and Sara is sitting on the bed watching Gil unpack the bedroom boxes.

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