The Last Movie You Saw - Thread 4

That tap dancing on rollerskates bit was phenomenal! Still impossibly cool to see today, too. Those were his own skates and they just slipped over his shoes, making all the moves he made in that scene all the more incredible.

Sigh... they don't make 'em like Gene anymore. Man, I think it's time pull Singin' in the Rain out again. It's been a while. :)
I watched a movie called Spring Breakdown the other day. Okay except for the fact that the movie had Justin Hartley shirtless on a beach for a majority of the movie, it was awful. Amy Poehler wasn't really funny in this one (not Saturday Night Live) her forced humor made the movie a drag. Parker Posey was also in it and I don't think she's did anything note worthy, quite frankly the only movie I like with her in it is Dazed and Confused and that was made years ago. Rachel Dratch (also from Saturday Night Live) is a plan out creepy character that just made me roll my eyes. She's also one of the actress who tried to hard to be funny, when the humor is forced I think the movies suck and this one sucked out loud.

I watched The Hangover movie last night with my friends....It is a good movie to watch....We all like this lovely comedy and crime movie....
Yesterday I saw "Babies". For those of you who are unfamiliar with it, it's a documentary that follows four babies from different parts of the world (Namibia, Mongolia, San Francisco, and Tokyo) for their first year of life.

I give it a 4.5/5. It was fascinating to see what it's like to be an infant in a nonwestern part of the world. Growing up was both remarkably similar and different. The customs may vary- for example, in Namibia, Ponijao (the Namibian baby that was followed) didn't wear a diaper of any kind, and her mom kept her bald by cutting her hair with a sharp knife. However, she made the same noises, put things in her mouth, and smiled just like all the other babies.

Plus, I'm a sucker for babies in general. So a feature length film of literally JUST babies discovering the world is guaranteed to make my heart melt.
Primal- god this movie was awful. First of all, I ffwd through a lot because it was blabbing about unimportant crap that I didn't give a rat's hiney about. :lol: Secondly, the creature didn't look that good to me (you could tell too much that it was a guy in a suit). Third, whenever there was a kill, the "blood" would get on the camera and it looked like colored water.
The Marine 2

Actually, I kind of liked this one. For the actor to be a wrestler that is not as popular as John Cena, I think he did a much better job that John Cena did in the first movie. I don't really enjoy any of Cena's movies to be honest, but Ted did a good job with this considering it was his first movie :)
I saw Robin Hood and I liked it, actually. I can see how it was a sort of "foundation" movie where they could jump off and do another one- which I hope they do. I'd heard so many varied opinions on this one that I wasn't sure what to expect. However, I was never bored (like some) or had any trouble connecting with the characters because of the constant forward push of the plot (like others), and I thought all the actors did really great work. I'd give it a 7/10.
Iron man 2

I really liked this movie, it have great music !! I think I liked this more than the first :D
Forrest Gump :D

I love this movie ... seriously who doesn't. This is one of the movies that I can sit and watch over and over and there's only a select number of movies that I can watch that many times. It came on tv and I thought what the heck :lol: