Speed/Rory #17: 'Just Because You Can't See Something...'

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Very nice, CalleighSpeedle. He does clean up very nicely. Thanks for sharing :)

I finally found someone else who knows who Rory is. Someone asked me who my favorite actor is, to which I replied Rory Cochrane... "Oh, you mean Speedle from CSI: Miami? And he was in Dazed and Confused and Empire Records, too."

My response: :eek: :eek: :adore:

Yummmie everyone of them!!
I love them all, I love what you say in
your signare, and I love him too.
But who Doesn't love him.
HeyHow is everyone?
Not been around here much of late
Just thought I would inform you all. Apparently Rory will appear in the season premiere of 24. :eek:

As it was only a few months ago when we first learned that Rory was going to be on the show I thought he would only appear towards the end of the season as season 7 has been shooting since way back in 2007. But no..... he will appear as soon as the first hour. Exciting Stuff!!:eek:
thats pretty awesome! thanks for the info June_85!
and also happy halloween everyone! i hope you all have a spooky....i mean great day!
Thanks so much for the information, June! :D That's great news. I was thinking he'd be more to the end of the season too ('cause that's just our luck right?) but this is wonderful. :)

I can't wait to see how it goes and if I'll be a religious 24 watcher afterwards. :lol:
That is exciting :D I think I'm going to be using my Christmas break to catch up on 24 :lol:
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