The Last Movie You Saw - Thread 4

Invictus. I was expecting to be depressed from another one of many movies Directed by Clint Eastwood. I actually like this movie, though, I couldn't consider it a favorite of mine. So, that's Rugby. As a Western-environment-raised individual, I wish I'd knew more of the purpose of long group huddles.
Iron Man 2.Nice movie but I think the first one was better.

That was the last movie I saw too, and I thought it could've been better. I wasn't ever worried that he wouldn't make it. Well, it is a super hero movie, but I was waiting for a bigger twist.
Galaxy Quest, yet again! :lol: It was on TV last night and I just had to watch it. I think it's quite funny actually. I love how everyone had a real task on the ship...but Tawny's (Sigourney Weaver) only task was to repeat the computer! Of course, she was only there because they wanted some eye candy for the viewers ;) Isn't it always the same?...Nice film. Always gives me a few laughs.
I saw Shrek 4 the other night and I gotta say... meh. It needed to be WAY funnier and more often. I can honestly say that about 75% of the funny parts were actually in the commercial.

It wasn't terrible, but like any series that goes on for too long, these movies are declining as they go.
Prince of of the most entertaining movies I've seen lately.
It was the typical romance and I didn't expect too much from the general plotline.

Also Jake Gyllenhaal!!!! OMG :drool::drool:...also the princess was very very beautiful. Let's just say that it was a beautifiul romantic movie :p
I saw Robin Hood yesterday. I was a little sceptical before I went, because I'm a big fan of the one with Kevin Costner (I know most people hated it). And another remake... come on! But this movie tells the story of Robin before he became the legendary Robin Hood, so it isn't a remake at all. It's more like a prequel. Russel Crowe is one of my favorite actors and he is awesome and extremely handsome in this film. I like him in this heroic role. And Cate Blanchett, also one of my favorites, was very believable as Marion. I liked her sassy attitude and she really belongs in movies like this. Crowe and Blanchett had great chemistry. Great story, beautiful camera work and good acting. I don't regret seeing it!
Perfect Strangers= a Ginger Rogers movie from the late 40s. it was not good at all. it was interesting to see the court system and how it worked back then and that was all. i liked seeing Thelma Ritter from "Rear Window" in the movie as well as this actor i forget his name he was with Ginger Rogers as her love interest in Kitty Foyle and the guy who played Amos in "Roxie Hart" with Ginger was in it as well.

The Witches of Eastwick= loved it!! Jack Nicholson is a creepy bastard to no end he was great. i love Cher as an actress i think she's fabulous. Michele Pfipher was amazing she's gorgeous in it and Susan Sarandon was good as well.
OK, it was actually The Hills Have Eyes 2. Just when you thought the first one was as disgusting as a movie could get, there was a second one! Seriously, I was turning my head at almost every act of violence, and normally that stuff doesn't phase me. I've see all the baddies- Hostel, Cabin Fever, the Saw movies, and I think this one just had that extra bit of gross going on! :lol:
Valentine's Day

I actually liked this movie, pretty good cast. I loved seeing Jamie Foxx, Ashton Kutcher, Topher Grace, Bradley Cooper and Eric Dane ... all hunks :p I seriously however felt like gagging seeing Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner's performances in this movie, if you can even call it acting. Taylor Swift looked like she was struggling over lines and was so bubbly it was sick :scream:
The Prince of Persia. It wasn't great, it wasn't terrible, it was just... there. Jake Gyllenhaal was hot, and that was pretty much it! :lol:
I saw The A-Team yesterday and you know what? I totally loved it! Fun, rollicking-action good time! I was a nervous as always (remake/action movie) but man, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. The cast really felt like they had a rapport- when they made cracks to each other, they actually laughed out loud together, which is awesome. The audience at my theatre was laughing along with them too. Sharlto Copely as Murdock was a standout, but you know, everybody did a good job. Truly, nobody can replace Mr. T, and yet I have no complaints about Quinton Jackson. And Bradley Cooper can act, aside from just being smoking hot. :lol:

All in all, if you want a cool, fun action movie for the summer, see this one. It's a total blast.
I just watched 'Remember Me'. Loved it. But it was very sad..... Nice writing and directing though. Enjoyed it VERY much.

'When In Rome' was awesome too, watched it Saturday. very cute/hilarious!