Speed/Rory #17: 'Just Because You Can't See Something...'

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Thanks for alll the warm welcomes thrown my way. I only started watching about 6 months ago. It all started when I seen Delko but after I baught the DVDs of the first 5 season their was just something about Speed that grabbed me even more than Delko. I have a Delko back ground on my Desk top and Speed on my lap top. My husband thinks I have lost my mind and has declared the His Man Cave a no CSI Zone! LoL! Maybe this is my midlife crisis or something.
Hey Guys, I have an Idea! I like to make videos for my youtube page so I would like some help picking my music and maybe the ideas for the story line for the videos. So heres what I would like you to do.

Please go to my youtube page and checkout some of my videos that I have already done, and checkout some that have been posted by others on youtube ( I have alot of them in my favorites and also look through my play list.)

I need -

Songs - Please give me artist and title I can look them up on Ituns to get the music.

Story - If you maybe have an idea of a story that the video shoould portray with charicters in it from CSI Miami.

Be sure and checkout other peoples videos there are alot of differant songs already posted. I try to pick songs that haven't been posted already.

It can be about Speed if you want it that way or I can do any of the charicters.
Happy or sad. I already have a few sad funeral videos for Speed, I would like some more up beat themes if you have one. But will take any request.

I appreciate any and all saggestions and will credit you for your help in the video credits. Thanks and I hope you have fun helping me with my project.

Please Send all your ideas to my Email address sdflash@bellsouth.net I will get back to you as soon as possible and let you know when I will be posting videos on my page for viewing.

Thanks for the help guys!!!!!
wow, this thread has had quite the resurgence!! tis is awesome, thanks for the awesome pics! they are gorgeous(like they wouldn't be anyways right?)
and i know this is a liuttle late but welcome CSISDFlash! i hope you enjoy it here and your vids are awesome!

january? we have to wait until january to see rory....that is way too long ha
Thanks Fo Poozle. I agree way to long to wait on Rory I guess we'll just have to watch reruns of CSI to get our fix. I have right at your door so I can watch something differant. Lol.
Hey guys hope your going to be watching our man tonight on A&E reruns starting at 7PM I'll be there! For any one interested I have just uploaded my latest Calleigh & Eric Video to my youtube page so go check it out, and leave me some love in the comments section Please. I am still looking for new songs for my videos please let me know if you have any Ideas. Have fun watching those Speed reruns tonigh, and don't drool to much! Lol!
I need help with a Scene I can't seem to find on my videos. I know I have seen it, but I have not found it yet. The scene is Speed sitting on or by the beach and I think that Calleigh comes to check on him because he is haveing a bad day or for some reason he is there to think. Does anyone know what epsode this may be in, or have I read to many Fanfictions? I know I have seen pictures on some of the video that have the stills on them. Please help!
I don't believe there has been any episode where Calleigh goes to check on Speed at the beach for any reason. The only times she has ever 'checked' or gone to him because of something he had done/may have needed a talking to about was 'Dispo Day' and they were in the lab walking down the hallway.

Though the stills might have been 'Blood Moon' where both Speed and Calleigh were on the beach questioning the manager of a drive-in theatre company where the victim and suspect were seen arguing. At the end of the scene, they're walking together and it looks like they're talking but the camera is overhead so we don't hear anything. And you mentioned he was sitting, which the only part that sort of happens is when he's kneeling to collect evidence, lol. If you have pictures of the scene you're thinking about, we'd be happy to help identify the episode.

Also, 'Innocent' where the team was walking together at the end of the episode on the beach, if you want to count that as the two being on the beach at the same time. And perhaps you may have seen a screencap for 'Bang Bang, Your Debt' where Speed's standing on the beach but there's no dialogue between the characters, obviously. And again he's not sitting.

If I'm missing something, someone please correct me but Speed and Calleigh hadn't had too much interaction as far as that goes.
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Thanks for the replie Speed_Cochrane, I keep seeing a still photo in some videos he had that dark shirt on and I know he is sitting on the sand, I have search my videos and i haven't seen it anywhere. I've read so many fanfictions that sometimes they are so good that you swear thar they were part of the show at one point or another.

I know I have read a few that have a scene like that in them. but then I have seen this picture & can't help but think that I have missed something somewhere. Oh well if someone knows something about this let me know please it is driving me crazy. If I find the picture I post it.
To Quiet here.
Let me see if I can wake things up here.

"What is your favorite thing about Rory?"

I like his lips, his eye lases, and his hair.
I'm thinking I like the whole package, But I would really like it if he was sitting on my couch right now!!! Lol!!
I like his diversity. He displays a very put together and calm CSI when he played on CSI:Miami, a funny and very quirky young man in Empire Records, and a crazy lunatic in Love and a .24. (He was also very good at rolling in the sheets in Black and White :drool:) Rory has always captured my attention no matter what character. One of my favorites is probably his character in A Scanner Darkly, his character was a drugge, and probably one of the best portrayed characters I've ever seen Rory preform. He's done sooo many different characters, I don't think any of them are even similar. I can't wait to see what kind of character he plays in 24. Does anyone know exactly what role he'll be playing in the series, and for how long he'll be on? It's probably a stupid question, but I haven't been following up on Rory lately.
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