**Spoiler Lab** You Know You Can't Resist!

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thanks for posting that! All I can think of saying is, "ooh ahh" I am actually quiet speechless at how great it looks.
Thanks for posting.I love how miami can be so cliche sometimes and at the same time have me glued to the TV every single monday.
Oh I totally forgot it in my previous post. They just gave me the famous train I've been waiting to see in this show since the its first episode :D.
I can't be happier at the moment :lol:. I don't care Eric, Calleigh, H or Yelina. They gave me the train :lol:

Ok ok I think it's time to go to sleep for me :)
Thank you for posting :D

Ok guys, I'm having a problem, a big problem :scream:
So, I watched it the first time, then I closed the window and now I want to watch it again, but I can't see it anywhere, :wtf:? I go to my favs and it says it's a private video or whatever, I go to the CBS channel, anything, It's giving me the nuts!!!
Did that happen to anyone else?
I hear you Csifann1
I wanna watch it again and i press it and it says video private.Maybe Cbs locked out there own vid:confused:
I wanna watch it again ( tantrum coming):scream:
This is crazy, just a sec... :klingon::scream::angryrazz::brickwall::censored::evil:
I wanna see it again, god damn it!!

*takes a deep breathe*

ok, so, it is just me, or CBS is trying to torture us? Maybe there's some kinda of option, that one user can only see it once or something, I really don't know :scream:
No I dont think its that that one you can see it once cuz I saw it 2 times
I wanna see it again and i cant whats going on
cbs needs to give the id back or unblock it or something:evil:
That happened to me too, but I just tried it again but instead of clicking on the link, I searched for "csi: miami" (sort it by newest and it should be the second or third video) and cliked on the same video and it worked just now!
So try it again guys, they unblocked it!
Wwwoooooooooo :bolian::cool::luvlove::adore:
yeah I can see it now (I said it was blocked)
I'm so happy it just has an awesome rythm and the scenes are great:beer:
I agree with you csifann1 Imma download it too:D
CBS just posted a nice preview of monday episode...really rock!

CSI:Miami shout shout shout
Thaks for clip! Ryan shooting :drool: Yay, Natalia have at least two scenes! Loved moment when H, Frank and Ryan walking together! Can't wait! :scream:

Those guys together did look pretty cool, didn't they? Horatio looked pretty good all by his little self, too. ;)

Crossing my fingers and hoping this is as good as it looks!
Oohh, that actuallt makes me excited to see this now.
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