The Last Film You Saw? Thread 2.

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I watched the Lifetime movie "Comfort and Joy" a couple of hours ago. I don't really know if that counts. It was quite lovely, though, for a Lifetime movie. No kids with cancer or a wife with an abusive husband.

A woman who hates Christmas got into a car accident and when she woke up she was married and had two kids. A whole different life, where she was head of a church choir and she helped out feeding Christmas breakfast to the homeless. She totally freaked. I really liked the movie, because you slowly see her falling in love with Sam [her husband], even though the woman thinks that it isn't her life.
I watched "Just Friends" on the weekend, and it was surprisingly good. I didn't think it would be. I love Ryan Reynolds but Anna Faris just about killed me, she was so hilariously stupid :lol:
I saw "The Pursuit of Happyness" on Saturday...WOW was it awesome! Will Smith definately deserves an Oscar for his performance! He didnt overdramatize the angst, but it was so brilliantly understated i just cant explain it...and Jayden was SO great too...AWESOME movie, see it if you have the chance! :D

Rocky Balboa comes out tomorrow! *happy dances* :D :D
I watched the 90s version of Animal Farm at school today. I loved the movie, the plot was interesting and the character devolpment was superb. I can't wait to reasd the book in English class.
i rented john tucker must die tonight. and it was hilarious! i like stupid teen movies. this one was pretty much the perfect man, 10 things i hate about you, and cluless all rolled into one. it was good for a laugh.
i wanted to rent layer cake (really just for naked daniel craig) but it was all out. ill have to go back and try again. damn blockbuster with their no late fees, no one brings the movies back!
^^^ I've made it a personal tradition to watch the whole trilogy over the Christmas holidays... and I have the extended versions! :eek: That's like... 11 or 12 hours of viewing I need to get through! See you guys later- MUCH later! :eek:

WOW! :eek: Goodluck with that.

I saw Happy Feet last night and the movie is sooooo amazing. We were in stitches all the time and esp. because of Ramon (voice done by Robin Williams). I really recomend to go and watch this movie. :D
Lost in Translation was on TV yesterday. I had already seen it, but I still love the movie. It's very good, I love the whole concept of the movie, it has a kind of sleepy theme.. not too much conversation, not too much music.. I really love it. It's one of my favorite movies.
I saw The Grinch!

I so love this movie! It's so funny and sad and..just beautiful! :)
I could watch it all the time.
The last movie I saw is Spaceballs :lol: It's not a new one, I've seen it several times. It's the parody of Star Wars, Planet of the Apes and Alien. Seriously, I laughed my brains off :lol:
I saw "We Are Marshall" tonight. It was really a great movie. Both Matthews (Fox and McConaughey) were fantastic and same with David Strathairn and the other cast members. Both heartbreaking and heartwarming. Had me tearing up on multiple ocassions!!
I got a bunch of movies for Christmas, I watched:

Walk The Line - Love this movie
The Ringer - Really Funny
Two For The Money - Pretty good
Cars - So Cute
See No Evil - Dumb!!!!!
Sense And Sensibility. Absolutely fantastic movie, I cannot recommend it enough. Great performances from everyone, especially Emma Thompson, Kate Winslet, Hugh Grant and Alan Rickman (who I just fell in love with). It had such an uplifting ending and also parts where I just wanted to cry. Loved it. :D
^One of my fav movies and I agree with how great it is. The breathtaking cinematography is what always gets me. And Col. Brandon is love. ;)

I saw 'We are Marshall' at the cinema last night. It's probably one of the most moving true-story based sport related films I've seen in awhile. Despite what I've heard critics say, all of the acting, from Matthew McConaughey to Matthew Fox to January Jones, was all supurb. Worth watching.
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