Speed/Rory #17: 'Just Because You Can't See Something...'

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I'm near enough just about ready for all new 24. I've just started watchin Season 6, I've watched the first 2 episodes of it.

I have been totally hooked since I started Season 1 just 3 weeks ago I've watched 5 full seasons haha.

I love it.

I love Keifer

I also love Carlos Bernard :drool:

I can't wait til Rory makes an appearance but if he's going to be a baddie I'm going to be a little torn. My love for Jack Bauer is emmense now so I will be torn haha.
Lovein this thread! Came in late on it, but I loves me some Speed! The only thing that would be better is to have him standing in my house, but I don't think my hubby would be happy. Lol! Well sence i'm here I would like to say I like you know, Your an ass, Or Now about now what do I do? for the thread title. Any who! Love the thread.
Here are some of the Pic. from my photobucket.


Hey lovin the thread! here are some speed pic I have in my Photobucket. Wish I had him for my own, But hubby wouldn't like it very much. LOL! guess the Pics will have to do! (Big sigh!)

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Hey for those that are Diehard Speed fans A&E is running CSI Miami Marithon Fri Through Sun. They are showing Some Speed Epis. Saturday night looks like. I'll Bring the Beer anybody else in? Lets all Drool for a while Saturday night. Talk about the good old days! They are also showing Big brother Epi. Tommorow on A&E at 7PM Eastern. I'm there. Sat. night starting at 7PM Eastern Hard time, 8PM The best defense 9PM Huricane Anthony Nothing listed for 10PM. Yall Come now you here!!!!
Thanks so much for all the wonderful pictures, CSISDFlash. :) And welcome to the Speed thread. :D

I absolutely adore the 'Grand Prix' picture you posted--only time he ever really smiled/laughed. :luvlove:

Oh excellent, some season 2 episodes! That might definitely be a marathon worthwhile. ;) Thanks for letting us know.
Not a problem anythiing for my fellow Speed heads! LOL!
Welcome to the Speed thread, CSISDFlash! I have a feeling you'll fit in very well here!

Pictures and info are, of course, always welcome :luvlove:
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