Swarrick drabble

Bumping this back up with a new one in the spirit of the holidays...Enjoy!

The joy's of Christmas

Sara hated Christmas, ever since she was a little child Christmas was filled with anger and rage. Later, when she was placed in a foster home, Christmas was mostly empty and now, several years later, it was a just a holiday during which she was working.
Warrick loved Christmas though, even since he was a little child Christmas had been about his family, his grams in the kitchen and he on the piano trying to play Christmas songs. Now he had to work though and he hated it. The fact that his colleague was next to him singing a happy tune was making it even more unbearable. “Why do you love that we have to work today?” he asked her, a bit resentful of the fact that she seemed happy while all he wanted to do was go home and have his Christmas. “I hate Christmas,” she replied and Warrick nodded, knowing enough about her life to see the truth in that statement. “I like it though...” he mumbled and it was her turn to nod, having met his grandmother once she could imagine why he was fond of it.
“Yeah well, we better get to work,” she told him and Warrick sighed and looked down at the victim before him, dressed in a Santa suit. “I’m investigating the death of Santa...” he mumbled to himself, “Life can not get any better then this.” Several hours later he was doubting that statement, looking down at a new victim who was dressed in an elf costume. “Are we gonna find a murdered reindeer next?” he asked Sara with a roll of his eyes and she shrugged. “Seems like someone is murdering the spirit of Christmas,” she said and she started to work the scene while he pondered her statement. “Do you think that’s possible?” he asked her and she looked up. “What?” she replied with a confused expression on her face. “To kill the spirit of Christmas?” he elaborated and she shrugged again. “For me there is not much to kill,” was her last comment on the subject.
By the end of his shift Warrick handed the case over to Greg, relieved by the fact that he was done with it. “I’ve got a dead Santa and a dead elf and no evidence or suspects. Good luck!” he told his young co-worker before going to the locker room where he found Sara getting ready to leave. “Another day at the office,” she said with a smile and he looked at his watch and shook his head. “No,” he sighed, “this was a Christmas lost.” She rolled her eyes and stood before him, her hands on her hips. “Christmas is just a holiday, Rick. Not what you make it out to be.” He looked down on her with a smile on his face and saw the expression on her face change before he was kissing her. When he pulled back she was looking at him in shock while his smile had intensified. “It’s not just a holiday, Sara,” he whispered to her before he left the locker room. “Christmas is all about miracles...”
Holiday swarrick = wonderful! The way you played with their opposite ideas on the holiday was great, and believeable. This had humor and that nice sentiment at the end.
Love this quote: “Are we gonna find a murdered reindeer next?” :lol:
Though I feel sorry for "Santa" and the "elf", I still smiled at this story. You rock Joy22: Queen of Swarrick Drabbles! ;)
I can only agree with Hestia :) You really are the Queen of Swarrick Drabbles ^^ I loved it *wants more* How can I not love anything that comes from you? ^^