The Last Film You Saw? Thread 2.

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I picked up a copy of the two-disc special edition of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest yesterday at Best Buy, and got their exclusive bonus disc to go with it.

Watched it, and the anniversary edition of Field of Dreams tonight.

I've got Into the Blue playin' now, to decide if Jessica Alba is worth keepin' it, or if I should pass it on to Half Price Books.
Tinkerbell said:
The only thing that scared me was realizing about halfway through, that one of the bad guys was the same guy that plays Sid Hammerback in CSI NY! :eek: I love Sid, so to him play that character has traumatized me.

Wow! I didn't even realize that.. but now that you mention it, that's creepy!! I'll have to go watch that movie again!

I just saw Turistas! I was kind of expecting it to be like Hostel.. but it wasn't - it was actually good!
I saw Bobby tonight. It was a really well done film. I didn't really know much about the history of Bobby Kennedy and what happened going in, but I really enjoyed it. Amazing cast as well!
Casino Royale

Yeah. Um. On a completely unbaised not-fangirly-at-all thought of the movie... I wil go out on a limb and say it was probably the best film of the entire 2006 season. =|
Ok, I rented a Walk to Remember and loved it.
Has anyone else seen it? I really enjoyed it as I'm a sucker for Love Stories, And cried! It god such bad reviews but I really enjoyed, I never really pay any attention to reviews, It's what we like that counts not the reviewers. ;)
Little Miss Sunshine,it's a road movie about a weird family,I highly recomend it,it's an hilarious film and the cast was awesome. :D
I was surprised to see Hodges with a moustache. :eek:
Just watched Over the Hegde..soo awesome! Can't believe why I haven't seen this movie in theatre!

Hammy's soo great! *can't stop laughing*
^^^ Love that movie. "Evil shenanigans"...:lol:

They've just released their "Beerfest" movie on DVD and I heard it's actually quite funny. I want to check that one out.
^ I'm gonna watch that tonight & I'll post my review here :).

Last night I watched Clerks 2 & wow, I don't recall laughing that hard since Borat. Jay & Silent Bob totally stole the show. Gawd, I love those two. The best scene was when Silent Bob began playing Goodbye Horses & Jay just started doing his thing. It was pretty hilarious. The cameos by Jason Lee & Ben Affleck were pretty good. Oh, and I couldn't stand Emma. She was quite annoying. Dante's boss, Becky, is 10x more likeable. Randal was pretty good as well. I still can't decide if it's better then the first one. All I know is I'm gonna watch it again tonight before I return it to Blockbusters.
I re-watched the scond Naked Gun movie tonight with a family friend who's a few years older than me. I always forget how great those movies are until i re wach them, they're the kind of comedies that will make you die with laughter no mattewhat kind of mood you're in.
The U.S vs John Lennon. I wanted to cry in some parts but it was really a great movie, and just comes to show how terrible the world can be.

War is over...

...if you want it.
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